Brigham Young High School ~ Provo, Utah

The BYH Class of 1966
In 2006

Brigham Young High School from University Avenue

The Brigham Young High School 40th Year Reunion for the Class of 1966, including all honorary members, was held on Saturday evening, July 1, 2006, in the 1892 Education Building on Academy Square, Provo. Some folks arrived extra early to visit. Most folks, however, arrived at 5 p.m. to socialize. A group photograph of classmates was taken on the front steps at 5:55 p.m., followed by a group photo of classmates and spouses on the north interior stairway. Sherm Smith welcomed everyone, dinner was served, and the program began at 6 p.m. Each classmate present was able to stand and speak for several minutes. Those classmates attending (many with spouses) included:

LaDawn Anderson Jacob
John Bascom
Leo Beckwith
Bonnie Beck Studdert
Theresa Begay Kedelty
Larry Christensen
Linda Christensen Ditzler
Marcia Croft Mangum
Larry Denham
Renon Fisher Zabriskie
John Gardner
Carol Howell Gould
Terry Huish Campbell
Lon Keith
Frank Maas
Mel Martin
Susan McNamara Comish
Mike Mitchell
Barry Olson
Pat Packer Keith
Brent Peterson
Jim Petty
Roger Sheffield
Sherm Smith
Steve Thoresen
Dawn Thurston Loper
Bari Trunnell Olson
Kathee Tucker Bird
Ray Valgardson
Joel Zabriskie
Noel Zabriskie

The total attending was 49. Registration and reunion arrangements were handled by Sherm Smith, (801) 268-3800 / e-mail

Larry Christensen, 760-591-0996 / email continues to receive and compile questionnaires & current photos from classmates and honorary classmates, up through December 2006.

LaDawn Anderson
LaDawn Andersen - 1966
LaDawn A. Jacob - 2006
Current Home: Orem, Utah
Family: Click here for family letter.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Orem, Utah; Mexico City, Mexico; Clear Creek, Utah (5 months of the year for 10 years while tending sheep).
Education: BA Education, Music.
Mission/s: Service Mission to Mexico City Benemerito High School, 1987-88
Languages spoken: A little Spanish
Work experiences: General Homemaker for the "House of Jacob" -- gardening, orchards, beekeeping, (assistant) teaching.
Talents: Music, speaking, memorizing, mothering and grandmothering
Hobbies: Same as above -- I make a great applesauce cookie, enjoy yoga and jogging (slogging  )
Favorite BYH experiences: Teachers and students. Click here for complete text.
Favorite BYH teacher: Many, including Garth Allred. Click here for complete story.
Great lessons learned: Kindness and thoughtfulness are our most important memories. Character lasts, while popularity is fleeting. Click here for complete text.
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Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson - 1966

Russell Anderson

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John Bascom

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Ray Beckham

Leo Beckwith
Leo Beckwith - 1966
Leo Beckwith - 2006
Current Home: Oakley, California
Residence by July 1, 2006: Somewhere in Oregon
Family: Wife (34 years), 4 kids, 11 grandkids, all living in California
Places lived since leaving BYH: Orem, Utah until 1978; California to present
Education: High School
Work experiences: Started in residential concrete in the summer of 1965, continued through 1978. Moved to commercial concrete from 1978 to 2003. Worked as Finisher, Foreman, General Superintendent. Retired October 2003.
Talents: Furniture crafting.
Hobbies: Furniture building, designing and building homes.
Licenses: Another ten years and probably no drivers license.
Favorite BYH experience: Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Larry Christensen who hit the Principal in the face with a wet mop? Click here for the true story.
Great lessons learned: 1. Don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see. 2. Everything in this life is a trade-off.
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Theresa Begay

Current Home: Navajo, New Mexico (mail); Crystal, New Mexico (home). We still live in Crystal and should any of you come out to this part of the southwest, you are welcome. Our home is 1 mile west of NM 134 at MP 21.
Family: Theresa married Stan Kedelty, and they have two daughters. "We were able to send both of our daughters to college. Our daughter, Leslie, lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where she is working for the Wyoming Department of Tourism. She has a Master's degree in Hospitality and Tourism from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces. Our other daughter, Michelle, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Range Management; however, she works for the Federal Government in the Law Enforcement area. My husband, Stan, works for the Lukachukai Community School as their Support Services Director. He has also worked for the Federal Government. We have both been school principals and teachers on the Navajo Reservation. As for grandchildren, we are patiently waiting for our daughters to find husbands and give us grandchildren."
Places lived since leaving BYH: Always Crystal, New Mexico, although both Stan and I have lived, at times, at the schools where we worked.
Education: University of Arizona BA Elementary Education; University of New Mexico MA in Educational Administration.
Other Languages spoken: Navajo
Work experiences: I have been an elementary school teacher -- grades Kindergarten, 3rd Grade, 5th Grade and 6th Grade; Education Specialist; Federal Projects Coordinator and Assistant Director; Elementary School Principal and Head Teacher. At the Navajo Community College, I was the Assistant Dean of Instruction and became Dean of Instruction for the Tsaile Campus. Presently I am working at Mariano Lake Community School as a Head Teacher. This is a small community 25 minutes northeast of Gallup, New Mexico. I commute to work every day from Crystal. I have 20+ years working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Working for the Bureau has been great. In addition to teaching and administrative assignments, we have been able to travel all over the USA to attend educational conferences. One of the highlights of the 21st century for me was a trip to Milan, Italy with my daughter, Leslie. She was going to a World Trade Show for tour directors/companies -- so I tagged along. Not knowing the language did not deter me from riding on the subway to different plazas. We also took a side trip to Lake Como where many of the film celebrities have vacation homes. Como is right near the Alps and just a few miles from the Swiss border.
Talents: Sewing and cooking (I hope these are talents). I don't have much of a singing voice or the knack for telling jokes.
Hobbies: I enjoy walking, reading, riding horses (don't do much riding anymore0, watching good "who done it" movies, traveling whenever I get the chance, and HGTV shows about home improvement.
Licenses: Teaching licenses in Arizona and New Mexico; School Administrator licensee in Arizona and New Mexico.
Favorite BYH experiences: My whole high school experience at BYH was extraordinary. Highlights including taking part in school activities, such as: Pep Club; being elected as the Student Council Secretary (to get votes, several BYU students helped me to set up a tepee in front of the Education Building; and having friends like Dawn Thurston Roper and Sharon Kimball, just to name a couple.
Favorite BYH teacher: Mr. Gary Penrod - I really enjoy history, so one of my favorite teachers was Mr. Penrod. He was enthusiastic about the subject, and drew funny little characters (ginks?) to illustrate his points. When I enrolled at BYU, my major was going to be Anthropology with a minor in History, but it turned out to be Education. On occasion I do substitute teaching if one of my teachers is out, and guess what; I spend more time on History and Social Studies.
Great lessons learned: Enjoy and greet each new day, enjoy family and value life, know who you are and where you come from. My Navajo values are not so much different from what the LDS Church teaches.
Everything else: There is a lot of catching up to do, and I hope to visit with you all in July.
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Brian Bergren

Scott Bernhard

Name while attending BYH: Scott “Rhine” Bernhard
Current Name: Scott “Serge” Bernhard
Current Home: Seattle, Washington
Family: Married Lonna Sorensen in January, 1973. Had two kids with Lonna – John Matthew and Anne Noelle. Lonna and I separated in 1988 and divorced two years later. I remarried in September of 1990 to Veronica Weiler. We have a son, Torben, born in 1992. My second wife and all of my kids are unbelievably awesome. My Dad, John T. Bernhard, died in January of 2003 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, after serving as President of Western Michigan University for ten years, and then as an Emeritus Professor. My mother, Ramona, still lives there and still makes the best Rice Krispie treats in the world. My older brother, Gary, who was one of the people responsible for painting our beehive green, lives in Amherst, Massachusetts with his family. My younger brother, Randy, who is president of the BYH Class of 1970, lives with his wife in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Julie, my little sister, lives in West Seattle, Washington.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Belo Horizonte, Brazil (with my family prior to my mission call to the Brazilian South Mission); Provo (BYU); Seattle, Washington; Paris, France; and Seattle again.
Education: BYU B.A. in Portuguese 1972; University of Washington M.A. in French 1981.
Mission/s: Brazilian South Mission - 1967-1969
Other Languages spoken: French, Spanish, Portuguese, and used my high school German while working at a factory in Duisburg, Germany, in the summer of 1971.
Work experiences: After graduating from BYU in 1972, I played in a bluegrass band in Utah for a while. I went to Seattle to visit my girlfriend in the summer of 1972, and stayed for thirty-four years. I worked in a Boeing warehouse, and then as a solo entertainer/ guitarist/ singer in restaurant lounges in the Northwest, Hawaii and Alaska, for about 12 years off and on. Since graduating from the University of Washington in French, I’ve been teaching French and Spanish at North Seattle Community College, and have served as the chair of the Foreign Language Department for the last seven years. I work occasionally during the summer for Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door, leading tours to France. One of my colleagues at the college and I started a small travel company, S & E Tours, that organizes exclusive, regional tours of France for francophiles.
Talents: I fool around on guitar, sing and speak languages and stuff.
Hobbies: Playing guitar and singing with my wife Véro, traveling to France, reading and studying American and European history, philosophizing with my 13-year-old son, contemplating the vastness of the universe and discussing the eternal verities with Ols and Keith on Memorial Day weekends. Agonizing over the inconsistencies of the Seattle Mariners and how the Seahawks were robbed in the last Super Bowl.
Favorite BYH experiences: 1. Singing, playing and generally hanging with the Coachmen; 2. Playing five-man-wet-frozen-sponge, and lighting farts in Mr. Bennion’s office during “Study Hour”; 3. Trying to look humble after scoring the first touchdown of our senior year and succeeding only in looking like a jerk; 4. Being forced to run extra laps after basketball practice for laughing when Richard Valgardson blocked the guts out of a shot Ols tried to make at the foul line; 5. “Studying” German with Roger Sheffield on the rooftops of the Arts building; 6. Subjecting myself to humiliation in a Miss Turley help session; 7. Being blamed for Jan Bendixon’s gas in Biology; 8. Campaign poster: “Vote for Susan, she’s a gi-good schwihead”; 9. “It’s an old film; it’s been spliced many times”; 10. “What shall we do with this man?” (Cathedral Filmstrips); 11. “Who know what rocks are?”
Favorite BYH teacher: Art Bassett – a smart and compassionate man. Gary Penrod – actually made history class interesting and taught me a couple of lessons about teaching that I have incorporated into my own pedagogical technique.
Great lessons learned: At BYH I learned that it was actually “cool” to be a good student and that learning for learning’s sake is a valid motivation. I feel fortunate to have been associated with people in high school who recognized those values. I’m not sure I would have discovered them until much later had it not been for Bonigus, Ols, Keith, Russ, “Royce”, Sherm, among many others. Beyond the high school experience, I have succeeded, intellectually at least, in reducing life down to two basic areas that matter -- family and friends. As far as I’m concerned, everything else is much less important than we think it is.
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Barbara Bingham
Barbara Bingham - 1966
Barbara Bingham Jorgensen - 2006
Current Home: Moses Lake, Washington
Family: My husband, Steve L. Jorgensen and I have seven wonderful children. Our five oldest are temple married. Each of them have graduated from BYU-Provo; some with Masters degrees. They are spread throughout the United States and are busily engaged in good causes from Medical School to Apache Helicopter Engineering to Furniture Brokeraging. Our youngest daughter just completed her sophomore year at BYU-Provo and our last son is a high school senior. We are expecting our 14th and 15th grandchildren this year. It is so fulfilling (as in 3 John 4) to see your children pass on a legacy of faith and works. We are so grateful for our blessings.
Places lived since leaving BYH: I taught Home Economics and Art in Salt Lake City while Steve completed his MBA at the University of Utah, and then we moved to our farm in Moses Lake, Washington. What a great place this has been to raise our family. I have to say that I’m converted to country living, even though I love visiting Provo and my mother (who is still living and going strong at 90).
Education: Steve and I both graduated from BYU. Steve has his MBA from the University of Utah.
Mission/s: Along with raising our family, Church service has been a major part of our lives.Steve has served as a Bishop and Stake President. I am currently serving as the Stake Primary President. I decided that if I expected my scout leaders to be trained as they should be, I should be Woodbadge trained and what a delightful challenge that was. Can you imagine being there with men who had served as Scoutmasters 20 years or more……it was the first time I had ever pitched a tent!
Talents and Hobbies: The spirit of Elijah may have hit me. I just completed a comprehensive genealogy class. Now, you need to understand that I’m just learning to really use a computer. I thought my brain was dead…but I’m determined to press on.
Great lessons learned: Life has been full, challenging and happy for me since high school. I’m thankful for the choice association I had with each of you and send you my appreciation for the good people you are.
Everything else: We have been involved in humanitarian work in the islands of Cape Verde, Africa. Our youngest son went with Steve to help begin a farming project to provide support for the Cape Verde families. Ben said that experience was a pre-mission prep course for sure. Now all those long hours on our farm and piano practice time seemed worthwhile to him. He was ready to serve others.
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John Boshard
John Boshard - 1966

Scott Bowen

Current Home: Bellevue, Washington
Family: Married to Annette Paxman, BYH Class of 1972, 3 boys: Brigham married Jennie Dalton 2001, Nathan married Sarah Jane Udall (King Udall's daughter) 2005, and Jeremy married Monica Smith 2005.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Houston, Texas; SLC, Utah; Pensacola, Florida; San Diego, California; Bellevue, Washington.
Education: MD Bayor College of Medicine; Diagnostic Radiology Residency UC San Diego; Fellowship Radiology UC San Diego.
Mission/s: Bolivia
Military Service: US Navy as Flight Surgeon
Languages spoken: Spanish
Work experiences: Navy Flight Surgeon 1970-89; Industrial Medicine 1979-80; ER Physician 1976-84; Ass't Clinical Professor of Radiology U of Washington 1984-current. Diagnostic and ? Radiolgoy, Valley Radiologists, Rention, Washington 1987-current.
Talents: Few
Hobbies: Golf, reading, playing the guitar
Licenses: MD
Favorite BYH experiences: 1. Watching the Great & Abominable productions; 2. The Bennion, Utah, road sign bolted over the door of Owen Bennion's science room; 3. The ongoing poker game in the carrels.
Favorite BYH teacher: Art Bassett. One of the most compassionate teachers I have ever had. Taught me about charity.
Great lessons learned: Making choices in high school and after have such long-term consequences.
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Kathryn Brady

Kristen Bybee

Larry Christensen
Larry Christensen - 1966
Larry Christensen - 2006
Current Home: San Marcos, California (near San Diego)
Family: Wife, Kathy. Two sons: Andrew Christensen (Rebecca); and Alex Christensen; and two daughters: Emily Christensen (Matt) Milla; and Elisabeth "Lissy" (Mike) Burrell. One grandchild and one on the way. Two wonderful beagle-mix dogs: Picard and Schmoopy.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Utah, California, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Idaho and California again
Education: BYU BA English 1974
Mission/s: Southern Far East (Taiwan)
Military Service: U.S. Army
Languages spoken: Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan)
Work experiences: Administration at BYU, U of Georgia, Medical College of Georgia, Utah State U, Idaho State U, National University (San Diego), San Diego Hospice, San Diego Youth & Community Services, Army and Navy Academy, Christensen Corporation.
Talents: Art, writing
Hobbies: Computer graphics, websites, dogs
Licenses: Small collection of antique vehicle PL8TES.
Favorite BYH experience: Too many to count. Click here for some.
Favorite BYH teachers: LaMoyne Garside, Lynn Benson, Gary Penrod, Hal Williams.
Great lessons learned: How dumb I am, and at the same time how blessed I am.
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Linda Christensen

William Cowley

Marcia Croft

Current Home: Orem, Utah
Family: Married Kirt L. Mangum, 10 children (7 boys and 3 girls), and 21 grandchildren
Places lived since leaving BYH: Provo and Orem
Education: BYU BS CDFR/Elementary Education
Work experiences: Substitute teaching at elementary schools
Talents: Working with and loving children.
Hobbies: Walking, stamps and coin collecting, reading, scrapbooks.
Licenses: Teaching Certificate
Favorite BYH experiences: 1. Being with friends, 2. Singing in the choir, and 3. Being in the Pep Club and High Steppers.
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Kay Crookston

Larry Denham

Current Home: Farmington, Utah
Family: Married Sue, and we have five children: Candie, Ali, Trevor, Brett and Alex, plus four grandchildren.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Chicago, Illinois; Sandy, Utah; Farmington, Utah
Education: Associate Degree, Dixie College; Bachelors Degree in Economics, BYU; MBA, BYU.
Mission/s: Northern Far East Mission (Japan).
Languages spoken: Japanese
Work experiences: Portfolio Management - Continental Illinois Bank in Chicago; Public Finance - Burrows, Smith & Company; Prudential Baike Securities; Smith Capital Markets; Zions Bank Public Finance.
Hobbies: Fly fishing, baseball, salt-water aquariums, and tree pruning.
Favorite BYH teacher: Anna B. Hart, because she called me "Ace" much of the time. Also Wallace Allred, for being a friend to all students.
Everything else: Thanks to Sherm Smith, Larry Christensen and others for making the 2006 reunion happen.
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Renon Fisher

Current Home: Ogden, Utah
Family: I am married to Noel Zabriskie. We have five children, and four are now married. Laren, age 12, is at home. We have 9 grandchildren.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Provo and Ogden.
Education: Graduated from BYU in 1970 with a major in Home Economics and a minor in Math.
Work experiences: I taught Home Economics at Dixon Junior High in Provo for two years. I've also taught sewing and folk dancing in the public schools and preschool. I have taught piano at home, and continue to do so. I am currently Stake Relief Society president.
Talents: Music, dancing, teaching
Hobbies: Reading, church service, tending grandchildren, sewing, music, traveling occasionally, and spending time at our cabin.
Favorite BYH experiences: 1. Writing, planning, practicing and performing assemblies. 2. Passing notes through the walls of the carrels. 3. Marching at halftime of basketball games. 4. Finishing the last page of layouts for the yearbook.
Favorite BYH teacher: Mr. Louis Chatterley. He inspired me in Math, gave me a job at BYU correcting math papers, and remained a good friend after that.
Great lessons learned: Work hard to excel and do your best.
Everything else: Life is good -- joys, trials and challenges keep it interesting.
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Joyce Gamett

John Gardner
John W. Gardner, 1966
John W. Gardner, 2006
Current Home: Rockville, Maryland
Family: Married to Kathryn Burton. Six children: Lisa, Kirsten, John, Michael, Andrea and Jeffrey. They have four grandchildren.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Provo - BYU to 1972; Salt Lake City UofU 1972 to 1976; Tucson, Arizona - Pediatrics 1976-1978; Boston, Massachusetts - Harvard 1978 to 1980; Salt Lake City UofU 1980-1984; Rockville, Maryland 1984 to present.
Education: BYU BA Physics. BYU MS Chemistry. University of Utah MD. Harvard MPH, DrPH Epidemiology.
Mission/s: Norway Mission 1967-1970.
Military Service: US Army Reserve 1978 to 1984; Active Duty 1984 to 2004. Retired 2004 as Colonel, Medical Corps.
Other Languages spoken: Norwegian.
Work experiences: Assistant Professor at University of Utah School of Medicine 1980-1984; Professor at Uniformed Services University 1984 to the present. Currently working for the US Food and Drug Administration, Center for Drug Research and Evaluation, Office of Compliance.
Talents: Computers.
Hobbies: Computers.
Licenses: Medicine, Army Flight Surgeon.
Favorite BYH teachers: Gary Penrod - made history interesting. Owen Bennion - science is my love. James Mason - music lover. Principal Lowell Thomson - taught me tolerance (to survive Mr. Montague) and to keep options open (graduate from high school even though I left early to go to college).
Everything else: Research includes studies on cancer in Utah; military training injuries; heat stroke; and military deaths.
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Tanya Gibson

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Tenna Gilbert

Linda Gilchrist

Rick Gunn

Richard Hayward

Steven Hofheins

Terry Huish
Terry Huish - 1966
Terry Huish Campbell - 2006
Current Home: Orem, Utah
Family: In 1968, married Richard Hayward [also BYH Class of 1966] and we had three wonderful children: Jamie Lyn, Rory Bird, and Traci Brooke. Divorced in 1977. Married Gary N. Campbell on October 4, 1986. Became a stepmother to 10 and a grandmother to one. Now grandmother to 40+ grandchildren. All children are married.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Provo, moved to Orem in 1975. Short move to SLC in 1978-79. Back to Orem, still there.
Education: Assoc. Degree in Secretarial Sciences from BYU 1968. Various craft, refresher, and computer classes since then.
Military Service: My husband, Gary, is a retired U.S. Marine. He fought in Vietnam. He now serves with the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He's a Marine through and through.
Other Languages spoken: Barely English sometimes.
Work experiences: After college worked at Geneva Steel as a clerk. Quit to have a family. Worked in several dental offices, and at Hayward's (Richard's brother's stores), and Scene II. Worked at Sears Telecatalog. Worked for seven years at Waterford Institute as a receptionist (they develop computer reading and math programs for children). Currently a receptionist at Precision Assembly in Orem (we assemble electronic circuit boards), ten minutes from home. Great company and great people.
Talents: Some say cooking. Also doing what needs to be done, and getting through what life gives me.
Hobbies: Crafts, antiques & country decorating (or dreaming about it), and being a grandma.
Favorite BYH experiences: It was all "Ji good"! Loved BYH. 1. Learning about side hill ginks in Bro. Penrod's class. 2. Learning to throw clay pots in Layne Raty's art classes. 3. School dances and proms, especially our own Junior Prom. 4. Learning from great teachers. 5. The bookstore at lunch break. 6. Going to ball games and state tournaments -- cheerleading with and for friends.
Favorite BYH teacher: Hard to say just one. Gloria Mann for business classes. Seminary teachers: Bro. Montague and Bro. Allred. Senior Guidance from Sis. Turley.
Great lessons learned: Friends can lift you and carry you to greater heights than you ever thought possible! Learning with friends is great.
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Pamela Innes

Marianne Jefferies

Lon Keith

Current Home: Provo, Utah
Family: Lon married Pat Packer [also BYH Class of 1966]. They have nine children. Six are married. They have 10+ grandchildren.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Only Provo.
Education: BYU BS Law Enforcement
Mission/s: Argentina
Other Languages spoken: Spanish
Work experiences: Lon works for the State of Utah, Department of Social Services, Office of Recovery Services.
Favorite BYH teachers: Owen Bennion, Douglas Garbe, Arthur Bassett, Gary Penrod & Jed Gibson.
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Sharyn Kimball

Oren Larson

Chris Laycock

Frank Maas

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Mel Martin

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Susan McNamara
Susan McNamara - 1966
Susan McNamara Comish - 2006
Current Home: Provo, Utah
Family: I married Dave Comish. We have five children and six grandchildren. Each of our children was born in a different state. We have had a great life with the Air Force and the airlines. Dave just retired from Continental Airlines, where we most recently lived in Guam for five years and had some great experiences. He now flies business jets out of SLC and Provo. Four of our children are in the flying industry: Two sons are pilots, a daughter is a flight attendant, and a son in Germany is working at the Frankfurt Airport as a computer program developer. I paint people, and our youngest daughter is also an artist.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Provo (graduated from BYU); Enid, Oklahoma (pilot training); Vietnam and Provo (I was the one in Provo); Beale SAC AFB, California; Orem; Billings, Montana (Frontier Airlines); Hawaii (Continental Airlines); Guam; and back to Provo!
Education: BYU BFA
Military Service: Dave served in the US Air Force for five years.
Other Languages spoken: French, German (one of our sons married a German girl -- they live in Berlin and have two cute little girls who help me with my German).
Work experiences: Producer, KBYUTV; Artist; Dance Teacher; Piano and Violin Composing.
Favorite BYH experiences: One day Kathy Brady and I decided to play hooky from English class, and we walked north up the University Avenue to a candy store. Later, when I was sitting in Mr. McConkie's History class, the principal, Mr. Nelson, came into our class and called my name. I was so embarrassed and scared. He went with me into Mr. McConkie's office, sat down in the teacher's chair behind the desk, put his hands behind his head, and leaned back, giving me the evil eye all the while. Remember those old rickety desk chairs? He lost his balance and fell backwards onto the floor -- I had a hard time keeping a serious face! I loved the buildings, and I loved our classmates! I'd love to get back in touch with Kathy Brady.
Favorite BYH teacher: Art teacher Laine Raty got me started in oil painting. He brought in live models from BYU. Painting in the attic of BY High is a fantastic memory. There was so much "art atmosphere" up there with the pigeons. And climbing all those stairs to get up there kept me healthy and fit.
Great lessons learned: Stay positive and happy!
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Sherrie Meredith

Mike Mitchell

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Tom Mitchell

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Dennis Monson

Cheryl Murdock

Myra Olsen

Barry Olson
Barry Olson - 1966
Barry Olson - 2006
Current Home: Provo, Utah
Family: Married Bari Trunnell (also BYH Class of 1966) in April 2005.Six children from previous marriage, with five grandchildren. Seven step-children and ten grandchildren with Bari.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Provo and Germany.
Education: BYU BA German and French, plus 2.5 years in grad school studying linguistics. University of Phoenix Masters in Counseling.
Mission/s: Central German Mission, 1967 to 1969
Languages spoken: German, some French.
Work experiences: Taught German at BYU 1972-1974 during grad school. Taught German and coached golf, basketball and baseball at Timpview High School for 22 years. Counselor at Timpview High School for 8 years.
Hobbies: Travel, dining, reading, golf, family
Licenses: Secondary teaching & counseling.
Favorite BYH experiences: 1. Playing with the Coachmen. 2. Playing on competitive sports teams. 3. Pleasantly passing time talking in the carrels. 4. Developing the "Don't take life too seriously" attitude with close friends.
Favorite BYH teacher: Bro. Art Bassett. He related to students in a very personal way. He taught "real life" lessons. He made a lasting impression.
Great lessons learned: The longer I live, the less I really know for certain.
Everything else: Learning is the purpose. Life is the teacher. Love is the lesson.
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Patricia Packer

Current Home: Provo, Utah
Family: Pat married Lon Keith [also BYH Class of 1966]. They have nine children. Six are married. They have 10+ grandchildren.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Only Provo.
Education: Four years of college at BYU
Work experiences: Pat is working part-time at the MTC Bookstore.
Favorite BYH teachers: Owen Bennion, Douglas Garbe, Arthur Bassett, Gary Penrod & Jed Gibson.
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Ann Peterson

Brent Peterson

Jim Petty
James Petty in 1966
James Petty - 2006
Current Home: Sandy, Utah
Family: Married Mary. Jim and Mary have the following children: Jim R. Petty and his wife Julie, with four children; Melissa Petty Floor and her husband Stathi Floor, with two children; John Niels Petty; Thomas Petty; and Will Petty (serving a mission in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).
Places lived since leaving BYH: Provo, Salt Lake City, and Sandy, Utah.
Education: Two Bachelor's degrees from BYU: History 1972, and Genealogy, 1973. Certifications: SCG, 2000; ICAPGen 1970-1975, 2001, four geographic areas. Co-founder of Heritage Genealogy College, 2000.
Mission/s: Florida, 1967-1969.
Other Languages spoken: Read and write limited German.
Work experiences: Thirty-five years as a professional genealogist. Ten years with the Family History Department of the LDS Church. Numerous articles published. Recipient of the Mosher Memorial Award for excellence in Virginia Genealogical Research.
Hobbies: Drawing, golf, reading, genealogy.

Favorite BYH teachers: 1. Gary Penrod, History. He opened the world up to me as no one had done before, and stirred my imagination with his tales of the Sidehill Gink. 2. Laine Raty, Art. He believed in me.
Great lessons learned: That I am a person of worth and potential.
Bio Link:
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Don Rieske

Roger Sheffield
Roger Sheffield - 1966
Roger Sheffield - 2006
Current Home: Highland, Utah
Family: Married to Linda Madsen. Children: 1. Scott and Julie and their two kids
live in Manhattan. He is a math professor at NYU. 2. Andrea and Garth Black
live in Kaysville, Utah with their three kids. He is an engineer. 3. Steven and Annie
and a son live in Switzerland. 4. Jane is just back from a mission and off to
graduate school at Columbia. 5. Emily is at BYU.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Oakland, California; Bremerton, Washington; the Philippines; Newport, Rhode Island; and now twenty years in Highland, Utah.
Education: BYU BA English; University of Utah School of Medicine MD.
Mission/s: Guatemala
Military Service: 35 years in the US Navy, active and reserve. Assorted
all-expense-paid trips to the Middle East.
Other Languages spoken: Spanish
Work experiences: I recently ended twenty years of surgery practice. Now
I'm doing part-time emergency medicine.
Hobbies: Mountain biking, tennis, skiing, reading, traveling, and yard work. After twenty years of planting things, we plan to spend the next twenty chopping them down.
Favorite BYH experiences: Being Larry Christensen's debate partner; playing
tennis with Teense and Tolley; being in Student Council with Sherm, Larry,
etc.; learning German from Scott Bernhard; going to dances with Kathee
Tucker; riding to BYU math classes on Scott Bowen's motorcycle; spending
twelve years in Joel's class and now having him as my stake president .
Email address:

Sherm Smith

Current Home: Salt Lake City, Utah
Family: Married to Bobbi for 34 years. Five Children: 1. Cecily (Chandler) Horsley - 3 children - South Jordan. 2. Tye (Stacey) Smith - Salt Lake City. 3. Carrie (Joseph) Lebaron - 3 children - Harriman, Utah. 4. Heidi (Ben) Allen - Austin, Texas. 5. Marshall Smith - BYU.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Salt Lake City; Denver; Frankfurt, Germany (Mission).
Education: BYU BA 1962. University of Utah School of Medicine MD 1976. Surgery Residency 1976-1981 - Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, Denver, Colorado
Mission/s: Germany Dusseldorf Mission, 1967 to 1970
Military Service: US Army 1976 to 1984 (Active Duty). Desert Storm 1990-1991.USAR, Retired 1996.
Languages spoken: German.
Work experiences: Memorial Medical Center, SLC - Surgeon 1984-1991. Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians, SLC - Surgeon 1981-1984. U.S. Army Surgeon - Frankfurt, Germany.
Hobbies: Snow skiing, hiking, travel, boating, golf & biking.
Licenses: Utah - Physician & Surgeon
Favorite BYH experiences: Living in Hawaii my sophomore year, Kahuku High School; playing football at BYH; working as Student Body President at BYH.
Favorite BYH teachers: Donna Turley - great teacher of psychology and theories. Mr. Taft - math class for college algebra and trig. Jed Gibson - fine coach.
Email address:

Karl Thomas

Phil Thomas

Email address:

Cynthia Thomson

Steve Thoresen

Current Home: Orem, Utah
Family: Married, wife MaryAnn. Two daughters, Jaime and Marisa. Jaime is 24, married, and has one daughter (my granddaughter) Makaylie. Marisa is 21, single, working and going to school. We have two dogs (Maltese), Lexy and Mia, both spoiled rotten.
Places lived since leaving BYH: I’ve been in Utah County since BYH, with the exceptions of a mission to Australia, and Missouri for military service. Pretty boring, huh?
Education: Graduated from BYU in 1973; no advanced degrees, but I have become amazingly wise.
Mission/s: Australia West 1969-1971
Military Service: 1457th Engineering Batallion, US Army National Guard 1971-1979
Other languages spoken: Broken German and Spanish
Work experiences: I’ve worked for the same damn company for 32 years – BD Infusion Therapy Systems. We make disposable medical devices. I’ve worked in Operations, Engineering, Quality Assurance, R&D, Regulatory Compliance, and others. I’m eligible to retire at anytime and think about it every day.
Talents: None
Hobbies: I’m a tinkerer and love working with my hands – yard, house, still like cars (anything mechanical), boating, golfing, cycling (motor), skiing, and just driving around town having a Coke and donut with friends and being a total waste.
Licenses: My hands are licensed as weapons. Give me a pen and a piece of paper and they can do some real damage.
Favorite BYH experiences: Karl Thomas and I used to enjoy going down to Sprouse Reitz at lunch to see Gyle Menyosk in the phone booth. I loved the carrels, especially when the all-powerful vacuum tube was stolen and destroyed the whole system. Used to love to see "It’s a Wonderful Life" in College Hall just before Christmas every year. The Zesto. Flexible scheduling – did anyone take any classes? The Pharoah is Coming! The catwalk. The Big Five. Brawls after sporting events with Spanish and American Forks. I have an overdue Library book that I don’t know how to return. The Girl's Gym. Haws Field. Heaps a Pizza. Lifetime friendships –- I still see BY High’ers and do things with them often.
Favorite BYH teachers: Penrod – very engaging, humorous, interesting. I actually enjoyed his class. I think it was Geography, or Geology – now what’s the difference? Anna Hart used to be fun to tease – God rest her soul.
Great lessons learned: Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t be excessively practical. Shed the guilt. Have fun. Gee; if only I could take my own advice!!
Email address:
Alternate Email:

Dawn Thurston

Lynn Tolley

Bariann Trunnell
Bariann Trunnell - 1966
Bari Trunnell Olson - 2006
Current Home: Provo, Utah
Family: On April 8, 2005 married Barry Olson (also BYH Class of 1966). They have 13 children between them, and by July 1st will have 16 grandchildren. Barry retired after 30 years with the Provo School District. Bari is teaching Second Grade in the Provo School District.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Springville, Utah; Quantico, Virginia; Lawton, Oklahoma; Logan, Utah (3 times); Alta, Wyoming (twice); Homer, Alaska; Camp Pendleton, California; Syracuse, New York; Orem, Utah.
Education: BYU BS 1969. USU MEd 1987. Now 45+ hours beyond MEd.
Languages spoken: Smattering of Coachman.
Work experiences: Taught one year in Nebo School District, 17 years in Wyoming (plus 18 years of summer school), and four years in Provo.
Talents: Crossword puzzles, sleeping all I can.
Favorite BYH teachers: Bro. Wallace Montague and Bro. Arthur Bassett. They were kind.
Great lessons learned: That Barry and I are good together after all.
Email address:

Kathee Tucker

Email address:

Mary Tucker

Jean Tyler
Jean Tyler - 1966
Jean Tyler Harper - 2006
Current Home: Salt Lake City, Utah
Family: I am married to Bruce Harper. We have five children. They are all college graduates with some graduate degrees. They are all returned missionaries. We have two grandchildren. They are good kids, they love me and they love the Lord. What more could a mother ask?
Places lived since leaving BYH: I lived in Logan, Utah, while I attended USU. Our family moved to Durham, North Carolina, where my husband was in school at Duke University. We have made our home in Salt Lake City. We spent three years away from SLC, living in Munich, Germany, where my husband served as a mission president.
Education: Attended USU; BYU BS Early Childhood Education
Mission/s: Germany Munich Mission 1990 to 1993.
Work experiences: I was a stay-at-home mom until our children were grown. During that time I taught a pre-school in our home for ten years. I am now working as an administrative aide.
Talents: Being married to the same man for 37 years is either a talent of mine, or his.
Favorite BYH teachers: Bro. Wallace Montague, my seminary teacher, was a favorite because he introduced me to the scriptures, which I love. Miss Lorna Millard taught home management. I was introduced to skills that I've used to manage my home, raise my children and build a strong marriage.
Email address:

Ray Valgardson
Ray Valgardson - 1966
Ray Valgardson - 2006
Current Home: Provo, Utah
Family: Married Bonnie Barlow from California (div after 31+ years). Seven children: 1. Chalyce works for an accounting firm and lives in SLC. 2. Melynda lives in Provo, California & Hawaii, works in media business. 3. Leyah lives in Las Vegas and works for Pulte Homes. 4. Dayne lives in Pocatello, Idaho and works as an electrician. 5. Deryk lives in Olympia, Washington and works in a furniture store. 6. Emberly lives in Provo and works drawing plans on CAD. 7. Tyne is going to UVSC studying dance.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Provo, Utah
Education: BYU for 3.5 years. Utah Trade Tech, Construction.
Mission/s: Western Canadian Mission 1967-1969 (Alberta and northern B.C.)
Other Languages spoken: Canadian
Work experiences: General Contractor (1975), Ra-Val Construction, Inc. Working with Valgardson House Movers (family business). Teaching Community Education classes at UVSC (Finishing your basement).
Talents: Working with my backhoe, drive large trucks, and boating.
Hobbies: Boating, waterskiing and fishing at Lake Powell.
Licenses: Private Pilot; General Contractor; CDL Driving Licenses.
Favorite BYH experiences: 1. Sports was a big thing for me in high school. 2. Going on an Earth Science field trip. 3. Pushing a downed airplane up Spanish Fork Canyon while traveling to a wrestling match in Price. 4. Studying math in the "corrals". 5. Learning church songs in Seminary.
Favorite BYH teacher: Bro. Wallace Montague -- I just liked him.
Great lessons learned: My high school years have always stuck with me. They were a big part of my life, something I have always remembered. I was not one who was popular, but I have no bad feelings being part of this class. I feel accepted by all. Thanks!
Everything else: Looking forward to this reunion.
Email address:

Alan Wilkins

Joel Zabriskie

Current Home: Highland, Utah
Family: Married Ruby Kimball (BYH Class of 1967). They have 8 children, all married. Twenty grandchildren and two more on the way.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Provo, Orem, Highland.
Education: BYU BA Accounting & Finance
Mission/s: British South Mission 1967 to 1969
Military Service: Utah National Guard 1971 to 1977
Work experiences: Rocky Mountain Helicopters 1974-1984; and Ivie Technologies 1984 to the present. Currently serving as stake president.
Talents: Going bald with style.
Hobbies: Walking (used to be jogging but my knees wont let me anymore), Scouting, people.
Favorite BYH teachers: Fred Webb - He was fun and I learned a lot. Donna Lee Turley - As a counselor she helped me find myself.
Email address:

Noel Zabriskie

Current Home: Ogden, Utah
Family: I am married to Renon Fisher, BYH Class of 1966. We have five children, four girls and one boy. Four of our children are married. One daughter is still at home, age 12. We have 9 grandchildren.
Places lived since leaving BYH: 1967-1969, Uruguay and Paraguay; Ogden since 1972.
Education: BYU BA, BYU MEd.
Mission/s: Uruguay and Paraguay 1967-1969
Military Service: U.S. Army Reserve
Other Languages spoken: Spanish
Work experiences: Teacher and administrator, Weber School District. I taught Spanish for eight years, was a high school vice principal for seven years, spent another ten years serving as junior high principal, then nine years as a district administrator. Named Superintendent of the Ogden School District starting on July 1, 2006. Noel has also served fourteen years in the stake presidency.
Talents: Singing
Hobbies: Jogging
Favorite BYH experiences: 1. Singing in choirs led by Fred Webb. 2. State basketball games. 3. Lots of fun at track meets. 4. Climbing flights of stairs. 5. The catwalk.
Favorite BYH teacher: Ross Hilton. He took extra time to talk and share about things outside of class.
Bio Link:
Email address:

Jean Allen

Vicki Ballou

Shauna Bateman

Bonnie Beck
Bonnie Beck in 1963
Bonnie Beck Studdert in 2006
Current Home: Alpine, Utah
Family: Married Stephen Studdert. We have six children, 12 grandchildren.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Since our marriage in 1968, we have lived in Orem, Utah; Boise, Idaho; Brigham City, Utah; Maryland; Bountiful, Utah; Virginia; Highland, Utah; Carlsbad, California; and Alpine, Utah.
Education: Graduated from BYU in 1970, BA English.
Mission/s: Served with my husband, Stephen, for three years in the California Carlsbad Mission.
Other Languages spoken: I once spoke a little French
Work experiences: Blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, but I have had to work hard to keep up with my husband.
Hobbies: A little tennis and a lot of church service.
Favorite BYH experiences: I remember being one of those students in Anna B. Hart’s class who passed light bulbs under the carrel partitions until, I think, Jeannie Allen threw them out the window, creating a series of explosions on the ground.
Favorite BYH teacher: I always loved Mr. Fred Webb. On the first day of seventh grade, and as a brand new student at BYH (with a terrible kinky permanent), I felt sick all day – thank heavens it was only a half day. Mr. Webb’s music class was the last period. I was sitting on about the third row of risers by the open window when I threw up, covering all the new books of the girls in front of me. Mr. Webb was so kind in making sure that I was taken care of.
Great lessons learned: I sadly remember being very unkind to a student teacher at BYH by the name of Mr. Gabitas. He taught Spanish. Three years ago we were visiting with a friend of ours who was serving as President of the Los Angeles Temple. A man came into the President’s office, and we were introduced to President Gabitas, a member of the temple presidency. I asked if he had ever lived on Provo. He said he had attended BYU…and that he had done some teaching at BYH. I was able to apologize to him. It was a gift to me.
Email address:

Jan Bendixsen
Jan Bendixsen in 1964
Jan Bendixen in 2006
Current Home: Mercury, Nevada
Education: 1970 - BA - Physics - University of Toronto.
1980 - Ph. D. - Genetic Microbiology - Princeton.
Military Service: US Air Force - Vietnam - 1970 to 1976
Work experiences: 1980 - Present - US Government
Everything else: The majority of my memories of BY High are unpleasant. Therefore, I will not be attending your reunion. However, I did want to say hi to Scott Bernhard, John Boshard, Linda Gilchrist, Barry Olson, Roger Sheffield, Karl Thomas, Joel Zabriskie, Noel Zabriskie, Phil Hoopes, John Kirkman, and especially to Tim Egbert and Lynn Tolley.

Tim Egbert

Phil Fielding

Patricia Gibson

Jacque Graham

Gordon Grow

Mary Ellen Hales

Email address:

Celia Hansen

Terry Hansen

David Hillier

Phil Hoopes

Email address:

Carol Ann Howell

Current Home: Alpine, Utah
Family: Married William Richard Gould, Jr. Seven children, all married.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Provo; San Diego, California; Longmont, Colorado; Fountain Valley, California; Walnut Creek, California; and now Alpine.
Education: BYU BA English; continuing education from any college we lived near; accounting certificate.
Other Languages spoken: Some Spanish; we did a study abroad in Mexico through our local junior college with our four youngest children when they were teenagers.
Work experiences: Schoolteacher, history and English; tutor; piano teacher; bookkeeper.
Talents: Music, keyboard and choral; organizing seven children within a 10-year age span for 30 years!
Hobbies: Choral music; hiking; crafts; organizing (my husband says if he stands still too long I will put him in a plastic box and label him); and going to school.
Licenses: Ham radio (our entire family did this -- before cell phones!)
Favorite BYH experiences: I loved BYH, K through Ninth Grade. Not sure why I left. The carrels in grades 7 to 9 really created a handicap for me in all my years of schooling. I need immediate feedback -- remember that every step of the way we got feedback on math problems.
Favorite BYH teacher: Mr. Arnold (Coach Arnold). He was my favorite math teacher. He really pushed me and encouraged me in math. I love math and have continued to take many classes.
Everything else: BY High was a special school.
Email address:

Laura Jones

Myra Killpack

John Kirkman

Email address:

Dan Koralewski

Robyn Lyman

Ralph McKnight

Current Home: Grass Valley, California (Penn Valley)
Family: Married Marianne Wilson of Mesa Arizona, in 1976. We have two sons, four daughters, three grandchildren and one on the way.
Places lived since leaving BYH: Corvallis, Oregon; Ohio and West Virginia (mission); Provo (BYU); Salt Lake City; Tooele; Mesa, Arizona; Penn Valley, California (since 1981).
Education: Corvallis High School; Oregon State University; BYU (BS); and three other colleges.
Mission/s: Ohio Mission (included Northern Kentucky and West Virginia)
Languages spoken: West Virginian
Work experiences: Senior chemist for a small water-testing laboratory: Cranmer Engineering, Inc., of Grass Valley, California, since 1986. Work experience prior to that includes: geochemist, assayer, consultant, and precious metals refiner.
Talents & Hobbies: The preservation of family records, including photographs (see website, journals, family histories, and genealogy. I also assist Marianne in her small writing and publishing business.
Favorite BYH teacher: Ross Hilton, Industrial Arts. I learned much from him about woodworking and appreciated his good nature and pleasant outlook on life.
Email address:

Boyd Nelson

Stephen Nibley

Nancy Paxman

Email address:

Anna Petry

Neil Riddle

Email address:

Sharon Smith

JoAnn Tolboe

Diane Wing

Linda Wood

Joan Parker

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