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Dr. L. Douglas Smoot served as the volunteer leader of the 1995 to 2001 successful effort to preserve the main Brigham Young Academy building.

Many earlier efforts had been made since BY High was closed in 1968, but the successful campaign led by Dr. Smoot consumed seven years and an estimated 8,000 hours of his time alone.

In his book, The Miracle at Academy Square, Smoot presents several lists of people who dedicated their time and efforts to this effort.

He says, "It would not be possible to recall and mention all who have participated in this remarkable 'miracle.'

"The press accounts include recognition of many of the visible participants, including the names of over 200 who supported passage of the bond election. Many participants labored behind the scenes with little recognition.

"The following, in alphabetical order, are among those Brigham Young Academy Foundation (BYAF) associates who must be mentioned for valiant contributions to this effort."

We have added Dr. Smoot's name to this list.

Bill J. Anderson, BYAF Fundraising Committee

Janita Anderson, BYAF Member

Brent F. Ashworth, BYH '57, BYAF Member, Fundraising Committee, Legal Counsel, Library Board
and LCOC Art Subcommittee Chair

L. Lee Bartlett, President BYAF from December 1997

Maurine Brimhall, BYAF Officer, Long-time Advocate,
BYA Alumni Organizer

W. Smoot Brimhall, BYAF Member

Cynthia J. Clark, BYAF Advisor, Library Board

Stanley E. Collins, BYH '51, BYAF Fundraising Committee

Wallace Cooper, Architect, BYAF Advisor

Susan Famulary, BYAF Member, Secretary

William L. Fillmore, Legal Counsel, BYAF Member

Gary D. Golightly, BYH '68, BYAF Fundraising Committee

Reed E. Halladay, BYAF Fundraising Committee

Terry Ann C. Harward, BYAF Member, Library Employee

Mary Gay Hatch, Early Advocate
and BYAF Fund Raising Committee

Michael R. Hill, Former Mayor
and BYAF Fundraising Committee

Dean Hughes, BYAF Fundraising
and Bond Election Committees, Library Board

Ronald G. Hyde, BYAF Fundraising Committee

Joyce Janetski, BYAF Arts Subcommittee

Ronald Jones, BYAF Feasibility Study Committee

Suzanne C. Liechty, BYH '57, BYAF Officer
and BYH Reunion Organizer

Janelle Brimhall Lysenko, BYH '55, BYAF Officer
and Financial Manager

Monroe Paxman, BYAF Member

Shirley B. Paxman, BYAF Officer, Long-time Advocate
and Document Provider

Jaynann M. Payne, Early BYAF Advocate
and Document Provider

Wallace A. Raynor, President, BYAF to December 1997

Julie Roper, BYAF Member

Michael Ross, BYAF Member

L. Douglas Smoot, BYAF Chief Miracle Worker

Sharon Swindle, BYAF Arts Subcommittee

Jordan Tanner, BYAF Arts Subcommittee

Carol Thorne, BYAF Fundraising Committee

Brad Westwood, BYAF Advisor and BYU Archivist

"Among those listed above, those most intimately involved in the whole or much of the process from 1995 to 2001 included Brent Ashworth, Lee Bartlett, Smoot Brimhall, Maurine Brimhall, Cynthia J. Clark, Terry Ann C. Harward, Suzanne Calder Liechty, Janelle Brimhall Lysenko, Shirley Brockbank Paxman and Wallace Raynor. Among this core of dedicated workers, thousands of hours were freely volunteered to make this project a reality.

"In addition to the BYAF participants, many others participated in the process as volunteers, elected officials, paid professionals and employees. A photograph of a bronze plaque, which is displayed in the historic Academy Building, is shown below:

"This plaque [above] includes city administrators, municipal council members, city professionals and employees, architects, contractors, Library Construction Oversight Committee members and others.

"A second large plaque, which hangs in the library's main entry area, records the principal donors among an estimated 2,000 contributors." See below:
Click here for a detailed list of donors.
Click here for a list of charitable donors.

"Special appreciation is expressed to Judy B. Garvin and Dina Williams Blaes who wrote and published materials on preservation efforts and litigation challenges, respectively ... " and also to many additional participants listed in the book, The Miracle at Academy Square.