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411, Class of 1969 to 1980

411, Class of 1969 to 1980

Ghost Classes of BYH 411

Class of 1980? If Brigham Young High School was closed in 1968, why are classes 1969 through 1980 included in this website? The closing in 1968 affected many students from Kindergarten through 11th Grade who had planned to attend and graduate from BY High. They were all forced to leave and complete their secondary education elsewhere. At the request of many who were students in those years, the classes of 1969 through 1980 have been added to this website directory as honorary alumni of BY High School. Sometimes called the "Ghost Classes" of BY High, all of them -- K through 11 -- were included in the historic final BYH Wildcat Yearbook published in 1968, along with the final graduating class of 1967-1968. Before that, students who attended BYH but who did not graduate with their classes were also marked as honorary alumni.

Alder, Lynn C.
722 Majestic Pine Dr
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-6550 US

Lynn Alder
  • Work: (801) 268-2124

Class of 1970. Lynn Alder (male). BYU BS Marketing 1977. Utah State University MBA 1979.

Allen, Barbara (1970)
13422 Grinnell Circle
Westminster, California 92683 US

Barbara Davis
  • Work: (714) 898-5222

Class of 1970. Barbara Allen. Class Social Chair. Class of 1970 Party Committee. BYU BS Child Development and Family Relations 1974. Married ____ Davis.

Andersen, Kathryn (1970)
3452 North 34th Street
Boise, Idaho 83703 US

Kathryn Kartchner

Class of 1970. Kathryn Andersen. BYU AS Secretarial Tech 1973. BYU BS Business Education & Administrative Management 1975.

Anderson, Roselle
3820 Little Rock Drive
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Roselle Hamblin

Class of 1970. Roselle Anderson. BYU BA University Studies 1981. Married _______ Hamblin.

Apostol, Konn
, New Mexico US

Konn Rauschenbach

Class of 1970. Konn Apostol (female). Her parents: Chris J. Apostol and Marva Funk Apostol, married March 16, 1950, in Logan Utah. They had five children: Kristine Apostol [BYH Class of 1969] (Dave) Cunningham, St. George, Utah; Konn Apostol Rauschenbach [BYH Class of 1970], New Mexico; Kip (Sandy) Apostol, Lindon, Utah; Kurt Apostol, Alpine, Utah; and Kami Apostol (Tim) Sullivan, Washington [2003].

Bennion, Joseph W.
PO Box 186
Spring City, Utah 84662 US

Joe & Lee Bennion
  • Work: 435-462-2708
  • Cell: 435-262-0582

Class of 1970. Joe Bennion. BYU BFA Ceramics 1982. BYU MFA Ceramics 1986. Joe married Lee Udall -- she is also an artist. ~ ~ ~ ~ "I have lived in Spring City since 1977 and am still the husband of Lee Udall. I am a potter and she is a painter. I also work seasonally as a river guide in Grand Canyon." Second email. @Nov 2008

Bernhard, Randall L.
327 Patton Avenue
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82007 US

Randy and Janae Bernhard
  • Work: 307-514-3635

Class of 1970. Randy Bernhard. Class President. Class of 1970 Party Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ I graduated from Western Michigan University in 1976 with a BA in Theater & Music. BYU PHD Theatre and Cinematic Arts 1979. I married Janae Walker on June 11, 1976 in the Washington DC Temple. We have 4 children: Heidi, Erik, Kurt and Dane (dec.). Former Executive Director & CEO of the Arts Council of Central Louisiana. We moved to Oklahoma City in August 2005. Recently moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and serving as Managing Director of the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players. Daughter Heidi moving to Ipswich, Suffolk, UK in September 2006. Son Erik single and living in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Son Kurt married in Mount Timpanogos Temple in December 2005. Bernhard family recently moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Randy is a brother to Scott Bernhard, BYH Class of 1966. @ October 2008. Form Name = ProfileUpdate NameAtGraduation = Randy Bernhard Address = 327 Patton Avenue CityStateZip = Cheyenne, WY 82007 Phone = 307-514-3635 SubmitterEmail = YearOfGraduation = 1970 Comments = Submit = Submit

Black, Harold

Harold Black

Class of 1970. Harold Black.

Bowen, Christine

Christine Bowen

Class of 1970. Christine Bowen.

Bowen, Marianne
Provo, Utah

Marianne Olson

Class of 1970. Marianne Bowen. Class Secretary. Class of 1970 Party Committee. Former husband, Barry Olson, BYH Class of 1966, six children.

Brimhall, Wells Lorin (1970)

Brimhall, Wells Lorin (1970)

Wells and Susan Brimhall

Class of 1970. Wells Lorin Brimhall. OBITUARY: Wells L. Brimhall was born May 15, 1952 in Provo, Utah. He married Susan, and they lived in Phoenix, Arizona. He died December 3, 1989. His parents: Wells Smoot (Smoot) Brimhall [BYH Class of 1932] and Viva Maurine (Maurine) Jones Brimhall [BYA Foundation member], married in Salt Lake City in 1935. Their children: Janelle Brimhall [BYH Class of 1955] (Peter) Lysenko, Provo, Utah; Stephen (Mary Jo) Brimhall [BYH Class of 1958 ~ Honorary], Menlo Park, California; George (Brenda) Brimhall [BYH Class of 1959 ~ Honorary], Paradise Valley, Arizona; Bonnie Brimhall (Dick) Kofford, Orem, Utah; Wells L. (Susan) Brimhall [BYH Class of 1970] (deceased), Phoenix, Arizona.

Broadbent, Nathan E. [ I ]
13103 32nd Street SE
Snohomish, Washington 98290 US

Nathan Broadbent
  • Work: (425) 334-9420

Class of 1970. Nathan E. Broadbent I. BYU BS Manufacturing Technology 1977. Note: Nathan E. Broadbent II of Orem, Utah received an Agricultural System Technology degree from BYU Idaho in 1999. Son's email:

Christensen, Donald Vern
12948 S Cactus Berry Drive
Riverton, Utah 84096-7499 US

Donald & Dianne Christensen
  • Cell: 801-541-6498
  • Home: 801-571-2259

Class of 1970. Donald Christensen. His wife's name is Dianne Squire Christensen. Donald served four years in the US Marine Corps, and then 25 years in Law Enforcement. They are currently living in Riverton, Utah. @2018

Clark, Carol Ann
1363 South 1900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 US

Carol Ann and John Hayes
  • Work: (801) 583-5150

Class of 1970. Carol Ann Clark. BYU BA Fine Arts and Communication 1975. Married John K. Hayes, Jr. Her parents: J. Kyle Clark, Sr., M.D. [BY High Class of 1930 & Student Body President] and Lois Kathryn Anderson, married 1942. Their children: James Kyle, Jr. [BYH Class of 1962] and wife, Melissa; Kathryn C. Spencer [BYH Class of 1964] and husband, Darrell; John A. Clark and Renee Williams; Brent A. Clark, Carol Ann C. Hayes [BYH Class of 1970] and husband, John K. Jr.; and Kristine C. Chapman and husband, Bradley.

Clark, Kristi (1970)
1401 Zion Park Blvd.
PO Box 1004
Springdale, Utah 82901-4437 US

Kristi and Allan Staker
  • Home: 435-772-3563

Class of 1970. Kristi Clark. Graduated from BYU with BA in English - 1992. Worked with a non-profit corporation developing job opportunities for people with disabilities. Three children: Mindy, Jay and Katy Taylor from first marriage. Married Allan Staker from Provo, Utah. @2010

Clark, Robert B. (1970)
486 West 1780 North
Orem, Utah 84057-8547 US

Robert Clark
  • Work: (801) 227-0779

Class of 1970. Robert B. Clark. His parents: Bruce B. Clark and Ouida Raphiel Clark. Their children: Lorraine Clark [BYH Class of 1965] (R. Vencil) Skarda of Provo, Utah; Bradley Drexel (Janette Robinson) Clark [BYH Class of 1968], Sugar City, Idaho; Robert Clark [BYH Class of 1970] of Orem, Utah; Jeffrey (Anne) Clark [BYH Class of 1971] of Washington, D.C.; Shawn (Barbara) Clark of Spanish Fork, Utah; and Sandra Clark of Orem, Utah. [Nov. 2004]

Coates, Stephen

Stephen Coates

Class of 1970. Stephen Coates.

Comer, Dan

Dan Comer

Class of 1970. Dan Comer.

Compton, Kent
190 E Mountain Vale Way
Woodland Hills, Utah 84653-2025 US

Kent and Susie Compton
  • Work: (801) 423-1981

Class of 1970. Kent Compton. His parents: Lane A. Compton [BYH Faculty 1953 to 1956] and June Wheeler Compton, married on September 8, 1943 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The children of Lane and June Compton included: Janet Compton [BYH Class of 1964] Hatch of Bountiful, Utah; Sandra Compton [BYH Class of 1967] Glade (Tom) of San Antonio, Texas and Wichita, Kansas; Kent Compton [BYH Class of 1970] (Susie) of Woodland Hills, Utah; Bruce Compton of Provo, Utah; and Christine Compton Porter (Michael) of Alpine, Utah. Kent married Susie. @2007

Crowton, Cheryl

Cheryl Crowton

Class of 1970. Cheryl Crowton.

Cunningham, Mary Jo
3886 Sunset Road
Santa Barbara, California 93110 US

Mary Jo Cunningham

Class of 1970. Mary Jo Cunningham. Played a leading role in "Summons of Sariel" in December 1967. BYU BS Liberal Arts 1976. BYU MLI Library Science 1979. Quoted in news article in 1968, "B.Y. High history revealed" by Ken Bush: "For me B.Y. High was academically advantageous and I don't think I would have done as well in a regular high school," said former B.Y. High student Mary Jo Cunningham. "Because we could progress at our own rate I completed two years of high school in one at B.Y.H. before it was discontinued and I transferred to Orem High." There were many graduating juniors from B.Y. High who were able to go on to college at the age of 16, Miss Cunningham said. "Many students could take some college classes and B. Y. High could hold the credit until after they graduated from high school later, to be applied to their college transcripts," according to Lowell Thomson, B.Y. High's final principal in 1968.

Curtis, James P.
9914 Tameron Drive
Sandy, Utah 84092 US

James Curtis
  • Work: (801) 571-5858

Class of 1970. James Curtis. BYU BS Business Education 1976.

Darais, Marcus A.
1080 East 100 North
Brigham City, Utah 84302 US

Marcus Darais
  • Work: (435) 723-7911

Class of 1970. Marcus Darais. Research Library: "Effect of delaminations on a 63-in. Kevlar/epoxy composite rocket motor case." DARAIS, MARCUS A. (Thiokol Corp., Brigham City, Utah) AIAA-1990-1976 SAE, ASME, and ASEE, Joint Propulsion Conference, 26th, Orlando, Florida, July 16-18, 1990. 7 pages. ~ ~ ~ ~ PATENT INFORMATION: "Apparatus and method for reinforcing a pressure vessel." Roger D. Wright and David R. Nelson, both of Logan; Marcus A. Darais and Alan J. Loveless, both of Brigham City; James A. Yorgason, South Ogden; Darrel G. Turner, Perry, Box Elder County. Assigned to Alliant Techsystems Inc., Edina, Minn. Filed Aug. 22, 2001, claiming priority to provisional patent Application No. 60/227,176, filed Aug. 22, 2000. Patent No. 6,719,165. @2007

DeHart, Hali

DeHart, Hali
Spanish Fork, Utah US

Hali and Lee Stewart

Class of 1970. Hali DeHart. BYU BS Education & Teaching Certificate 1974. She married Lee Stewart. ~ ~ ~ ~ Through all this track experience exposure, Lee and Hali Stewart found out their children inherited their athletic talent. "We were fast at field days," Hali said, who went to Brigham Young High growing up. "I didn't participate in organized high school sports, but I think our kids got a little from both of us." [See website.] ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Hali DeHart Stewart, our beloved wife and mother, passed away on July 18, 2019. Hali was born on September 11, 1952, to Virginia McNamara and Louis Kershaw DeHart, in Payson, Utah. She was the seventh of eight children. As a baby, everyone adored her big brown eyes and flawless curls. She spent her early childhood in rural Payson, soaking in the family values that farm life provided. With childhood curiosity, her imagination and heart came to life as she wandered the fields, with her older sister, exploring the land and even pretending to be lost orphans. Hali graduated from BYU High School in the Class of 1970 and went on to get a bachelorís degree in Elementary Education from BYU. She taught fourth and fifth grade for the next 11 years in Coalville and Orem, Utah. She found great joy in teaching. Hali married Lee Douglas Stewart on April 12, 1985, and raised four children. She wanted nothing more than to be a mother, to which she excelled to the highest degree. She had a love for track and field and spent many hours supporting her childrenís track careers. She saw all four of them attend college and get degrees in various fields. Hali was a social butterfly, with a very sweet nature. Her big smile was contagious and instantly drew people to her. Everyone who met Hali quickly felt loved and accepted. She never had an ill word to say about anyone and was an example of goodness wherever she went. Hali held many callings in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She served faithfully in the Relief Society, Young Women, Primary, and Scouting. She had a great love for the gospel and influenced many people through her service. She was never too busy to help someone in need. Hali battled dementia the final years of her life, but never lost her love for family. She was a beautiful lady in all respects. Her example of love, kindness, optimism, and endurance is a legacy that will live on forever. She is survived by her husband, Lee Stewart; children: Casey Stewart, Diane Stewart, Natalie (Jeremiah) Christenot, Nachelle (James) Mackie; grandchildren: Ilia Bair, Landon Christenot, Wyatt Christenot, Lily Mackie, Ryan Mackie, Gavin Mackie, and Luke Mackie; siblings: Guy (Vonnie) DeHart, Dennis (Shirley) DeHart, Brian (Dawn) DeHart [BYH Class of 1963], Lani DeHart (Joseph) West [BYH Class of 1968]; sisters-in-law, Jeanne DeHart and Sheryl DeHart; and brother-in-law, David Young. She is preceded in death by her parents, Louis and Virginia DeHart; and siblings: Craig DeHart, Cathie DeHart Young [BYH Class of 1965], and Hugh DeHart. Services will be held Friday, July 26, 2019, at the Mount Loafer Ward Chapel, 275 South 1400 East in Spanish Fork, Utah. The viewing will take place from 9-10:30 a.m, with the funeral beginning at 11 a.m. Interment, Spanish Fork City Cemetery. Source

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