Class of 1961~Honorary

Alphabetical Alumni

Christiansen, Diane

Diane Christiansen

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary.

Dixon, Allen
Provo, Utah US

Allen Dixon

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary.

Gledhill, Robert
Provo, Utah US

Robert Gledhill

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary. Attended BYU Training School.

Grow, Karen Fae

Karen Tuomisto

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary. Karen Grow. Karen Fae Grow was born May 7, 1943 in Provo, Utah. Her parents: David Spencer Grow and Arta Hazel Lind Grow, married 1936 in Salt Lake City. Both are deceased. Seven children: sons, David Spencer Grow [BYH Class of 1957], Steven Lind Grow [BYH Class of 1962], both of Provo; daughters, Gina Grow Nelson [BYH Class of 1964], San Luis Obispo, Calif.; Linda Grow Burton [BYH Class of 1970], Huntsville, Utah. Deceased children: Gordon Henry Grow [died June 10, 1963, BYH Class of 1966]; two daughters, DeeAnn Hazel Grow, and Karen Fae Grow Tuomisto. ~ ~ ~ ~ Karen Grow married _____ Tuomisto. She died on July 29, 1986.

Johnston, Bruce
Provo, Utah US

Bruce Johnston

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary. Brother of Gary Johnston.

Johnston, Gary
Provo, Utah US

Gary Johnston

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary. Brother of Bruce Johnston.

Keeler, Marie
6486 Plummer Avenue
Newark, California 94560-3721 US

Marie Blanchard
  • Cell: 510-790-0212
  • Home: 510-793-2391

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary. Marie Keeler. She is a member of the Class of 1961, and wishes to be included in reunions, but moved before she graduated with the senior class. Her parents: Joseph Jensen Keeler and Virginia Bowles Keeler. Joseph and Virginia had six children. Five daughters: Kathleen Keeler [BYH Class of 1954] (Floyd) Murphy, Mary Anne Keeler [BYH Class of 1957] (Boyd) Jolley, Marie Keeler [BYH Class of 1961~H] (Dale) Blanchard, Claudia Keeler [BYH Class of 1964] (Richard) Pickering, Janice Keeler [BYH Class of 1968] (Boyd) Butler; and one son: Brent Keeler [BYH Class of 1973]. [Name, photo do not appear with senior class in 1961 Wildcat yearbook.] Residing in Newark, California. @2011

Mangum, Richard

Dickie Mangum

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary. Richard Mangum. [Not Nebraska.]

McDonald, Linda Jane

McDonald, Linda Jane
2991 Leisure Drive
Boise, Idaho 83704 US

Linda and Alec Andrus
  • Home: 208-376-9046

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary. Linda Jane "Lindy" McDonald. Linda married Alec Veigh Andrus, and they have five children. They have 5 children: Kirk (Heidi) of Siskyou County, California; Sean of Nampa, Idaho; Amy (Jon) Philips of Eagle, Idaho; Sally (Levi) Mitchell of Boise, Idaho; and Ben (Katie) also of Boise, Idaho. Alec and Linda have 16 grandchildren. ~ ~ ~ ~ Linda's parents: Andrew McDonald and Lois Vance McDonald, married January 11, 1932 in Provo, Utah. Linda's parents had six children, including one son who died at birth, Richard; three additional sons, Robert Andrew McDonald [BYH Class of 1959] (Terry), Gerald David McDonald [BYH Class of 1960] (Janie) and Dean Ronald McDonald (Janet); and two daughters, Elaine Lois McDonald [BYH Class of 1951] Jones (B. Lee), Linda Jane McDonald Andrus (Alec).

Smith, Gary
Provo, Utah US

Gary Smith

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary.