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Johnson, Kaye (1956)
4575 Canyon Road
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Kaye and Devon Ivie
  • Work: 801-225-3082

Class of 1956. Kaye Johnson. Varsity Cheerleader. Junior Class Social Chair, Soph Class Secretary, French Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Library Staff, Soph Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee. BYU BS Business Education & Administrative Management 1964. Married Devon Ivie. Kaye Johnson and Devon Ivie are married and residing with as well as caring for her father in Provo. They own and operate several fast food franchises in the area. [Do not confuse with Kay Johnson, also Class of 1956.] ~ ~ ~ ~ What can be said about the last fifty years, except where did they go? I am just grateful that I can say, looking back, how good they have been. After BY High, I attended BYU for a couple of years and then got married (that's the plan, right?) I worked at US Steel – Geneva Works and quit in July, 1961 to give birth to a darling baby girl in August that year. Her name is Jackie Lynne. When she was a year old, her father and I divorced (that's not the plan, but it's life!) I went back to school and got my degree from BYU in Business / Accounting, then went back to work at Geneva in Provo where I worked until 1966, when I got smart enough to marry Devon R. Ivie, also from Provo. In fact, he was just about the boy next door. We lived in Ogden for three years and then transferred to Idaho Falls, Idaho with Devon's work – National Cash Register Co. (NCR). While in Idaho, I worked for the Bank of Commerce and became a Vice President and Trust Officer, and Devon got into the food business. He started and ran five Mexican fast food restaurants in Idaho. We have traveled to many foreign lands, but some of our best vacations have been in the Utah mountains; hunting, boating and fishing. We have been active in the LDS Church; Devon has served as Bishop and on the High Council as well as in many ward leadership positions. When we sold our Idaho restaurants, Devon went into the landscaping business and did most of his work in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area. After the death of my mother in 1996, we decided it was time to come back to Provo to be with our families – Devon’s mother and my father. So, Devon looked into the Papa Murphy's Pizza business in Utah as a new venture. We became involved in five stores, and have just recently sold the last of them. Now, I guess we're retired. We have lived with my father for the last ten years. He passed away the last of March 2006 and would've been one-hundred in July. I hope I got my Dad's genes! Devon was a great support to me in caring for my father. Now, I'm right back on the Canyon Road where I lived while in high school. What goes around, comes around, eh? We still have some sheep, horses, cats and dogs, and we also still farm, and I can buck bales of hay just like the "guys". Our daughter, Jackie, has two lovely children, both girls. They are in college: Chelsi at Utah State will be graduating this spring and is already working toward her master's degree in English; and Lacy is a freshman at the University of Nevada – Reno, majoring in graphic design. Both are in school on scholarships. Although we have learned never to say never, life is good and we are glad to be alive and well. I wish I had known when I was frolicking through high school how important all of you and those days would become to me, and I would've been a better friend to you who helped me become the Kaye that I am. Thank you! @2006

Judd, Mariba
760 South 600 West
Orem, Utah 84058-6019 US

Mariba and Paul Jacobsen
  • Work: (801) 225-5381

Class of 1956. Mariba Judd. Debate Region, Childrens Theater, Contest Play, Pep Club, Notre Maison, Chorus, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Sluff Day Committee, Senior Hop Committee. BYU BS Elementary Instruction 1960. ~ ~ ~ ~ Mariba is the daughter of James Sevey Judd, Sr. and Claree Allred. Her siblings are James Sevey Judd, Jr. [BYH Class of 1951] (JoAnn), Salt Lake City; Richard "Pinky" Judd [BYH Class of 1954] (deceased); Craig Judd (deceased); Muriel Kanan (Mike), Arizona; Robert Judd (Deanna), Oregon; Steven Judd (Chris), Arizona; and David Judd (Sherry), Orem. ~ ~ ~ ~ After graduating from high school, I spent the next six summers working as a waitress at the Grand Canyon. (My husband and I worked there the first summer after we were married.) While attending BYU, I met and married a super young man from Orem named Paul Jacobsen. After graduating from the Y, Paul attended UCLA’s Physical Therapy Program. I taught for two years for the Los Angeles School District. Upon graduating from therapy school, we moved back to Utah Valley where we both wanted to make our home. Paul opened a private practice in Provo and I stayed at home in Orem where we raised five beautiful daughters. (We lost a baby twin sister at two days with our third daughter.) When our youngest daughter started first grade, I decided I wanted to spend a few more years teaching. I taught fourth grade for eighteen years at Cherry Hill Elementary in Orem. In 2001 Paul and I retired and spent three years traveling and serving at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City. In June of 2005, we received a call to be full-time missionaries at the Mission Training Center in Provo. We are the directors of the International Office. There are four full-time couples in our office. We help and serve all missionaries that come from outside the United States. It is a wonderful blessing and we get to sleep in our own home every night. Life has been GOOD to me! @2006 Married Paul R. Jacobson. Parents: James Sevey Judd, Sr. and Claree Allred (dec.), wife, Edna Bennion (dec.), wife, Arlene Grey (dec.), wife, and Dawn, wife. Eight children: James Sevey Judd, Jr. [BYH Class of 1951) (JoAnn), Salt Lake City; Richard "Pinky" Judd (dec.) [BYH Class of 1954]; Craig Judd (dec.); Mariba Judd Jacobson [BYH Class of 1956] (Paul), Orem; Muriel Kanan (Mike), Arizona; Robert Judd (Deanna), Oregon; Steven Judd (Chris), Arizona; and David Judd (Sherry), Orem. Two stepchildren: Lois Farney, Cedar City; and Paul Mecham (Peggy), Morgan, Utah.

Keeler, Phillip Fairbanks

Keeler, Phillip Fairbanks
Provo, Utah US

Phil Keeler

Class of 1956. Phil Keeler. Student Body President. Debate Region, French Club, Thespians, Wildcat Yearbook Layout Editor, I Speak for Democracy, Model U.N., Junior Prom Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ Phillip Fairbanks Keeler was born November 23, 1937 in Standardville, Utah, and died December 13, 1981 in Provo, Utah. His parents were Daniel Mandeville Keeler and Virginia Christensen Keeler. Their daughters were Jennie Keeler Austin of Tempe, Arizona; Colleen Keeler Jones (J. Elroy) of Salt Lake City; and Ellen Keeler Thompson (Barry) [BYH Class of 1952] of Orem, Utah. They also had two sons, Daniel Albert Keeler (Felicia Fourie), who died in 1999; and Phillip Fairbanks Keeler [BYH Class of 1956] who died in 1981. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Phillip Fairbanks Keeler was born November 23, 1937 in Standardville, Utah, to Daniel M. and Virginia Christensen Keeler. He was educated in the Provo schools and graduated from BY High School. He was Student Body President and an honor student. He was active in the LDS Church. He began his dancing and acting career at age nine. He studied dance and ballet at the LeChrist and Classic schools of dance, the McCune School of Music, and at the University of Utah. After numerous school and community performances in Provo, he made his first ballet debut in 1952 at age 14, in “The Snow Queen” at the University of Utah. He attended the University of Utah for three years and received his BA degree in music and drama from BYU in 1961. He was awarded his Master of Fine Arts degree in ballet in 1963. He was a member of the original University of Utah ballet group. He made USO tours throughout the Orient and South America. He joined the University of Utah theater and ballet staff in 1964. He was an established performer, choreographer and instructor. In 1968, he was appointed chairman of the Department of Dance at the University of Missouri. He taught and studied in Massachusetts, Idaho, Spain and London. At the time of his death, he was an active member of the Provo Eighth Ward seventies quorum and a counselor in the Provo Utah East Stake YSL. Survivors include his father of Provo; one brother and three sisters: Daniel A. Keeler of Bountiful; Jennie Keeler (Ray) Gwilliam, of Tempe, Arizona; Colleen Keeler (Leroy) Jones, of Salt Lake City; and Ellen Keeleer (I. Barry) Thompson, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Funeral services for Phillip Fairbanks Keeler, 44, of 362 N. 400 E., Provo, Utah, who died Sunday, December 13, 1981, were held at the Provo Eighth Ward Chapel in Provo. Interment, Provo City Cemetery. [Provo Daily Herald.] @1981

Kimball, Rodney [Crozier Rodney] Jr.
7459 S Rita Lane
Tempe, Arizona 85283-4796 US

Rod and Carol Kimball
  • Work: (480) 838-7453

Class of 1956. Rod Kimball [Crozier Rodney Kimball]. Football, Baseball, Wrestling, Legislative Forum Region, Rocks & Minerals Club, Chorus. ~ ~ ~ ~ I was born May 22, 1938 to Rod and LeNeave Kimball at American Fork, Utah. I am next to the oldest of fourteen children. Two brothers died before the age of five and my mother passed away about nine years ago. My father was Athletic Trainer at BYU for forty plus years. He remarried at age eighty-nine and lives in Orem, Utah. He reached the age of almost ninety-seven years old before his death in January 2007. Our earlier years growing up were spent on a fruit farm in what is called Grandview near the Provo – Orem city boundary. I tried to enroll at BY High my sophomore year in high school, but was too late and spent that year at Provo High. My only significant item to mention about Provo High is that I took third place in State wrestling at 103 pounds. The remainder of my high school days were spent at good old BY High. I considered all of the student body at BY High my friends. I have many fond memories in seminary, on the football field, baseball diamond, wrestling mat, dances, classrooms and chorus. I also enjoyed most of the teachers. One of the highlights of the experience I remember is finding out BY High did not have a wresting team, and Coach Bushman said we could have one if enough boys showed up to field a team. We had one guy at each weight that first year, except two and we only had one guy go to state. It wasn't me, it was Kent Chamberlain. The next year we took seven wrestlers to State and we had two that placed, Kent and I. I went on to BYU on a wrestling scholarship. Before I served a mission to Northern California from June of 1958 to June of 1960, I joined the Army Reserve and went one year to BYU. Freshmen were not allowed to compete until their sophomore year in college and so we wrestled in the AAU. A couple of us won our division in the Intermountain Collegiate Championship, and were eligible to compete in nationals, but you had to pay your own way and there was no money to go. I resumed school and wrestling at BYU in 1960. It was at that time I met and fell in love with my sweetheart, Mary Carol Burk, and we were sealed in the Arizona Temple June 16, 1961. We met at BYU after being introduced by our uncle. Forty-four years with a great and wonderful woman does wonders for a guy. I graduated from BYU in August of 1963 with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and History. I took the seminary program at BYU to qualify as a Seminary teacher. We decided to take a full-time seminary teaching job instead of several school teaching and coaching jobs which were offered. We lived two years in the Richfield – Monroe, Utah area and taught seminary there. We were then moved to Pima, Arizona where, after eight years of teaching, I received my Masters Degree in Counseling at ASU in 1971. We have spent time in the private sector in sales and real estate, and worked for LDS Family Services as a professional counselor. I am currently retired and still working part-time at LDS Family Services. We have eight children with six of them married, and twenty-six grandchildren. We just completed our first full time mission at the Mesa Regional Family History Center in Mesa, Arizona. It has been a great life. @2007.

Knight, Stanley
449 East 650 North
Roosevelt, Utah 84066 US

Stan and Esther Knight
  • Work: 435-722-3382

Class of 1956. Stan "Gunner" Knight. Ski Club, Debate Region, Childrens Theater, Junior Class Vice President, Soph Class Social Chair, French Club, Gun Club Vice President, Thespians, Chorus, Seminary President, Exchange Assembly. Married Esther. Alternate address: PO Box 340, Roosevelt, Utah 84066. ~ ~ ~ ~ Attended BYU – two and one half years – 1956. University of Utah – two years. University of Alaska – one year. Utah State University – one year – 1973. “Slow Learner.” Six children and four step-children. Many work experiences including Paper Boy, Stock Boy, Cherry Picker, Car Parker, Horse Trainer, Fuller Brush Salesman, Psychology Counselor, Real Estate Salesman, and Insurance Inspector. Retired after twenty-five years in the oil field. Activities include raising families, hunting, boating, and fishing – fishing – fishing. Life has been more than a fishing trip. I’ve had a plate full of pleasure and pain; joys and sorrows; happiness and grief. All the things we were sent here to experience! @2006

Madsen, Farrell Dean, Jr. (1956)
401 North 400 East
Hyde Park, Utah 84318-3307 US

Dean and Susan Madsen
  • Work: (435) 797-3031
  • Home: (435) 563-3058

Class of 1956. Dean Madsen. Debate State, Childrens Theater, Quill & Scroll, Chess Club, Thespians, Yld Cat Newspaper News Editor, Band Student Director, Chorus. Married Susan Grace Arrington. ~ ~ ~ ~ Dr. F. Dean Madsen, Jr.: University of Oregon Bachelor of Music 1960, Master of Music 1961, both in music composition. Study abroad at the University of Oregon German Center for Music Education 1966-67, in Oldenburg, Germany. Utah State University Doctor of Education 1969, in curriculum development and supervision. Sabbatical study in music composition, in London, England, 1979. National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship Yale University in the Summer of 1980, and at the University of Southern California, Summer of 1983. ~ ~ ~ ~ Married Susan Grace Arrington and have five children: Emily Susan Madsen Jones (married David Jones, three children, Benjamin, Jacob, and Joshua); Daniel Eric Madsen (born August 23, 1977 in Logan, Utah, died August 25, 1977 in Salt Lake City, Utah); Rebecca Ellen Madsen Thornton (married Matthew Thornton, three children, Calianna, Daniel, and Logan); Sarah Grace Madsen; Rachel Winters Madsen. ~ ~ ~ ~ High School Band Director, 1963-1966 and 1969-1971, in California at Central Valley High School and Chico High School. Since 1971, Professor of Music at Utah State University, having served at various times as director of symphonic and marching bands, conductor of the University Symphony Orchestra, music department head, coordinator of music theory program, and teacher of music theory, music history, musical form, counterpoint, composition, and twentieth century harmony. ~ ~ ~ ~ Ongoing LDS Church service has included responsibilities with the Young Men, Sunday school, Elders Quorum Presidencies, Stake High Councils, Bishoprics, Stake Presidencies, Primary, and ward choirs. Over the years we have also enjoyed planting and harvesting large gardens, raising pigs, riding and caring for horses, planting rows and rows of trees, mowing lawns, reading books, and remembering those like you, from our past, who have, in one way or another, made our lives richer and better. @2006

Mangelson, Hal [Robert Hal]
30 Apple Tree Circle
Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02324 US

Hal and Marilyn Mangelson
  • Work: 508-697-7286

Class of 1956. Hal Mangelson [Robert Hal Mangelson]. Rocks and Minerals Club, Gun Club, Spanish Club. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU BA Teacher Education 1963. Clark University - Worcester, Massachusetts MA Teacher Education 1966. Optometric Technician and Equipment Repair vocational training. Married Marilyn Wallace, 1963, in the Manti LDS Temple, and we have five children and thirteen grandchildren. Following marriage and graduation from BYU, I taught Spanish at Grace, Idaho for one year before moving to Massachusetts. After obtaining masters degree, I taught Spanish at Endicott Junior College in Beverly, Massachusetts for one year. Interim employment included Salary Administrator for the First National Bank of Boston, and working for a family run automobile salvage business. Following completion of Optometric training, worked for six years as an Optometric Technician before starting my own business of repairing Optometric equipment. This vocation has been on going for the past twenty years, and currently continues to serve a number of clients in southeastern Massachusetts. Served a Spanish-American LDS mission between BYU freshman and sophomore years, 1957 – 1960. As active LDS member, I have fulfilled callings in the Bishopric, Scouts, High Priests, and we have been ordinance workers at the Boston Temple for many years. I belong to several mineral clubs where we use metal detectors to search for a variety of lost and buried treasure. My primary hobby is cutting and polishing gem stones. @2006

Mangum, Wallace Melvin, Jr.

Mangum, Wallace Melvin, Jr.
Los Angeles, California US

Wally and Tina Mangum

Class of 1956. Wally Mangum. Thespians, Wildcat Yearbook Illustrator, Art Work on School Emblem. Wally was born June 24, 1938 at Provo, Utah. His full name is Wallace Melvin Mangum, Jr. His father, Wallace Melvin Mangum, Sr., was born November 8, 1907 in Nephi, Utah, and died January 21, 1976. His mother was Grace Kerby Mangum. Wally, Jr.'s paternal grandparents were Wallace W. Mangum and Isabell Crawley Mangum, of Nephi, Utah. Wally married Kay Hurst, also BYH Class of 1956. They had four children, three boys and one girl. Three children were born in Denver, Colorado while Wally was in the Air Force. They took Wally’s younger brother to raise when they were both just twenty-one years old. Their last child was born in California. They divorced in 1968. Wally worked in an electronics operation for three years and then joined the Los Angeles Police Department. Wally took college classes intermittently until he received his bachelor’s degree at about age forty-five. He married Tina Lopez in 1975, and they had three children, two girls and one boy. Wally retired from the Police Department after twenty years as a detective. He then worked for a private company as a security guard until his death. Wally died on August 4, 1991 in Los Angeles, California.

Massey, Margie Ann [Margee]
373 N 400 E
Springville, Utah 84663-1457 US

Margee [& Calvin] Allan
  • Work: 801-489-6090

Class of 1956. Margie [Margee] Massey. Although her name, photo did not appear with senior class in 1956 Wildcat yearbook, Margie is a member of the BYH 1956 graduating class. She married Calvin Allan. Margie has lived in Springville, Utah for most of her adult life. Information printed in the thirty-year reunion booklet (1986) shows her as having four children: one daughter and three sons; and seven grandchildren; two granddaughters and five grandsons. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER HUSBAND'S OBITUARY: Calvin Frank Allan, 61, died Saturday, December 24, 1994, at his home surrounded by his family after a valiant battle with lung cancer. He was born April 7, 1933, in Springville, Utah, to Wilber Frank and Leona Roylance Allan. Calvin married his sweetheart and companion, Margee Ann Massey on December 12, 1955, in Springville. He is survived by his wife, four children: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth (Diane) Millet of Springville, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Allan of American Fork, Mr. and Mrs. Drew Allan of Springville, and Mr. and Mrs. Darren Allan of West Valley City and 11 grandchildren. His mother of Springville, one brother and one sister: Mr. Paul Allan of Mapleton, and Mrs. Jay (Shirley) Diamond of Springville. He was preceded in death by his father. Interment, Evergreen Cemetery, Springville, Utah. [December 1994] Billion Graves

McDonald, Steven Sutton

McDonald, Steven Sutton
, Germany DE

Steven McDonald

Class of 1956. Steven McDonald. Extemporaneous Speaking State Champ, Y'ld Cat Newspaper Co-Editor, Wildcat Yearbook Art Editor, Childrens Theater, Soph Class Vice President, Spanish Club, Chess Club Vice President, Thespians, Model U.N., Poetry Contest 1st Place, Short Story Contest 1st Place, Library Staff, Language Arts Award, Little Louvre Art Contest 2nd Place, Soph Ball Committee, Quill & Scroll, Senior Hop Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ Steven Sutton McDonald was born January 4, 1938 in Provo, Utah, and died February 12, 2000 in Germany. His parents are Ward Cluff McDonald and Marion Sutton McDonald. His sibling, Joel Richard McDonald, is also deceased. When Steve was told he had cancer, his response was, “Well, it’s not all bad. At least I won’t have to go to the dentist anymore.” @2000

Meiling, Jaque Lloyd

Meiling, Jaque Lloyd
Woodinville, Virginia US

Jaque and Sheila Meiling

Class of 1956. Jaque Mieling. Football, Basketball, Track, Wrestling, Lettermen, Gun Club, Rocks & Minerals Club, Band, Exchange Assembly, Pep Club Drummer. Jaque Lloyd Meiling was born on September 5, 1937 in Provo, Utah. His parents are John Carlos Meiling and [Clista Pritchett Meiling, 1902--; and Bessie Iverson Meiling, 1929-1987]. He died on April 15, 1986. Interment, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Jaque Lloyd Meiling, 48, a former resident of Provo, Utah, died on April 15, 1986 at Fairfax Hospital, Falls Church, Virginia. He was born September 5, 1937 in Provo to John C. and Bessie Iverson Meiling. He married Sandy Sorensen in 1962 and they were later divorced. He married Sheila Wennerstrom October 4, 1969 in Seekonk, Massachusetts. He graduated from BY High School in 1956, attended Brigham Young University and the University of Rhode Island, and received a master's degree in Human Resource Management from Pepperdine University. He retired from the United States Navy in 1979 as a Lieutenant Commander. While in the Navy he served two tours in Vietnam on search and rescue duty as a helicopter pilot, and was awarded the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and nine other medals. At the time of his death he worked in Washington, D.C. for Quest Research and taught management courses at the University of Virginia. His survivors include his wife of Woodinville, Virginia, one son, four daughters: Neal, Nichole, Brigitte and Stacy, all of Woodinville. Mrs. Robert (Deni) Harbin, Gurnee, Illinois, his mother, Mrs. J. C. (Bessie) Meiling, Salt Lake City, Utah, and one grandson. Funeral services were held at Ft. Myer, Virginia. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia. @1986

Moon, Gwen

Moon, Gwen
2677 North 930 East
Provo, Utah 84604-4154 US

Gwen and Hyde Taylor
  • Work: (801) 375-4468

Class of 1956. Gwen Moon. Varsity Cheerleader. Pep Club, Chorus, Library Staff, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee. BYU Open Major 1981. Married Hyde Taylor, BYH Class of 1956. He was into Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Lettermen Vice President, Spanish Club, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ Hyde and I were married in August of 1957. Hyde had to be in Cedar City to play football by the end of August, so we married before school started. Hyde played one year at Cedar City and then transferred to Provo. He took classes at BYU and UVSC. Hyde worked for a construction company and went to school. He was in the Army Reserve and really liked it, so we decided to give the Army a try and like they say, the rest is history. By the time we joined the Army, we had two girls. We stayed in the Army for twenty-plus years and traveled all over the country. Hyde ran the Airborne School at Ft. Benning, Georgia, for several years in between trips to Okinawa and Viet Nam. He had two trips to Viet Nam, and we had post-war babies, two boys. We were assigned to BYU ROTC department and we retired from BYU in 1980. Hyde has been in apartment management for about fifteen years, and the hardwood floor business until this last year. He installed and finished hardwood floors until he had to replace a knee, then he retired to take care of two of our grandchildren. This is the situation as it stands for now. I have worked in many jobs as we traveled around the country. I worked for Kent Collins at J.C. Penneys in Provo in the shoe department. That was probably the most fun of any of my jobs, as Kent was fun to work for, and I got to see everyone as they came in the back door from the parking lot. I have worked at a milk bar, a hardware store, a drug store, a drive-in, a foreman on a strawberry crew, and then after Hyde retired, I got my Real Estate License. That was in 1980, and I have been doing Real Estate since. I have had a few side jobs such as helping Hyde with the Senior Citizens during the summer at Branbury Park, when he managed it, and making tarts for weddings. Now I just do Real Estate and Hyde tends the grandkids. We both have enjoyed a great experience traveling around the country. We learned to camp and cook in dutch ovens and love the outdoor world. We have met some wonderful friends and have kept in touch with them. We have held many jobs in the Church and learned that no matter where you go you always have a family waiting for you. We saw much of the U.S. and Hyde got to see much of the world. We did enjoy our adventure in the military and would do it all over again. It is always fun to get sentimental and remember our days at good old BY High. My kids' favorite thing to do was to go through our yearbooks. They would laugh and have the best time with our styles and hair-do’s. We were so lucky to have gone there and have the happy memories of being with such good people. We will always treasure knowing all of our classmates and teachers. Kids now will never know how much fun it was to dance in 250-A, or have the fun assemblies, or the fun ball games, or the fun Chorus trips. We could go on for hours talking about the mischief Dean Maiben was always in. Those were the good old days. @2006

Morrison, Joan

Morrison, Joan
1028 East 2680 North
Provo, Utah 84604-4130 US

Joan and Greg Andrus
  • Work: (801) 370-9071

Class of 1956. Band, Chorus. BYU 1960. Married James Gregory (Greg) Andrus, also BYH Class of 1956. ~ ~ ~ ~ Joan attended BYU – 1958-1960. Glendale Community College 1978-1979. Joan's parents are James Carl Morrison (Head of Grounds Department BYU) and Mary Cecelia Bowen Morrison (Homemaker and Bookkeeper). Greg and Joan (both BY High Class of 1956) married January 27, 1961. Five children: Cynthia Lynn (Norr), Colorado Springs, Colorado; Linda Michele Andrus, Orem, Utah; Lezlie Marie (Fairbanks), Draper, Utah; Matthew Gregory Andrus, Provo, Utah; and Rachael Summer (Evans), Altus AFB, Oklahoma. Greg and Joan have 10+ grandchildren. Joan was employed at Central Bank as a teller until the birth of their first child. Greg was a fighter pilot, USAF. Joan served as a Primary Chorister, Relief Society President, Young Women's President, Stake Choir Director, Stake Girls Camp Director, Seminary Teacher, and Teacher Development Instructor. She served with husband in the Caracas, Venezuela Mission (1999-2002) and the Provo MTC Presidency (2003-2005). We have lived in many places in the US and also in Italy and England. We moved twenty-two times in thirty-three years and loved nearly all of it. Visited Israel in 1994 with our youngest daughter for her senior class trip – just before Greg retired in 1995. Since finishing up at the MTC, we are knee-deep in house and property renovations. @2006

Muhlestein, Joyce

Muhlestein, Joyce
Provo, Utah US

Joyce Muhlestein

Class of 1956. Dramatic Reading, Chorus. Joyce Muhlestein was born July 21, 1936 in Provo, Utah and died February 9, 1961 in Provo, Utah. Her parents are John Wilford Muhlestein and Inez Wilde Muhlestein. Three of her siblings are Donald Wilford Muhlestein, Inez Maxine Muhlestein, and Steven K. Muhlestein. Funeral services were held Monday, February 13, 1961 in Provo, Utah. Interment, Provo City Cemetery.

Nelson, Janice
3214 N University Avenue, Box 603
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Janice and Jim Moyle
  • Work: (801) 221-1211

Class of 1956. Janice Nelson. Varsity Cheerleader. French Club, Pep Club Co-Director of Marching, Shorthand Club, Wildcat Yearbook Index Editor, Chorus, Twirlers, Exchange Assembly, Junior Prom Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ Janice attended BYU for her freshman year in college, 1956-1957, where she was a member of O. S. Trovata. She then attended the University of Utah, 1957-1960, where she was a member of the Pi Beta Phi Sorority. She graduated from the U of U in 1960 with a BS in Elementary Education, then taught the fifth grade at Hawthorne Elementary school in Salt Lake City for the 1960-1961 school year. In March of 1962, she married James H. Moyle in the Salt Lake Temple. They are the parents of five; James, Nelson, Melissa, Matthew, Catherine and, so far, the grandparents of thirteen. Janice and Jim resided in Salt Lake City for forty plus years where Jim owned and operated United Oil Company, which consisted of a string of service stations and tire stores. This business was sold in 1977, and Jim became a real estate broker and investor. In 1966, Janice joined the Salt Lake Junior League and, over the years, has been involved in a significant amount of volunteer work. Jim went back to school in 1988 where he certified to teach languages and then taught at the Junior High level for six years. Languages have been a hobby and he is fluent in five. Janice worked for the Rick Warner Ford Foundation, 1996-1998, teaching “at-risk” students to read music and play piano, which was part of a study as to whether reading music helps children with math and science. Janice and Jim served an LDS couples mission to France from 2000-2002. In 2003, following discovery that Jim was suffering with Parkinson’s disease, they moved to Provo, Utah to be near their oldest son. @2006

Nelson, Joseph B. (1956)
2163 Borg Drive
Sandy, Utah 84092 US

Joe and Ann Nelson
  • Work: 801-942-1889

Class of 1956. Joseph B. Nelson. Interpretive Speech, Childrens Theater, French Club, Radio Physics Club President, Thespians, Chorus, Soph Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee. BYU BS Accounting 1967. Married Ann. Alternate email: ~ ~ ~ ~ Since leaving high school, Joe has spent five and one-half years in Germany. He married Carol Soper, graduated from BYU and went to work for Caterpillar Tractor Company. He then transferred to Cleveland, Ohio where they adopted a son (Joseph Walter Nelson). They lived in Cleveland for twenty-one years. His wife, Carol, passed away in March of 1988. In July of 1988, he met his current wife, Ann Lifferth, on a blind date while visiting Utah for a family reunion. They were engaged four days after meeting and married a month later. Ann added seven children to his life and, at present, seventeen grandchildren are part of his family. In 1993, Joe’s mother passed away and he and his unmarried family members moved back to Provo. At present he is living in Sandy with his wife as empty nesters. They moved to Sandy to avoid the commute from Provo to downtown Salt Lake, where he worked for a private college. During his twenty-six years in the Cleveland area, he served as Bishop of the Hiram Ward (Kirtland Ohio Stake) for five years. After they moved to Provo in 1993, he served as Bishop for an additional five years in the Pleasant View Second Ward (Sharon East Stake). @2006

Nordgren, Vicki Dawn

Nordgren, Vicki Dawn
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Vicki Dawn Shields

Class of 1956. Vicki Dawn Nordgren. Childrens' Theater, Pep Club, Thespians, Chorus, Shorthand Team. Married David Shields. ~ ~ ~ ~ Education: Garvanza Kindergarten / Elementary in Los Angeles, California, before moving to Utah in 1944. Woodrow Wilson Elementary & Central Jr. High in Salt Lake City. Farrer Jr. High, BY High 1953-56 in Provo and Roosevelt High School in Washington, D.C. (1955). BYU (1956-1957). On-the-job Training: Dental Assistant, X-ray Certification, Chiropractic Assistant, Medical Assistant, Secretary and Senior Secretary certified. Adult Education: Computers, Basic ASL, Bookkeeping, Art, Swimming, Aerobic / Exercise. Talent Improvement: tap, ballet, piano, violin (playing in elementary and junior high orchestras), LDS Church music conducting course. ~ ~ ~ ~ Vicki Nordgren was born April 29, 1938 in Los Angeles, California, to Weston Nephi Nordgren and Blanche Althea Bennett Nordgren. Older siblings are Kent, Carolee and Michael. Younger siblings are Steven, Erica Lynn and Rolf. Vicki married David Leland Shields in the Manti Temple on July 12, 1957. He transferred from Canada to BY High in 1955, then graduated from Provo High in 1956. While David served in the US Air Force, we moved 28 times during his career. After 20 years, including two tours in Viet Nam, he retired in 1976 and they settled in Hillsboro, Oregon. They have three daughters and three sons: Mississippi – Dawnalee (1958), David Leland Jr. (1959), Bruce Earl (1961), Texas – Shawnalin (1964), Cort Alan (1965), and New Mexico – Lauriann (1971). They have 22 grandchildren and two great-grandsons. They divorced in December 1991. Vicki is currently residing in Salt Lake City and continuing to serve and love my roles as mother, grandmother and grandma-great. ~ ~ ~ ~ Employment: Utah: South Salt Lake – child care; Provo – child care, custodian for newspaper office, elections clerk; BYU – secretary; Monticello – dental assistant. Mississippi: secretarial office clerk. Texas: secretarial – McConnell AFB. Oregon: in-home child day care; head dental assistant, receptionist, and accounts payable; chiropractic assistant, receptionist, and therapist; medical assistant and receptionist; elections clerk. Utah: Salt Lake City – currently Senior Secretary, LDS Church Office Building (11.75 years Fleet Administration, 3.5 years Translation Department). Community Volunteer: Red Cross blood drives, Mothers March of Dimes, Heart Association, Diabetes Association, Cub Scout den mother, 4-H Leader, Air Force Wives Club committees, Air Force Lending Closet Coordinator, room mother, field trip chaperone, teacher’s aide, library aide, Church canneries & Deseret Industries, child care, Nordstrom and Target inventory teams, High School parents fundraising treasurer, drama parents support group, secretarial support (COB - 4 months). LDS Church Service: Mission – stake mission in New Orleans Stake; Sunday School – ward level pianist, chorister, Jr. S/S coordinator, teacher – children, teens & adults; Primary – ward level teacher, chorister, pianist, presidency, nursery, Cub Scout and Assistant Scout leader; stake level President; Relief Society – ward level secretary / treasurer, teacher, president, counselor, nursery, homemaking leader, Visiting teacher, funeral luncheon committee, photographer; Mutual – ward level drama and dance director, Beehive teacher, camp counselor, youth conference chaperone; Young Women – ward level teacher, presidency; Young Adults – chaperone; Seminary – early morning teacher (Hawaii, 1 year and Oregon, 2 years). ~ ~ ~ ~ Vicki Dawn Nordgren Shields passed away 22 August 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Vicki Dawn Nordgren Shields, 69, returned to her family in heaven on Wednesday, 22 August 2007. She passed away at her home in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the care of her children and supported by their love and that of her grandchildren. Vicki Dawn was born on 29 April 1938 in Los Angeles, California, to Weston Nephi Nordgren and Blanche Althea Bennett. She and David Leland Shields were sealed in the Manti Temple on 12 July 1957. Though later divorced, they continued to share a fond friendship. She grew up in Provo, Utah, attending school there including graduating from Brigham Young High School in 1956, and attending Brigham Young University. Throughout her married life as the family was stationed to various Air Force bases, she continued her education at every opportunity. Learning was a lifelong pursuit for her with focus on business courses and religious studies. Though she never formally graduated from college, her accumulated knowledge helped her flourish as a dental assistant, chiropractic assistant, and excel as an executive secretary, and in her service as a teacher and leader in her church’s auxiliaries for women and children. Her life was balanced by her abilities in music, dance, and drama, and by her public speaking which touched her audiences for the honesty and openness in which she illustrated her points with personal observations. For all the accolades she received in these endeavors, what defined Vicki Dawn was her delight in people and the loving kindness with which she served others. She continually sent cards and letters to acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, and as inspired pick-me-ups to her family, friends and hundreds with whom she worked and associated. She always had smiles and warm hugs of friendship, cheer, sympathy and support for those from all walks of life. As she said, “I had a plan for my life and I lived it.” Growing up, marrying, raising a family, and serving others in walking the path defined by her faith and love for her Heavenly Father. Throughout her life she rose to meet the measure of her challenges with strength and grace and encouraged others in doing the same. Her love shone on us all. She is survived by her children and her “Grandma Honey Crew”: Dawnalee Shields; David & Janelle Shields ~ Leland and Brian, and Jessica & Brandon and Andrew Wagner, Jarrod, and Marc; Bruce & Jo Shields ~ Heather, Brandon, Molly, and Hannah; Shawnalin & Kevin Mawhinney ~ Ashley and Brighton, Bryce & Lisa, Stacey, Cortney, and Tyler; Cort & Adele Shields ~ Trevor, Kaylee, Camden, Kendra, and Tara; Lauriann & Lloyd Shell ~ Sariah, Rebekah, and Emma. She is also survived by her sisters and brothers: Carolee & Roy Evenson, Mikel and Annette Nordgren, Lynn & Keith Goodspeed, and Rolf Nordgren. Joyfully awaiting her arrival were family and countless friends including her parents and brothers: Kent & Eliza Nordgren, and Steven Nordgren. A memorial service will be held Saturday, 1 September 2007 at the Salt Lake Stake chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 142 West 200 North, Salt Lake City, Utah beginning at 10:30 A.M. Interment at Redwood Memorial Estates. Those who wish to celebrate her life with a remembrance are encouraged to donate to the Humanitarian Fund, Perpetual Education Fund, or Missionary Fund of the Church; or to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Honoring Vicki Dawn’s generous example of sharing earth’s beauty, her family is providing flowers for the service which will afterward be distributed to friends. [Tribute sent to us by her family, August 25, 2007.]

Norton, Merritt Ronald, Jr.
4004 North 850 East
Provo, Utah 84604-4702 US

Ron and Sigrid Norton
  • Work: (801) 222-0199

Class of 1956. M. Ronald Norton, Jr. Ricks College [BYUI] 1958. BYU BA Economics 1967. Married Sigrid Larson Norton. She died on March 26, 2002 in Provo, Utah, at the age of 62. She was born June 9, 1939 in Martinez, California, to Raymond Andrew Larson and Melba Hatch Larson. Survived by M. Ronald Norton (her husband of 39 years) who cared for her tenderly. Five children: Korin Taddei, Merritt Norton, Patrea Marolf, Candace Norton, John Norton. Eight grandchildren: Cassidy Whiffen, Riley, Maeve and Carter Norton; Madison Marolf; Justin Taddei; Emma and Grace Norton. Four Sisters: Jeanine Schaelling, Pricilla Meyers, Bonnie Tippets, Jacquelyn Cox. Brother: George Larson. Sigrid was a wonderful wife and mother. Her loving spirit and twinkle in her eye touched so many. She loved making friends, adventure and travel, but most of all loved her flower garden and her flowers loved her. She was an inspiration to us all. [Provo Daily Herald, March 28, 2002.] ~ ~ ~ ~ Update on their five children: Korin (Danny) Taddei, sail boat in the Caribbean. Merritt (Tennery Taylor) Norton, Preston, Washington. Patrea (Todd) Marolf, Las Vegas, Nevada. Candace Norton, Orem, Utah. John (Jessica Steinman) Norton, Lehi, Utah. Currently have twelve unusually intelligent and good looking grandchildren. - Employment includes Texas Bank and Trust, Dallas, Texas – Bond Department; J N Ireland and Company Bankers, Malad, Idaho – Loan Officer and Data Processing; Norton Food Centers, Provo, Utah; Norton Fruit Company, Utah and Idaho; Norton Trucking, Provo, Utah; NuSkin International, Provo, Utah – Information Systems. Ron is now retired. @2006

Nuttal, Patricia [Nuttall,]
9012 Elmhearst Drive
West Jordan, Utah 84088 US

Pat and Ray Johnson
  • Work: (801) 280-9268

Class of 1956. Patricia Nuttal [or Nuttall]. Student Body Art Manager. Legislative Forum Region, Intepretive Speech State, Pep Club, Ski Club, Thespians, Wildcat Yearbook Assistant Editor, Chorus, Exchange Assembly, Miss Provo National Guard, Seminary Play, Senior Hop Committee. Married Raymond Johnson. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU 1956-1957 Phoenix College 1984 – Arts, Language, Music. Married Stephen C. Garn in 1960 at the Salt Lake Temple, and divorced in 1985. Patricia and Stephen are the parents of four children and have nine grandchildren. Pat married Raymond Johnson from Alberta, Canada in 1987 at the Jordan River Temple. Together, Patricia and Raymond have ten children, thirty-one grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. Professional Model in California, 1958-1960, which brought involvement with TV’s Queen For A Day, Max Factor Make-Up, United Airlines, Thunderbird Automobiles, and Rose Marie Reid Swimsuits. Flair Modeling Agency Instructor during 1961 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Co-owner of The Scandinavian Shop in Scottsdale, Arizona during first marriage, which involved all sorts of commercial art projects and many trips to Scandinavian countries. Activities include Miss Provo National Guard – 1956; First Attendant Miss Provo Liberty Belle – 1957; Miss Los Angeles AAU – 1958; Princess Hollywood – 1959; First Runner-up Ms. Senior Utah – 1999; Numerous church callings including Junior Sunday School Coordinator and Relief Society President Jordan River Temple Ordinance Worker. Publishing 900-page Family History Book going back 7 generations on both sides of family and, beginning in March 2006, serving a two-year mission in the Czech Republic with husband, Raymond. My life has been diversified and challenging. And, without my testimony of the gospel and service to others, I never would have survived the challenges which have been most valuable to my growth and development. @2006

Oldroyd, Mark Thomas
386 Sumac Lane
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Mark and Virginia Oldroyd
  • Work: 801-373-5546

Class of 1956. Mark Oldroyd. Tennis Club, Ski Club. Although Mark's name, photo did not appear with the senior class in the 1956 Wildcat yearbook, Mark was a member of the BYH 1956 graduating class. He married Virginia. ~ ~ ~ ~ Worked after school at the Hotel Roberts in Provo. Graduated from BYU. Served an LDS mission to Japan. Married Virginia Washburn and we have one daughter, four sons and twenty-four grandchildren. Served as a Bishop, Branch President at the MTC, High Council five times in home stake, BYU stakes, and UVSC stakes. Virginia and I served a mission to Japan from December 1999 to December 2001. @2006

Olsen, Janet [Olson,]
7204 Capitol Dr. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109-5017

Janet and Joseph Watts
  • Home: 505-821-4940

Class of 1956. Janet Olsen [or Olson]. Childrens Theater, Chess Club, Pep Club, Thespians Vice President, Pep Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee. Married Joseph Watts. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU 1960. Janet and Joseph are the parents of one son, Steven Joseph Watts, and one daughter, Andrea Lynn Watts, and have five grandchildren. Steven and wife Dawn have two children, Taylor Diane and Evan Joseph. Andrea and husband Marshall have three children, Tyler Michael, Trevor Eric, and Makayla Louise. Janet taught elementary school for a number of years in Provo, Utah, Los Angeles and Livermore, California, and Los Alamos, New Mexico. Student Advisor at the University of New Mexico (Computer Engineering). I love to read, garden, sewing, needle work, travel, and spoil my five grandchildren. @2010

Owen, William Lee

Owen, William Lee
Harrisville, Utah US

Bill and Kathe Owen

Class of 1956. William L. "Bill" Owen. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Wildcat Yearbook, Chorus. Served as photographer at the 50th Year Reunion of the Class of 1956, held June 3, 2006. ~ ~ ~ ~ In 1956, I enlisted in the United States Air Force with Wally Mangum (BYH Class of 1956) on the Buddy System where we were supposed to be together for four years. We parted company in just three weeks. I was based at Parks AFB, California; Shepard AFB, Texas; Travis AFB, California; Yokota AFB Japan where I trained as an A and E Mechanic on the B-36, C-124, C-97, and was a crew chief on a KB-50 in Japan for two years with the 1501st Air Refueling Squadron. After four and one half years, I was discharged and returned to the US. I ended up in Idaho Falls, Idaho where I briefly attended Ricks College. I moved to California for about two years where I worked for Standard Oil then returned to Idaho to work for The Atomic Energy Commission in Arco, Idaho. After three years, I received an offer from Boeing Aircraft to work in Renton, Washington where I worked on the 707, 727, 737, and 747 aircraft. It was good to be back around the smell of aircraft again. By now I was twenty-seven years old and had a great desire to serve an LDS mission. After serving in the Southern States mission for one year, I developed cancer and was sent to SLC for surgery and several months of cobalt treatments (cancer treatments were pretty archaic in 1967 and survival was rare, but I lived.) To complete my mission I was transferred to Southern California where I served for thirteen months. Thinking that I might become a coach, I applied at BYU and received an acceptance letter to the Women's Physical Education program. For physical reasons, I had to turn them down. I decided instead of sports to get an associate degree in Photo-Technology / Communications. They didn't have a photography program at BYU at the time and I became an assistant to Wally Barrus, who worked very hard to get a photography program started, which he did. I helped build the first lab and studio which was housed in the Arts Building of BYH (Lower Campus) in the old Home Economics room and upstairs (Mrs. Hart's room was our studio). Later we moved to the basement of the Harris Fine Arts Building on BYU campus. In June 1970 I married my favorite model at BYU, Kathe Dahle from Pasco, Washington. We were married in the Salt Lake City Temple and then moved to San Diego, California, where I worked for Deans Photo Service, a photo finishing lab. This was about the time same-day photo service began. We returned to BYU to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Communications (Photography). I became Wally Barrus's lab assistant and taught Lab Technology classes. While at BYU, I was lead photographer for the Daily Universe; photographing everybody and everything; sports, forums, drama, etc. After graduation, I opened Owen-Martin Photo Service in Provo, which was a same-day photo service. I later sold my half of the business to Martin and opened Owen Film Service in Ogden, Utah. We did very well the first few years. We did a lot of custom work and later renamed the lab Owen's Custom Color Lab, where we provided one-hour service and catered to the professional and semi-professional photographers. We enjoyed developing the panoramic photos of one of our customers, and in 1991 bought his business, Panoramic West. Seeing the impending obsolescence of our lab as the technologies changed to digital, we closed our lab in 1997 (after 22 years0. We now photograph graduating classes, class reunions, family reunions, etc. I have three wonderful children, two girls and one boy. Our son is still at home and is nineteen years old. I have five grandchildren and hope to retire in the next two years. @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: William Lee Owen passed away on Friday April 15th, 2011 at his home surrounded by his loving family. Bill was born on January 10, 1938 in Thomasville, Georgia. He moved to Utah at the age of 8. He is the son of Ruth Robertson Owen and Whitney Hudson Owen. He loved sports and was exceptional at baseball and basketball. He graduated from BY High School in 1956. Shortly thereafter he joined the United States Air Force and served four years, two years in Japan. Bill was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Southern States mission. After surviving cancer, he completed his mission in Southern California. He graduated from Brigham Young University in Photography and was honored with the Outstanding Photo Technology Graduate award. Bill married Kathleen Elaine Dahle on June 1st, 1970 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. They were blessed with three wonderful children: Tara Leigh, Cynthia Ruth, and Alex Preston. They now have two son-in-laws, Joseph Korn and Adriel Jacobson, and six beloved grandchildren: Jake, Jace, Sydnee, Samantha, Kayana, and Gabriel. Bill and his wife Kathe owned and operated Owen Film Service in Ogden, Utah from 1976 to 1997, and Panoramic West until they retired in 2007. He served in many capacities for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was a missionary at heart, serving with his wife in New Zealand for eighteen months prior to his long struggle with illness. Bill was loved by everyone who knew him and will be missed for his wonderful sense of humor and his kind, compassionate, loving soul. He is survived by his wife of nearly forty one years, three children and six grandchildren, two brothers, Clinton Owen, Michael and wife Jeanne Owen, and one sister, Deborah and husband Robert Romney. Bill was preceded in death by his parents. Interment is at Ben Lomond Cemetery. A funeral/memorial service will be held Tuesday April 19th 11 a.m. at 1600 North 400 West in Harrisville (the Harrisville LDS 7th Ward Chapel). Visitation with the family is prior to the service beginning at 10 a.m. in the Relief Society Room. [Ogden Standard Examiner, April 17, 2011]

Sampson, Douglas Charles

Sampson, Douglas Charles
West Jordan, Utah US

Doug and LeiMomi Sampson

Class of 1956. Douglas C. Sampson. Track, Childrens Theater, Radio Club (played the deaf-mute in Tom Sawyer). BYU BS Zoology 1969. Married LeiMomi. ~ ~ ~ ~ Worked for Edison Brothers managing shoe stores until 1977 in Utah and Pueblo, Colorado. Returned to Utah in 1977 to work in the modular home setting industry. I also had my own small trucking business for a year or two. In 1984, I began working as a transport driver for Propane Transport International. I am working there at present but am looking forward to retiring soon. Served an LDS mission in Samoa 1959 to 1961. Returned to BYU and met LeiMomi Young from Monticello, Utah. We were married in the Manti Temple on November 17, 1962. We now have a family of twenty-nine – eighteen of them grandchildren. My father served as my mission president in Samoa. My parents have both passed away within the last five years. They were each ninety-one years of age at the time of their death. My sister Elma Sampson Bartholomew passed away from complications from cancer in 2004. My sister Dixie Sampson Harward lives with her family in American Fork, Utah. My sister, Karen Sampson Griffin, lives in Denver with her husband. My brother, Dean Sampson, lives with his wife in Orem. All are doing well and enjoying their grandchildren. My wife, LeiMomi, is a travel agent and has traveled to Russia, Japan and China. I have elected to stay closer to home, but we have enjoyed several vacations to Hawaii and spent a few weeks in Samoa in 1984, when my father served as temple president there. We mostly enjoy vacationing around the state of Utah, and about once a year we go to Boston to visit our children who live there. Leisure time finds us visiting, picnicking, hiking, backpacking, hunting, and fishing with our children and grandchildren. As for church callings, I have been able to serve in two bishoprics, high priest group leaderships, teachers, home teacher, nursery leader, etc. They seem to keep me busy. Our best times are spent with our five children and their spouses and our eighteen grandchildren who range from sixteen years to three months. My doctor tells me that I should be written up in the medical journal for a man who lived the longest with a VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect). I have known all my life that I had a hole in my heart but just this last December [2005] my doctor noticed the pressures in my heart and lungs seemed to be out of kilter so, on February 9, 2006, I underwent open heart surgery and the hole was repaired. Because the procedure is usually done on little children, one of the surgeons from Primary Medical Center was on hand. The opening was near the electrical system of my heart and caused my heartbeat to be irregular. As a result I came home with a pacemaker. However, I am doing well and hope soon to be back on my regular schedule. Life is good. @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: 1938-2019. Douglas Charles Sampson passed away September 20, 2019 from the effects of Alzheimer’s dementia. Doug was born in his Grandma Hansen’s home in Ephraim, Utah on May 22, 1938 to Charles and Thelma Sampson. He was oldest of five children: Dean (Flo), Elma (Richard Bartholomew), Dixie (Russell Harward), and Karen (Tim Griffin). He graduated from Brigham Young High School in the Class of 1956. He met LeiMomi Young from Monticello, Utah at BYU. They were married on November 17, 1962, in the Manti Temple. Doug and LeiMomi are the parents of five children: Dan (Kris), David, Benjamin (Kristin), Katie (Jeff Windsor), and Julie (Tadd Truscott), and foster son Archie Josley (Cindy). They also have 23 amazing grandchildren and two adorable great granddaughters. Funeral service will be held in Provo at 10:30 AM on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at the LDS chapel, 4525 North 345 East, Provo. A viewing will precede the service beginning at 9 AM. Memories and condolences may be shared at [Provo Daily Herald, September 25, 2019]

Shell, Verl Dee

Shell, Verl Dee
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Verl and Joyce Shell

Class of 1956. Verl D. Shell. Football Captain, Football All Region, Football State Honorable Mention, Basketball, Track, Wrestling, Lettermen. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU MS Physical Education 1965. BYU MS Physical Education 1962. Married Joyce Richardson of Salt Lake City, Utah in 1962. We have four children and nineteen grandchildren. Teaching Assistant – Field and Track Coach at the University of Utah in 1960. In addition to teaching, have had businesses involving the purchase and sale of horses and cattle. Also, currently, and for several years, have had a Drivers Education business. Played football for BYU as a defensive back and still hold the school record for most interceptions (three) by one individual in single game. What happens next – who knows? @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Verl Dee Shell, 1938~2010. On February 24, 2010, at the age of 72, our beloved and devoted husband, father and grandfather peacefully passed away in his home with his eternal sweetheart by his side after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Verl Dee Shell was born February 17, 1938 in Provo, Utah to Mary LaRie Perry and Elmer Shell. His fondest childhood memories were of the days spent on his Grandfather (Marquis) Perry's farm in Mapleton where he developed his lifetime love of horses. He graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1956. Verl had an exciting and successful track and football career at Brigham Young University where he set and is currently tied for the most interceptions recorded in one game. He transferred to the U of U where he met and later married the prettiest girl in his ballroom dance class, Joyce Louise Richards, the daughter of Lynn S. and Lucille Covey Richards. After graduating from the University of Utah with degrees in physical education, Verl and Joyce were married in the Salt Lake City Temple on June 12, 1962. Verl and Joyce then returned to BYU where he earned a masters degree in health education. Verl is survived by his children Michael, Christine (Stephen) Holding, Stephanie Lynne (Ted) Mecham, Margaret (Jeff) Glover, Mariann (Wells) Wilkinson and by his 19 grandchildren who all think their grandpa hung the moon. He is also survived by Joyce's brothers and sisters whom he loves dearly. Verl was a lifetime entrepreneur and always had a dream which was evident early in his teenage years when he turned a profit selling Holstein calves and breaking wild mustangs. After a rewarding career as a football, track and wrestling coach for Granite School District, Westminster College and the University of Utah, Verl owned and operated several of his own businesses including Beehive Arabians, Genetic Dynamics, Milestone Cattle Company, and A-1 Driving School. Verl loved the connections he made over the years with the many talented and loyal people he worked with in his business ventures. Life with Verl was a constant adventure full of surprises. He always had a twinkle in his eye and a dog at his side. He loved taking his grandchildren for chocolate donuts, watching a great football game and riding his horses through the mountains of Montana. Most of all, we will remember Verl for his great compassion, his never ending generosity, his testimony of the Savior and his unconditional love for Joyce and their family. We will miss you Dad! Funeral services will be held Monday, March 1 at 11 a.m. at the LDS Forest Bend Ward located at 7784 South 2000 East. Viewings will be held Sunday, February 28, at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East 10600 South, Sandy, Utah from 5 - 7 p.m. and Monday, March 1, at 10 a.m. at the LDS Forest Bend Ward house. Verl's body will be laid to rest at the Wasatch Lawn Cemetery beside his sweet grandson, Logan Mecham. [Deseret News. February 26, 2010]

Smith, Karen Arlene
7875 N. Sunset Ridge
Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314-4556 US

Karen Smith
  • Work: 928-772-0407

Class of 1956. Karen A. Smith. Childrens Theater, French Club, Pep Club, Ski Club, Debate Region, Chorus, Twirlers, Shorthand Club, Seminary Secretary, Exchange Assembly, Senior Hop Committee. [Married name was Oehler, now changed back to Smith.] ~ ~ ~ ~ Attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the University of Utah. General subjects but mostly fun stuff. No special training although I could have used it. Born in Salinas, California to Marie and Fisher Smith. Because of my father being in the Army, we moved around a lot, and I was thrilled when we landed in Provo, Utah in time for me to attend Brigham Young Elementary Training School at the age of eight. My sister Jerrie, who is older, attended BYU. It was at that time that I became acquainted with Phillip Keeler, Janice Nelson, Carol Halliday and many others who also started out in that same elementary school and ended up at BY High School. I have three children and four grandchildren. One daughter in Sandy, Utah, one daughter in Ohio, and my son who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where we all lived for nineteen years. I have also lived in Tucson, Arizona and St. George, Utah, before coming to Prescott, Arizona where I now reside. I have been employed as manager of a dental office, secretary to an architect, dispensed glasses in an optometrist office, and several other jobs that were not as much fun. I also helped my former husband to build two houses, one in St. George, one in Tucson, Arizona, and to remodel another here in Prescott, so you could say I love to build things. When I say we built them, I mean we did the physical labor including cabinet making. I volunteered several years at the Senior Citizens Center in St. George, and I am currently working as a caregiver for a couple of elderly ladies. That is, more elderly than I. I love to hike, and enjoyed the mountain areas around St. George and now Prescott. I also love to kayak with a friend, but prefer the gentle lake waters we have in this area to any white water stuff. My bike is currently waiting for warmer weather so I can once again do a little riding. I invite any classmate who wishes to escape to Arizona for a vacation to come visit me in this pristine spot in the Prescott National Forest. Weather is grand all the time. This year we have only had snow flurries and no rain since October. You might say we are having a drought. SEND RAIN! @2006

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