Brigham Young High School History

Comprehensive Book
Recounts the Battle to Save
The Historic Education Building
of B.Y. Academy & B.Y. High School

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Book: The Miracle at Academy Square

The Miracle at Academy Square
History Written and Edited by L. Douglas Smoot

This beautifully illustrated, 600-page book with 177 illustrations and 46 color photos, documents the courageous effort by many people to successfully preserve the historic Brigham Young Academy Building as flagship of the new Provo Library at Academy Square.

The ten chapters recount the history of the building from the late 1880's to its evacuation in 1968, and sale in 1975. Also documented are the many unsuccessful attempts at preservation that brought it to the brink of demolition, including the lawsuits contesting its future.

The book thoroughly relates the demanding and creative seven-year battle in the courts, among philanthropists and governments, and for the hearts and minds of the citizens of Utah, that led to the miraculous successful preservation.

Essential news stories, key papers, letters, agreements, and legal records that provided the foundation of the effort are all here.

This is the kind of book that all alumni of Brigham Young High School will want to read, treasure, and pass along to their children.

Dr. Smoot was the leader of the successful campaign to save and fund the restoration of the Brigham Young Academy building.
Dr. L. Douglas Smoot
Dr. L. Douglas Smoot

L. Douglas Smoot

The Miracle at
Academy Square