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Allen, David T.

Allen, David T.
50 West Pecan, PO Box 461297
Leeds, Utah 84746 US

David and Katherine Allen
  • Cell: 1-928-608-0350
  • Home: 1-435-216-4966

Class of 1960 ~ Honorary. Married Katherine Pritchett, BYH Class of 1960. David attended BYH in 1957, and participated in Junior High Music. Eleven children: six sons, five daughters. Kathy was an elementary special education teacher in Page, Arizona. They have 13 grandchildren. Their children live in many places - from Vermont to California, with the youngest still at home. They had a nice home near Lake Powell. @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ David (Class of 1960~Honorary) and Kathy Allen moved in 2011 to Leeds, Utah. They are both retired now. They have their youngest child at home, Davy Bob Allen (Down Syndrome, age 25 in 2013). Their home is as easy to get to as a rest stop. They are next to I-15 (14 miles north of St. George) "We love drop-ins. Please stop by on your next I-15 trip if you can." @Aug 2013

Provo, UT 84604 US
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