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Elliott, John Roy
, Arizona US

John Elliott

Class of 1956. John Roy Elliott. Football Captain, Basketball Captain, Baseball, Wrestling, Lettermen, Chorus. His parents were Roy Lindon Elliott and Wanda Inez Bass Elliott. Roy L. and Wanda had two children: Kathleen Elliott; and John Elliott [BYH Class of 1956]. John's father, Roy, was chief chef at "Elliott's Cafe" which was owned by his brother, Carl Eugene Elliott. Carl Eugene Elliott and Roy Lindon Elliott had one other brother, Ralph Carter Elliott, all three now deceased. Roy Linden Elliott, John's father, died in 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona. His mother, Wanda, died in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2005. Efforts to locate John have been unsuccessful. @2006

Ellison, Carole

Ellison, Carole
Green River, Utah US

Carole and Gene Lasson

Class of 1956. Carole Ellison. Pep Club, French Club, Notre Maison, Chorus. Married Eugene Lasson. HER OBITUARY: Carole Ellison Lasson, age 55, of Green River, Utah, died February 10, 1993 in her home. She was born on December 18, 1937 in Provo, Utah to William Douglas and Estella Cornaby Ellison. She married Eugene Lasson September 11, 1959 in Provo, Utah. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Carole is survived by her husband, Gene, of Green River; two daughters, Jeannee Ellison Olsen of Wellington, Utah; and Holly Ellison (Collin) Fisher of Layton, Utah; two grandchildren, April and Andrew Olsen of Wellington, Utah. Funeral services were held Saturday, February 13, 1993 in the Green River LDS Chapel. Interment, Elgin Cemetery.

Enke, Arthur H.
2322 Highway 6 and 50
Grand Junction, Colorado 81505 US

Art and Polly Enke
  • Work: 970-242-6662

Class of 1956. Arthur H. (Art) Enke. 1955 Wildcat Yearbook Photographer, 1955 Y'ld Cat Newspaper Photographer, Radio Physics Club, Camera Club. Arthur H. Enke and Pollyanna Enke married in Salt Lake Temple on February 27, 1959, after a lengthy courtship of one year, one month and two weeks. I was born in Sacramento, California, on August 3, 1939; Polly was born November 21, 1939, Orem, Utah. We have seven children, all of whom are living; twenty-three grandchildren, and seven great-grand children. All in all, we number fifty-two at last count with wives, sons-in-law and hangers-on. We get together once a year on a campout and swap stories, lies, and great experiences. I hold a commercial pilot's license, with multiengine and instructor ratings, although the majority of my flight time was twenty years ago. I have been with Professional Service Industries, Inc., in Salt Lake City, Utah since June 27, 1967, as a structural steel inspector, and presently I am assigned to the Grand Junction Steel Company in Grand Junction, Colorado, as a quality control specialist for the State of Texas (whose bridges are being fabricated at the above steel plant). I have an associate degree in civil engineering, but was directed more toward structural steel NDE work as I entered the work force on a more permanent basis. I am a member of the American Welding Society, with QC-1 ratings of CWI. Also a member of ASNT, with Level 2 status in the disciplines of UT, RT, MT, and PT. My favorite classes at BYH were Mr. Compton's chemistry, and Mrs. Hart’s English. I found it was fun going to a small school, as I previously was enrolled at Olympus High School in Salt Lake City. Being on the yearbook staff was also a good experience, because I was able to expand my photography interests. Dr. Morris Shirts, our principal, may have had a different view of things, as I did spend some time in his office once in a while, especially after the ‘rotten egg gas’ incident in the chemistry lab (which was conveniently located below the faculty room). However, those years at BY High were good ones, and we had no worries to speak of. My old Ford convertible (my brother’s hand-me-down) was a good ride, and it was properly lowered all the way around with extended spring shackles to provide the effect. @2006 [Note: email sent to is not being delivered.] @2006

Flygare, Dorathy

Flygare, Dorathy
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Dorathy Flygare

Class of 1956. Dorothy Flygare. Although her name, photo do not appear with senior class in the 1956 Wildcat yearbook, Dorothy was indeed a member of the BYH 1956 graduating class. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Dorathy Flygare 1939 ~ 2007 - Our beloved Dorathy Flygare passed away peacefully in her long-time friend's home on July 3, 2007. She was born on May 29, 1939, in Provo, Utah, to J. Kenneth Flygare and Mariam Ririe. She was named Dorathy by her father which meant a "gift from heaven." She fought a long, hard battle with multiple chronic diseases with an inner strength and courage known only to a few. She was like a magnet with her sincere love of people which drew them to her wherever she worked or served. She will be remembered for her love of the American flag, patriotism, signature laugh, homemade bright colored girdles, and Coke. She loved the gospel and had a firm testimony of life after death. She LOVED being with her extended family. She graduated early from Brigham Young High School and Brigham Young University, and taught school until diagnosed with leukemia. While in remission she worked for the LDS Church until retirement. She loved serving an LDS mission to London, England, and working in the Salt Lake Temple. She is survived by two brothers, Gordon (Sheri) Flygare, and Wayne [BYH Class of 1954] (Joan) Flygare, and many nieces and nephews. She is preceded in death by her parents and brother, J. Kenneth Flygare, Jr. Friends may call Wednesday, July 11, 2007, from 6 - 8 p.m. at Russon Brothers Funeral Home, 295 N. Main, Bountiful. Funeral services will be held July 12, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. at the Capitol Hill Ward, 413 N. on West Capitol St. Viewing prior to the funeral, 9:45-10:45 a.m. Interment at East Lawn Cemetery in Orem. Email condolences may be expressed at [Deseret News, 7 July 2007.]

Groberg, Richard H.
620 Castlerock Lane
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404-7945 US

Richard and Ronda Groberg
  • Work: (208) 522-7914

Class of 1956. Richard Groberg. I attended BYH my senior year only. I don't remember too many details. After graduation from BYH, I attended and graduated from BYU in Business and Finance in 1963. I served a two and one-half year mission to Finland between my sophomore and junior years at BYU. I now live in Idaho Falls, Idaho where I have worked since college. I have been involved with real estate management, ownership and development. I have also been a bank director for the last ten years. Kaye Johnson Ivie, also BYH Class of 1966, worked at the same bank for many years. I married Barbara Jean Colby in 1962. She died of cancer in April of 1998. I married Ronda Lou Holm in December 2000. We have eight children and fifteen plus grandchildren. We served a mission to Finland during 2003-2005. We plan on returning there for a visit this fall when the temple is completed. I have held many positions in various real estate organizations, local, state and national. I still work but not as regular as before. I have two sons who work in the same office and I try not to interfere too much. I have had many opportunities to serve in the church including Bishop and High Council four times. I am presently serving on a High Council and as a temple officiator at the Idaho Falls Temple. My brother John is serving as the President, but we were called by another member of the presidency. I have enjoyed tennis, golf and football. I have had season tickets to BYU football since they built the stadium. I don't attend much but someone is always willing to use the tickets. All of our children live in Idaho or Utah. We enjoy the family very much. My wife's very musical and directed a community choir for the past thirty years. They perform on temple square every other November. I have lived in Idaho Falls my entire life except for education and missions. @2006

Hacking, Lani

Hacking, Lani
Orem, Utah US

Lani Collins

Class of 1956. Lani Hacking. Pep Club, Shorthand Club, Wildcat Yearbook Layout Editor, Twirlers, Chorus, Exchange Assembly, Soph Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee. HER OBITUARY: Lani Hacking Collins, age 63, of Orem, passed away January 2, 2002. "I am writing to say "Aloha" and "thank you" to all those who have impacted my life so greatly. I was born February 8, 1938, in Provo, Utah, to wonderful parents, Mae and Wayne Hacking. Supported always by my brother Doug, sister Jayne, Robert Carter, and their loving families. I have three incredibly talented children, Chris, John, and Andrea, and a special friend Lisa. I am grateful for my three beautiful grandchildren who have made me laugh and brought me much joy. I am thankful to have lived a full life, for the opportunity to travel, a career I've loved, and the pleasure of family and many life long friends. I was diagnosed with a rare cancer and fought it to the end with dignity. Celebrate my life and plant a daisy for me. All things considered, I'd rather be in Palm Springs." @2002

Hackley, Charles Moore III
Death Valley, California US

Chuck and Joan Hackley
  • Cell: (760) 855-4562

Class of 1956. Chuck Hackley. Ski Club, Gun Club President, Chess Club, Rocks & Minerals Club, and six year, Fred Webb choir member. ~ ~ ~ ~ "Joan, the love of my life, and I live in Death Valley, California. We have five living children and one looking down on our ventures. We are thrilled to be grandparents of fourteen vibrant grandchildren living in either Alaska, Utah, Idaho or California. I served a mission among the Navajos, Apaches, Hopis and Pueblo Indians between college years at Utah State University. I graduated in Forestry and spent five years frolicking with Smokey The Bear in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Next came a stint as a stock broker, film producer, TV commercial creator, and specialized furniture manufacturer in the greater Salt Lake City arena. All that got to be too much, so I slowed down and became a manager for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in El Paso Texas. After about five years of adjusting we decided to go to Montana and live on a ranch. We did so, and also built a medical supply business. As soon as the kids all got married we sold out, hopped in a motor home and toured the country. We ended up in San Diego where we searched and located the graves of the five Mormon Battalion members who died there. I can’t stand to lay around so bought a thirty-five-year-old company, Southwest Promotional Corporation, and we are taking it nationwide. We believe that: Life is for laughing, loving and living; and not for whining, working and worrying!” @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ Provo Daily Herald News Article: Dedicated genealogists accomplish the impossible. Chuck Hackley and his wife Joan rumbled around San Diego for three years, collected vital genealogical burial facts and filled in history forever, for five American patriots. I met Chuck last Saturday at a BY High School reunion in the refurbished Brigham Young Academy building at 5th North and University. Chuck talks fast, cautions, "you might not be interested ... " then continues his recitation. I was interested. Chuck wondered where these five were buried. He felt belittled, hearing a skeptic, "You'll never find out! " He fired up his after-burners, responded, "Nobody tells Chuck Hackley that! " He began a search for the five grave sites. He and Joan looked, searched, researched. Part of the search was direct, empirical, another part, pure inspiration, he told me. Five patriots, all members of the U.S. armed forces, and further, members of the Mormon Battalion, died of natural causes in 1847, while in San Diego. He and Joan started looking for the burial sites of the five, Albert Dunham, David Smith, Neal Donald, Lafayette Frost and Lydia Hunter. Dunham died of a brain tumor, Smith, Donald and Frost died of unknown causes. But, most interesting to me, Lydia Hunter, wife of Captain Jesse Hunter, just 22, died April 27, 1847, at Old Town, San Diego. She died 10 days following the birth of her son, Diego James Hunter, San Diego's first-born U.S. citizen. Lydia! What a way to go! Weakened, she contracted typhoid fever, took about six days to die. From her doctor's journal, Chuck learned her high fever caused delirium. Her saliva drooled. She suffered deathlike diarrhea and dehydration. Her breasts emitted pus at the end. Compared with typhoid, death is a gift. Earlier, Lydia walked 2000 miles alongside her Captain husband, Jesse D. Hunter, from July 1846 to April 1847, pregnant throughout the trek. They had been married 14 months at the time of her death. Chuck and Joan searched letters, journals, newspapers, interviewed authors, cemetery keepers, church and military persons, national park superintendents. They wrote letters, sent e-mails, made phone calls, visited site after site. They enlisted others, raised $30,000 selling replicas of the original Mormon Battalion Blanket. They found all five grave sites, placed a plaque at four sites, with one to complete. The Battalion stepped off history's longest march, blazed new trails, discovered the site of the Donner Party disaster, witnessed gold discovery at Sutter's Mill. Norma Baldwin Ricketts, author of The Mormon Battalion, endorsed Hackley's work you can read in "A Quest For Sleeping Heroes," now available at . Chuck told me Brigham Young prophesied to the Mormon Battalioneers, "You will never be forgotten, worlds without end, but will be held in honorable remembrance." Thanks to Chuck, I hereby honor these five for their achievements in service of country and God. And, Chuck, your genealogy research task honors you! [August 25, 2001, Paul Tripp, Provo Daily Herald.] @ September 2005. ~ ~ ~ ~ Chuck's sister, Pauline Hackley Kearney, was a member of the BYH Class of 1957. ~ ~ ~ ~ NEW BOOK, Buckshot Higgins, Available at Barnes &,, or Two new books will be out by early Fall: Treasures of Life, and Levi’s Stone. Also by Christmas, The Arms and Equipment of the Mormon Battalion, a must have book for all Mormon Battalion descendents. @2009 Article

Halliday, Carol

Halliday, Carol
11493 Golden Gate Way
Yucaipa, California 92399 US

Carol and Gordon Startup
  • Work: 909-717-8606

Class of 1956. Carol Halliday. Senior Class Vice President. French Club, Band, Chorus, Seminary Play, All State Band, Exchange Assembly, Soph Class President, Soph Ball Committee, Senior Hop Committee, attendant for Miss Liberty Bell Royalty Celebration. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU BS 1959 Elementary Education. Minor in music, flutist, and voice. Master’s equivalent in Elementary Education studies and curriculum. Private studies for years with nationally known woodwind soloist. Daughter of John R. and Flora F. Halliday. Siblings are Noel Halliday (deceased), Mary Halliday Lindsey [BYH Class of 1961], and Ruth Halliday Finch [BYH Class of 1963]. ~ ~ Married Elbert Gordon Startup, BYH Class of 1954. Gordon was born July 6, 1936 in Salt Lake City to Elbert Harris and Maurine Brown Startup. Died peacefully at home in Springville on February 1, 2003. Survived by wife, Carol, seven children: Daunine, Danielle, Devin, Chantale, Dane, Daric, Maurine; eighteen grandchildren, and two great-grandsons. ~ ~ Our family was spaced out over the years. We had three children and then after Gordon finished his Education degree and began teaching, we had four more children. I recertified in 1982 and went back to teaching. Gordon was showing signs of diabetes at that time. My teaching career began in 1959 in South Pasadena, California. I taught all primary grades during my twenty two years of teaching. Two California districts and four Utah districts. Longest employment was in the Alpine School District of Utah where I retired in 1999. I cared for a sick husband for many years. Church activities have included teaching, music positions, visiting teaching, and temple attendance. Community activities have included performing in musical concerts as a flute soloist and an orchestra and choir member. Member of a music club in Southern California, Sempra Music Society, active soloist and president of that group for a term. In 1981, Gordon and I traveled with BYU Travel Studies to Israel. In 2005, I traveled to China with a family group of twenty five. It was a marvelous experience. Also in 2005, I moved back to Yucaipa, California to be near my oldest daughter, Daunine. I am currently a choir member and weekly temple patron at Redlands. I read, walk, practice flute, visit the canyons here in Yucaipa, and go with the lady missionaries when they visit prospective members. I plan to stay active in my golden years whenever the opportunity presents itself. @2006

Hansen, Gail
273 Timber Hollow Street
Henderson, Nevada 89012 US

Gail and Larry Vernon
  • Work: 702-270-9057

Class of 1956. Gail Hansen. Married Larry Vernon while still in high school. My parents are Frank and Elva Hansen who had a family of ten; seven boys and three girls. I married Lawrence Vernon. After High School, we went to the Philippines where our first child was born, a girl Cindy. We returned to Utah after a year where our second child was born, a boy, Craig. Larry attended BYU while I worked at Utah Valley Hospital. We then moved to Maryland where our second son, Bradley was born. Our third son, Corey was born later. We resided in Maryland for thirty-six years, with a three-year tour in Misawa, Japan, as civilians. Larry worked for the Department of Defense and I worked for a major food chain as a front end assistant. We retired and moved to Henderson, Nevada, where Larry passed away in 2001. We had been married for forty-seven years. I currently have seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren. I enjoy dancing and, of course, playing video poker! @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ Mail sent to bounced back. @2010

Hansen, Patsy (1956)
1452 Bella Vie Court
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121 US

Pat and Jim Cook
  • Work: (801) 278-6845

Class of 1956. Patsy Hansen. Wildcat Yearbook Advertising Manager, Childrens Theater, French Club, Pep Club, Twirlers, Chorus, Shorthand Club, Exchange Assembly, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee. BYU 1960. Married James R. Cook. ~ ~ ~ ~ "Jim said for him, it was love at first sight. After our first date he knew that I was going to be his wife, one way or the other. In the end, he was right! Jim and I met through a friend the spring of our freshman year of college. On June 9, 1961, we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. We lived in Salt Lake for about three years. During that period of time, we lived next door to Lani [Hacking - also Class of 1956] and Gary Collins. Carolyn [Barlow - also class of 1956] and Kent Dunford [BYH Class of 1952] also moved into our ward. During that time, we were blessed with three children, Brad, Michael (who died when he was one and one half years old) and Emilie. In the spring of 1965, Jim was hired by Mattel Toy Company and we left Salt Lake to live in northern California, then to southern California for six months, then back to northern California for nine months, then back to southern California for a year, off to Dallas, Texas for nine months, then on to Chicago for four years, and back to southern California for a year, where we decided to move back to Utah. We put our house up for sale and moved back to Salt Lake City to be with family and friends. Coming back home has been an adventure – owning, running and eventually selling a number of businesses. As an added bonus, we are surrounded by extended family and lifelong friends. We are empty-nesters these days. Our son, Brad, is involved in legal research and has four beautiful children; Emilie works for her father’s business helping to keep things running smoothly and has a child on the way, which we are looking forward to with great anticipation. We love our grandkids almost as much as we love our children (sometimes, even more). BY High was where it all began – a life full of adventure, happiness, ups and downs (mostly up) and lots of surprises and lessons along the way. We look forward to the next fifty years! @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ Email sent to bounced back. @2010

Hart, Paul D.
2432 Lynwood Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109-1214 US

Paul and Diana Hart
  • Work: (801) 486-0822

Class of 1956. Paul D. Hart. Basketball, Tennis, Childrens Theater, Chess Club, Chorus, Scholarship Award. BYU Biology 1960. Dr. Paul D. Hart. His parents: Charles James Hart, Sr. and Clarice Theta Hansen. Their children: Charles James Hart, Jr., BYH Class of 1942; Elaine Hart Lebedin, BYH Class of 1945; and Paul D. Hart, BYH Class of 1956. ~ ~ ~ ~ My father was Charles J. Hart, Sr., who served as head of men's physical education at BYU for most of his life. Interestingly he first came to the “Y” from little Teton High School in Driggs, Idaho, and was appointed to be the second football coach. He died suddenly in 1971. My mother, Clarice Hansen Hart, was a wonderful fourth grade teacher and pianist. My brother, Charles Jr. was a dentist in Salt Lake City. My sister, Elaine, was an executive secretary and raised her family in New York. Both siblings are deceased. Following high school, I attended BYU for three years in the pre-med program, majoring in biology. I was signed up to attend UCLA medical school the next year. At that time my dad received a Fulbright award to teach in Lahore, Pakistan for a year. Mother was to accompany him but she died suddenly, and he invited me to take her place. So we had a great adventure that year living in Pakistan for nine months and visiting twenty-five other foreign countries during the other three months. I attended Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore 1960-1964, then served internship and residencies in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins and Stanford. Following an infectious diseases fellowship at Stanford, I joined the Salt Lake Clinic and served there as an internist for twenty-eight years, until retirement in 1996. I loved seeing and interacting with my patients and trying to improve their conditions. In 1964, Diana Mae Ricks, of Los Angeles, California, and I were married in the Los Angeles Temple. We have been blessed by a wonderful family of three children and twelve grand-children. They keep us very busy interacting with their activities and lives. All of them live within twenty minutes of us. During retirement I have kept busy with several interests in addition to the family. The first several years I enjoyed hiking trails in the nearby canyons but that has been reduced lately to daily workouts at the local gym. Diana and I enjoy doing crossword puzzles together. While Diana works on a 20,000 individual family genealogical project, I practice playing the organ for sacrament meetings, and sing bass in a local chorale. (Fred Webb had a beneficial effect on me after all.) It has been a great life and I'll always remember the wonderful times and experiences we had at the old BY High. @2006

Harwood, Patricia

Pat Olsen

Class of 1956. Patricia Harwood. Pep Club, Notre Maison. She married _____ Olsen. Efforts to locate her have been unsuccessful. Pat has one daughter. Parents are Darrell Valentine and Violet Iretta Day Harwood, both deceased. Pat's brother, Darrell Day Harwood, was a member of the BYH Class of 1951.

Haws, Gwendolyn

Haws, Gwendolyn
Thermopolis, Wyoming US

Gwen and DeRay Lance

Class of 1956. Gwen Haws. Gwen married DeRay M. Lance. They have one daughter and three grandchildren; two grandsons and one granddaughter. DeRay unexpectedly passed away in August of 2000. Gwen lived in Spanish Fork, Utah for most of her adult life and was a valued employee of the Teamsters for many years. Following the sudden death of her husband, she moved to Thermopolis, Wyoming, where her daughter resides. During recent years, Gwen has had some heart problems. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Gwendolyn Haws Lance, 74, died Thursday, February 16, 2012, at Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital in Thermopolis, Wyoming. She was born January 25, 1938, in Manti, Utah, the daughter of Sterling and Ida (Overson) Haws. She graduated from Brigham Young High School in Provo. In Utah, she was employed as a secretary for many years for the Teamsters Union. In 1990, she married DeRay Lance in Elko, Nevada. After the death of her husband, she and her family moved to Farson, Wyoming, and then to Thermopolis in 2001. She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her interests included cooking, watching movies, doing crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. Survivors include her daughter, Shelly Tyler of Thermopolis; brother, Cyril Haws of Utah; sisters, Gertie Haws of Utah and Melva Richardson of Arizona; and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Preceding her in death were her parents; husband; brothers, Arland and Eldred; and sister, Annie. Memorial services were held Saturday, February 18, 2012 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Thermopolis. Cremation has taken place. Inurnment, Riverside Cemetery. Mortimore Funeral Home assisted with arrangements. [Northern Wyoming Daily News, Worland Wyoming, February 2012]

Hayward, Gerald Lynn

Hayward, Gerald Lynn
909 W. Kohler Lane
PO Box 510
Midway, Utah 84049-0510 US

Gerald and Lois Hayward
  • Home: (435) 654-5702

Class of 1956. Gerald Hayward. Football, Wrestling, Debate Region, Legislative Forum Region, Interpretive Speech, Childrens Theater, Rocks & Minerals Club Vice President, Gun Club, Thespians, Camera Club, Band President, Chorus, Seminary Play, Senior Hop Committee. BYU BS Education Instruction 1963. University of Utah MD 1967. Dr. Gerald L. Hayward. Married Lois Anderson, BYH Class of 1957. ~ ~ ~ ~ Lois and I have just completed our fifteenth year living in Midway, Utah, “Half-way to Heaven”. Of course none of us know which way it is headed from here. We arrived at this sojourn after several years of practicing medicine in Provo, first at Utah Valley Hospital and then in our own institution, Provo Surgical Center. I have now been able to retire but keep busy as a member of the City Council, trying to find enough water for everyone to drink. Lois and I have been able to travel a little and like to go to Vermont every fall, and sneak a trip or two in with the kids the rest of the year. We have two great kids and seven marvelously beautiful and intelligent grandchildren. Luckily they live in Utah Valley so they are close enough for us to pester whenever we want. We just celebrated our forty-fifth wedding anniversary. High School was followed by a year at Utah State University then BYU. A mission to Kentucky and Tennessee, and a time in the Coast Guard, was put in the middle of that era. It was then on to the University of Utah Medical School, and then Stanford University to learn how to become an anesthesiologist. Tolerating all these thirteen years of college, Lois taught school to keep us afloat. We then returned to Provo where I practiced and taught physiology at BYU. It soon became obvious that my two careers were not compatible and I went into practice full time for thirty years. ~ ~ ~ ~ Dr. Gerald L. Hayward. @2010 ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS WIFE'S OBITUARY: Lois Blanch Anderson Hayward, 1939-2019. On Saturday, September 28, 2019, our beloved wife, mother and grandmother Lois Blanch Anderson Hayward passed away. Lois was born July 30, 1939, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Leland E. Anderson and Blanch Hunsaker Anderson. Her childhood years were spent in Manti, Utah, the town which she always considered home. Her family moved to Provo, Utah, as she began high school at BY High. She graduated in the BYH Class of 1957. She then went on to attend college at BYU, graduating with honors in Elementary Education. She was a very successful teacher of 3rd and 4th graders for the next seven years at Maeser and Dilworth Elementary while her husband finished school. She married Gerald Lynn Hayward in February, 1961, in the Salt Lake Temple. He was a member of the BYH Class of 1956. Lois’ life was centered around her family and she was devoted to her husband and children. She enjoyed involving herself with her children and grandchildren’s activities. Never a day went by that she didn’t ask on the phone, “Tell me about the kids.” Lois had a passion for making her home a beautiful and serene place. She was a very creative person and put that creativity in everything she touched. She loved reading, doing family history, giving of herself and serving others. Lois was active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and most of her life was spent in leading and teaching young women and Relief Society. She was a great example to many people. She was preceded in death by her parents; brother Don Anderson; four sisters Shirley Cazier, Sharon Anderson, Helen Thornton and Faye Frazier Shaw. She is survived by her husband, Gerald L. Hayward, son Steven L. Hayward (Tia), daughter Laura Lee Farrer, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Friday, October 4th, 2019 at 11 AM at the Fort Midway LDS Chapel (1102 S. Center St., Midway). A visitation will be held Thursday, October 3, from 6-8 pm and prior to the Friday service from 9 AM – 10:45 AM. Burial at the Midway Cemetery. Friends and family may visit the online guestbook and share a memory of Lois at The family expressed deep appreciation to Visiting Angels and Donna Barnett who became Lois’ good friend and the staff at Provo Rehabilitation and Nursing Center for their care and concern for her. [Provo Daily Herald, October 1, 2019]

Hechtle, John D.
PO Box 35
Orem, Utah 84059 US

John Hechtle
  • Work: (801) 373-0719

Class of 1956. John D. Hechtle. Oratory State Champ, 1954 Y'ld Cat Newspaper Photographer, 1955 Wildcat Yearbook Photographer, Childrens Theater, Quill & Scroll, Radio Club, Camera Club President, I Speak for Democracy. Married twice: Lill and _____. ~ ~ ~ ~ Since graduation, I started “Stone Art Company” (building and landscape stone sales), and still own the company today. I have been married and divorced twice. My memories of BY High are not academic, but rather of the friendships and the willing help my fellow students shared with me in learning a new language and the customs of my new home, the United States of America, which, on arrival in 1953, I fell in love with. Even now, not a day passes that I am not thankful for this great country. God Bless America. @2006

Hickenlooper, Suzanne

Hickenlooper, Suzanne
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Sue and Frank Jessup

Class of 1956. Suzanne Hickenlooper. Childrens Theater, Notre Maison, Thespians, Chorus, Senior Hop Committee. Married Frank C. Jessup in 1958 in the Salt Lake City. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Suzanne Hickenlooper Jessup, age 52, died April 15, 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Born August 27, 1938 in Ogden, Utah to Karl and Lottie Ward Hickenlooper. Married Frank C. Jessup on June 12, 1958 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Member of the LDS Church and winner of trophies from Ed Crane Dance School. Survived by husband; sons, Jeffery K. Jessup, Bountiful; Norman Jay Jessup, Salt Lake City; two grandchildren; mother, Lottie Stringham, Ogden; brother, Karl Wallace Hickenlooper, Ogden; and sister, Mrs. Bill (Hope Hickenlooper) Hoover, St. George. Preceded in death by son and sister. Funeral services were held Thursday, April 18, 1991 in Salt Lake City. Interment, Bountiful City Cemetery. [Deseret News, Thursday, April 18, 1991.]

Higbee, Vernon E.
12077 Doral Avenue
Northridge, California 91326 US

Vern and Connie Higbee
  • Work: 818-368-7004

Class of 1956. Vernon E. Higbee. Senior Class Social Chair. Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Spanish Club President, Chorus, Exchange Assembly, Senior Hop Committee. Married Connie. ~ ~ ~ ~ Spent 1956 – 1960 in the US Navy; basic in San Diego, advanced training in San Francisco. Transferred to a destroyer in Newport, Rhode Island, then on to the Caribbean, Europe and the Red Sea. Back to the US and on to Los Angeles, then off to Asia a couple of times. I joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1960 and made a career. After twenty-five years, a medal of valor for a shootout in Watts, and attaining the rank of Lieutenant, I retired as the commanding officer of detectives. During this time, I married Connie (in 1965), we had two children, and I attended UCLA, Cal State Los Angeles and Valley College. I earned a degree and taught at the high school, junior college and private schools for fifteen years while still on the police department. In 1985, I retired from the police department, and for the next seven years was the Western Director of Security for Teradyne, a Boston-based electronics firm. I retired for six months, then went into contract security. In 1997, I became vice president of the Entertainment Division for a security company responsible for security at Universal Studios, Dreamworks, Disney Studios and numerous smaller and lesser-known companies. I retired again in 2003, but was offered a job I couldn’t refuse and I’m back in the security business in Los Angeles. I'm still married to Connie after forty years with two children, and three grand-daughters. Hobbies are golf, reading and grandchildren. @2006

Hoopes, Grover Ronald
5532 South 600 East
Ogden, Utah 84405-4758 US

Grover and Carol Hoopes
  • Work: (801) 479-8801

Class of 1956. Grover R. Hoopes. French Club, Gun Club, Ski Club, Camera Club, Junior Prom Committee. BYU 1961. His parents: Preston Hoopes and Norma Rider Hoopes, of Ogden, Utah. Preston and Norma had four sons: Paul R. Hoopes, Ph.D. [BYH Class of 1955] and Mary, Blackwell, Oklahoma; Grover R. Hoopes, DDS [BYH Class of 1956] and Carol, Ogden, Utah; Richard Hoopes, Lt. Col. USMC (Ret.) and Phillis Quigley, Bristol, Tennessee; and Philip C. Hoopes, M.D., [BYH Class of 1966-H] and Marilyn, Sandy, Utah. Alternate addresse: 333 2nd Street, Ste 1A, Ogden Utah 84404-7406 - (801) 399-9470. ~ ~ ~ ~ Grover and Carol have four children: Gary, Mark, Kathryn, and Kelly. Over the years, they have enjoyed doing many things together as a family. Some of the favorites are snow skiing, water skiing, golf, tennis, and motorcycle riding. They have also enjoyed traveling to places like Hawaii, California, Lake Powell, and St. George. Grover has recently retired with oldest son Gary assuming the reins of his dental practice. He has also been in the active Army Reserves stationed at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City, which required as well as provided him with the opportunity for additional travel. Grover and Carol were called on an LDS welfare humanitarian mission in Mongolia to administer a dental project which was started several years ago by another dentist, Dr. Bruce Whiting. The project has three goals: to provide dental training to Mongolian dentists; to take care of the dental needs of missionaries and pre-missionaries; and to provide preventive dental education to the community. Their calling commenced in February of 2005 and they were released on July 1, 2006. [Note: email sent to is being returned due to incorrect address.] @2007

Hurst, Kay Elinor
Rt. 1, Box 132
Birch Tree, Missouri 65438 US

Katie and Ben Dowler
  • Work: (573) 292-3351

Class of 1956. Kay Hurst. French Club, Pep Club. Married Ben Dowler. ~ ~ ~ ~ I married Wallace Mangum, Jr. [BY High Class of 1956] in 1956. Had four children, three boys and one girl, with Wally Mangum. Three children were born in Denver, Colorado while he was in the Air Force. We took Wally’s younger brother to raise when we were just twenty-one. The last child was born in California. After divorcing in 1968, I drove a school bus for Rowland School District and Corona School District in California. I also drove a school bus to and from the California School for the Deaf with pre-school deaf children. I moved to Birch Tree, Missouri in 1972. I became a licensed insurance broker and worked in Landrum Insurance Agency in Mountain View, Missouri for many years. I worked part time at the local newspaper office. I married Ben Dowler in 1976 and had two more children, one boy and one girl. I opened my own wedding shop in 1986, making custom gowns, cakes, and accessories. I was a board member of Shannon County Soil and Water Department for eight years. I won 1st Place, professional and Best of Show at a Gingerbread House contest in Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. Houses were on display for three weeks at Christmas time and sold at a childrens' benefit auction. I graduated from Beauty College at age fifty-nine and have my shop at home. We lost our youngest son in a motor vehicle accident in 1999. My two sisters still live in Provo. My parents are both deceased. We have sixteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren scattered across the U.S. We still farm but have cut back and changed our farming operation outside of Birch Tree in the beautiful Ozarks. So far, we are in good health and are traveling a great deal. @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ Email sent to bounced back. @2010

Jackson, Russell Henry
15975 SW Colony Place
Tigard, Oregon 97224-1011 US

Russell and Connie Jackson
  • Home: (503) 590-5581

Class of 1956. Russell H. Jackson. Football, Basketball, Wildcat Yearbook Business Manager, Extemporaneous Speaking Region, Junior Class President, Childrens Theater, Chess Club, Gun Club, Chorus, Junior Prom Committee, Graduation Committee. BYU BA Psychology 1963, BYU Masters in Psychology 1964. His parents are Orrin Henry Jackson [BYH Class of 1923] and Rilla Jacobson of Provo, Utah. They had four children: Russell H. Jackson [BYH Class of 1956] (Connie), of Tigard, Oregon; Earl K. Jackson [BYH Class of 1957] (Phylinda), of Murray, Utah; and Byron R. Jackson (Nancy), of Kildeer, Illinois; and daughter Anne Jackson (Bill) Slater, of Douglasville, Georgia. @2001 ~ ~ ~ ~ Russell married Connie Bailey (Provo) in 1971. Children: Jeanne, Quinn, Chad, Drew and four grandchildren. Retired (June, 2005). Worked 37 years at the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center, and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, as a clinical psychologist in the Department of Pediatrics at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. Also served for six years in the US Army Reserve (1961-67). Active in LDS Church: Elder’s Quorum Presidency, Assistant Scout Master, Explorer Leader, Bishopric, High Council, Bishop, Stake Presidency and Gospel Doctrine Teacher. Interests include grandkids, reading, fishing, boating, wilderness backpacking, travel, and sports. @2006

Jacobs, Alberta [Margaret Alberta]
927 East 400 South
Orem, Utah 84097 US

Alberta & Robert Burrows
  • Work: 801-221-9331

Class of 1956. Alberta Jacobs [Margaret Alberta Jacobs]. Y'ld Cat Newspaper Co-Editor, Wildcat Yearbook Stick-Up Editor, Extemporaneous Speaking State, Extemporaneous Speaking Region, Childrens Theater, French Club, Quill & Scroll, Chess Club President, Thespians, Camera Club, Seminary Play, Senior Sluff Day Committee. Married Robert Burrows. Her parents are James L. Jacobs, and Margaret Swensen Jacobs (BYH Faculty). ~ ~ ~ ~ My dream while at BY High was to learn German and travel to Europe. I got my start in an informal lunchtime German class taught by Betty Jo Page in George Lewis’s room. (We performed a German version of Cinderella and went Christmas caroling.) Enchanted with the language, I dived into German classes at BYU, took my first trip to Germany the summer of 1957, and majored in German. After graduating from BYU, I studied at the University of Munich for a year (where I ran into Elder Weston Whatcott [also BYH Class of 1956], serving in my local ward). Afterwards I started graduate work at BYU, where I taught German four years part-time and six years full-time. To satisfy my wanderlust, I took groups of students to Germany during the summers. Finally finished my M.A., taught German and English for two years at Bountiful High, and in August of 1973 started a one-year teaching job at a German comprehensive high school in Berlin. In April of 1974 I met Robert Burrows, an electrical engineer from Ogden, who was working in Munich, and we were married six months later in the Swiss Temple. Returned to the U.S. in the summer of 1975 with a husband and bonus six children (Marc, Anne, Jeff, Jennifer, Craig, Brett) -- a fantastic package deal. Retired from teaching for a season to concentrate on parenting and other domestic endeavors. Lived in Ogden for two years, where our first two children (Margaret and David) were born, then moved on to San Jose, California. We ended up forty miles south of San Jose in rural Hollister (the earthquake capital of the world) where our third child (Richard) arrived, and Brent Brockbank [BYH Class of 1955] became our bishop. We renovated a sixty-year-old four-classroom schoolhouse on six and one-half acres, which became the home of our nine children. We had a huge vegetable garden, fruit trees, beef calves, rabbits, goats, and one eccentric chicken. A great life, but not exactly the espionage and intrigue I had envisioned for myself as a teenager at BYH. While in Hollister, I taught part-time in nearby Gilroy (the garlic capital of the world): German at Rucker Elementary school (two years), and ESL at Gavilan Community College (fifteen years). Retired in 2003 and moved to Orem the end of May, 2005, after having lived in California for more than twenty-eight years, plus a couple of years in Poughkeepsie, New York and Shelburne, Vermont. Our kids are scattered in Seattle; Los Angeles; Chico, California; Waldorf, Maryland; Guatemala City; Bountiful; Orem; and Provo. I love being back in Utah, living closer to siblings, uncle, aunts, cousins, and most of all more than fifty percent of our 23 grandchildren, reconnecting with friends from my former lives (BYH and BYU), and delighting in the spectacular view of Mount Timpanogos from my kitchen window. Favorite interests are family, reading, foreign movies, playing the recorder, and breathing in and out. @2007 ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate email: @2010

Jacobsen, Geraldine
4249 Cumberland Road
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124-2737 US

Jeri and John Snow
  • Work: (801) 272-7244
  • Cell: (801) 916-4524

Class of 1956. Jeri Jacobsen. Debate Region, Play Region, French Club, Pep Club, Notre Maison, Ski Club, Thespians, Chorus President, Exchange Assembly, Seminary Play, Soph Ball Committee, Graduation Committee. [Name is listed as both Jacobson and Jacobsen in 1956 Wildcat Yearbook. -sen is correct.] Married to John R. Snow. Mother of three: one daughter and three sons. Grandmother of ten incredible kids (five of each). I graduated from BYU in 1960 BS in Home Economics Education. Taught English and Home Ec at Murray Junior High. Later attended San Francisco State University and received an MS degree in Deaf Education. I have taught children with hearing impairment for 25 years. The focus of my work has been to teach children to use technology to assist them to listen, to talk, to develop thinking skills, and to become productive members of society. I will retire in July of 2005 from full time teaching and therapy. I am now taking up oil painting!! @2005 ~ ~ ~ ~ I am a product of great parents, Washington D.C.; Arlington, Virginia; Provo, Utah; BY High; BYU; San Francisco State University, and many wonderful friends. I am married to John Snow, who is a product of great parents, Salt Lake City; East High School; the University of Utah, and more wonderful friends. We moved several times from Georgia to California and back to Utah. We have lived in Holladay since 1986. We have one daughter, three sons, and ten grandchildren. Three kids are married and live with their families in Phoenix, Sacramento and Salt Lake City. Our youngest is completing his first year of medical school in Ohio, and is planning to wed this June. John and I love to travel, visit the kids and grandchildren, garner a little culture, and do a little hiking and camping. I enjoy music, art, reading and dabble a little in oil painting. One of my favorite places is Albion Basin when the wild flowers are in bloom. I love living and taking in all the beautiful moments life affords me. We anticipate a mission call and look forward to serving. Professionally I have had two wonderful careers: raising a family; and working with deaf children and their parents. Both are passions. Now that I am retired, I am passionately enjoying every day and love doing all kinds of things that have been on hold for a few years. @2006

Jeffrey, Leiloni

Jeffrey, Leiloni
Provo, Utah US

Leiloni and Paul Tripp

Class of 1956. Leiloni Jeffrey. 1955 Student Body Historian, Debate Region, Dramatic Reading, Humorous Readings, Childrens Theater, Spanish Club, Rocks & Minerals Club, Gun Club, Pep Club, Notre Maison, Ski Club, Thespians, Chorus, Soph Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee. Married Paul Tripp. Her parents: Dr. Iliff Cowper Jeffery and LaVieve Jesperson Jeffrey, married 1935 in Mesa, Arizona. Their children: Leiloni Jeffrey [BYH Class of 1956] (Paul) Tripp, born in Salt Lake City (deceased); Connee Jeffrey (Gary) Whiting, Sandy, Utah; James Jeffrey (Celia Cottam), St. George. [April 2004] HER OBITUARY: One thing you can figure, Leiloni Jeffery Tripp was a fighter. She hung on for two years when told she would last 6 months. Her diabetes and other stuff that came along finally did it. Leiloni flew away from us Wednesday, February 19, 2003. She was 64, born April 8, 1938, in Salt Lake City. God bless her, it is good to see her escape. She fought, she struggled, she loved, she remembered, she visited, she hugged, then flew away. Leiloni's funeral was at Sundberg-Olpin Mortuary, 495 S. State Street, Orem. Her remains were cremated, and by her request, her ashes spread upon Mount Timpanogos. After 30 years of diabetic funk, the last two in kidney failure, she passed a test-not-sought, set an example of patience, caring, planning, while silently hurting, ultimately scared. Lots of people helped. Her doctors and hospice, the ward relief society sisters. Friends, cousins. You guys are the best. She's gone, and we feel peace. For her. And in our own hearts. We're gonna miss her, already do. She leaves behind husband Paul, of Provo; children Jeffery (April Brown) of Cedar Hills, who contribute three grandchildren; Jonathan (Tricia Barrett) of Pleasanton, Texas, adding four grandchildren; Courtney (Holly Mumford) of Honolulu, Hawaii, with two grandchildren; Leilani, of Albuquerque; and Heidi (Tyler Mckee) of Columbus, Ohio adding three grandchildren, thus totaling twelve grandchildren. Leiloni's mom and dad, still living, are LaVieve Jesperson and Iliff Jeffery. She has a brother James (Celia Cottam) in St. George, and sister Connee (Gary Whiting) in Sandy. She has loving aunts and uncles, cousins, all over the place. In her youth, Leiloni loved hot summers in ancestral home, Delta, Utah, enjoying Grandma Jeffery, hanging around with cousins, riding the water flume and draggin' main. She graduated from B.Y. High, enjoyed two carefree years at BYU. She met love-of-life Paul at BYU, planned their marriage, eyes dancing, pony tail bouncing, in her free, young adulthood. Leiloni stepped up in life, and remains admired by family and friends. She did a great job with her children; loved and remembered the grandchildren in a direct, humble, compelling manner. There were her gifts of dance clothing, necklaces, and, more, deep simple caring conversation. She leaves her 30 watercolor paintings, astonishingly beautiful to us all. She planned parties, vacations, trips to museums. She figured out school assignments for the kids, helped them with their clothes, fixed simply marvelous meals. She spent her years quietly serving, loomed as a giant in the eyes of her husband, children and friends. She planned Saturday, summer and holiday family events traveling to museums, arboretums, flea markets, Amish barns, fairs, parades, picnics and ball games, things she loved, and where children learned family values immersed in fun and travel. Life-long she served in church callings, excelled in humor-laced airline hijacking parties, lifted weary hearts. She delighted in teaching her children gospel values minute by hour by day by year. In her waning months, she lifted the hearts of others. She worried the motor home wouldn't make it in her last 90-day 4,000-mile mad dash of adventure visiting her ancestral Nauvoo Temple, then children, grandchildren, siblings, others, all the while sleepy, dry-heaving, in pain. She displayed a nonchalance of death, welcomed the adventure of a rebirth. Leiloni, cheerful to the end, eschewed physical incapacities' complaints. She spent her last days and hours sometimes laughing with Paul about how she would shed her burdensome body, fly into her new adventure. The flight has begun. [Provo Daily Herald, February 23, 2003] ~ ~ ~ ~ HUSBAND'S OBITUARY: Paul Laurence Tripp, 67, loving father, husband, grandfather and friend, returned home to Heaven to follow greater adventures. He passed away in Xi'an China Monday evening, where he was teaching English, visiting natural and man-made attractions and bathing in the differences of culture. Born March 3, 1939 in Highland Park, Wayne, Michigan to Gertrude Genevieve Graham and Jess Erwin Tripp. He was married to Leiloni Jeffery on May 29, 1958, who passed in 2003. Paul was briefly married to Tamara Boyd in 2004. Paul loved life and the variety different areas and cultures offered. He lived in American Samoa, and loved the people. He moved often and lived in many US states, and loved the people. Most recently he resided in China, again loving the people. He loved taking candid pictures of people and viewing people "as they lived". He collected over 10,000 pictures; each with a story. He enjoyed painting many of his pictures in vivid life-rendering colors. He served as Stake Mission President, High Councilman and other callings. He gathered genealogy and stories about his past family to the tune of 11,000+ documents, pictures, etc. In the past few years he felt a great need to convert these documents to electronic form and donated them to BYU. Preceding him in death are his mother and father and oldest brother John. He is survived by his brother Richard, children: Jeffery (April), Jonathan (Tricia), Courtney (Holly), Leilani, Heidi (Tyler) and 12 grandchildren. A memorial service was held in the LDS chapel located at 4576 W Harvey Boulevard in Cedar Hills, Provo, Utah, on Saturday, June 10, 2006. @2006

Johnson, Claudia Rae

Johnson, Claudia Rae
Oroville, California US

Claudia and Don Bendorf

Class of 1956. Claudia Johnson. Girls State, Interpretive Speech Region, Children's Theater, Pep Club, Thespians, Chorus Accompanist, Junior Prom Committee. Married Donald Bendorf. She earned BYU BA Music 1960. ~ ~ ~ ~ After graduating from BY High, I moved on to BYU, where I completed a BA in music theory. In 1961, I married and had three children, two sons and a daughter. Seven years later, I became single again, until I met and married Don Bendorf in 1968. We have lived in and around Oroville, California for the last thirty-eight years, a place we truly love. Before Don retired, he was a probation officer for twenty-five years, later becoming Director of Family Court Services. I’ve had a variety of jobs, ranging from working in the BYU construction department to a myriad of office occupations: legal secretary, office manager, bookkeeper, and financial manager. Although I’ve always loved and been involved in music, it’s never been a paying job. Music has brought me constant joy, something money can’t buy. There hasn’t been a time when I haven’t had a music calling in church or been involved in community and church performances. Don and I have spent many, many hours, weeks, and years doing musical theater together (he sings), including directing full length musicals (I directed an orchestra!!). It has been great fun. Another source of joy has been teaching the Gospel. It all started thirty-five years ago with a Sunday school class of twelve and thirteen year-olds, which I grew to adore. From there I taught Seminary for eight years with classes at 6 am, 7 am, and 3 pm. Class sizes ranged from ten to forty and then they finally got me some help. I started teaching an adult version of Seminary at the same time at the request of the Stake High Council and it is still going -- fifteen years later. It became an Institute Class and then a BYU Continuing Education class. Some of the most meaningful experiences of my life have stemmed from teaching in the Church. Life has been good and no matter how much of it is left, I have no fears of continuing on to our next existence. Five and a half years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had surgery, chemo and radiation and everything appeared to be fine until four months ago when it was found to have metastasized to the bones of my lower back and liver. We're trying various treatments and hope for a remission. If it doesn't come, then that is the way Heavenly Father knows it should be. If I have learned one thing in life, I guess it is to trust Him that He knows much better than I what is best for me. @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Claudia Johnson Bendorf passed away February 5, 2008 after a seven-year battle with cancer. She was born April 8, 1938 at the Holy Cross Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, the second child of Owen Woodruff Johnson and Faun Bunnell Johnson. She was educated in Provo, Utah from grade school through college. She graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1956, then from Brigham Young University with high honors in 1960, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Theory and a minor in Spanish. She was first married to Carroll Vance Christiansen on April 1, 1961. They had three children. They later divorced. In 1968, she married Donald Eric Bendorf , who had two children of his own. She worked as secretary, legal secretary, office manager, and bookkeeper. But the job she loved most was as a teacher for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for over 35 years. Her leisure activities from age 12 on were connected in some way with music, usually in the capacity of accompanist for soloists, groups, and musicals. She was an accomplished pianist whose talent and ability were enjoyed by all who heard her play. She sang in choruses and small groups: mainly trios and quartets, which included about 12 years as a member of "The Sweet Adelines", where she met three of her closest friends. She also directed and co-directed numerous musicals with Don through the Birdcage Theater in Oroville, California. She had a great love for animals, especially cats. She will be missed and is survived by her older brother, Owen Wallace(Joyce) Johnson and family; younger sister, Linette (Chuck) Jarrell and family; three children, Kelly (Paula) Christiansen, Kareen (Jeffrey) Buckner, and Kevin (Barbara) Christiansen; two step-children, Michael Bendorf and Laura Johnson; ten grandchildren, Taylor, Karly, Danica, Timothy, Jarod, Kenneth, Christopher, Joseph, Kristopher, and Kelli; three great-grandchildren, Joseph, Anthony and Alanna. Funeral services will be held February 21st, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. at Berg Mortuary, 185 E. Center Street, Provo. Interment will be at Provo City Cemetery, next to her beloved husband Donald. A memorial service will also be held on February 27th, 2008 at 1:00 pm at the LDS Church on Monte Vista Ave in Oroville, California. Condolences may be sent to [Provo Daily Herald, February 17, 2008.]

Johnson, Kay (1956)
800 Dragonfly Court
Roseville, California 95747-8617 US

Kay and Manny Funes
  • Work: (916) 772-3498

Class of 1956. Kay Johnson. Senior Class Secretary. French Club, Contest Play, Mardi Gras Queen, Ski Club, Pep Club Vice President, Seminary Play, Senior Hop Committee. [Do not confuse with Kaye Johnson, also Class of 1956.] BYU 1960. Married Manny A. Funes. ~ ~ ~ ~ Manny and I have been married forty-four years in July 2006. We have three great children: Randy and his wife and our two beautiful granddaughters live in Louisiana. Nancy and her husband live in Atlanta, Georgia and are expecting our first grandson. Michael (our Texan) lives in Austin. In our forty-four years we have moved nine times with Manny's company. For our first seven years we were in the San Francisco Bay area. Then for five years we were in Miami, Florida. Next we spent two and one-half years in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, followed by three years in Dallas, Texas, and three years in New Orleans, Louisiana. The best move was our four years in Geneva, Switzerland, a country I always wanted to visit and where we did a lot of skiing and traveling. When we returned to the States we moved to San Antonio, Texas, where we stayed for ten years until Manny retired. For the last nine years we have lived in Sun City Roseville, California, a retirement community with a lot of other "Oldies". Life is good!! [Note: email sent to is being returned due to incorrect address.] @2007

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