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Abegg, Gwen {Webster}
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Gwen and Joe Cowley

Class of 1956. Gwenn Abegg. Student Body Vice President. Varsity Cheerleader, Soph Class Social Chair, Childrens Theater, French Club, Pep Club, Wildcat Yearbook Copy Editor, Chorus, Twirler, Mardi Gras Queen, Exchange Assembly, Shorthand Club. ~ ~ ~ ~ Her parents: Elijah Abegg and Isaura Bentley Abegg. Elijah and Isaura had seven children: Dean Meredith Abegg, Joseph Abegg, Lothaire Abegg, Hal Abegg, Norma Abegg, Myrlon Abegg, and Gwen Abegg [BYH Class of 1956] Webster Cowley. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU BA 1992. ~ ~ ~ ~ Gwen first married James Webster, a heart surgeon, who was accidentally killed in August 1982, leaving her with their six children, two girls and four boys. Gwen has since married Joseph F. [Foss] Cowley, Jr., a self-employed CPA, and the couple currently reside in West Virginia where Joseph is serving as the Charleston Mission President. @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Gwen Abegg Webster Cowley – 1938-2016. Gwen Cowley peacefully passed away January 18, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the age of 77. She was blessed to have her loving family surrounding her during the time of her passing. Gwen was born July 22, 1938 in Tucson, Arizona to parents Elijah and Isaura Abegg. She attended Brigham Young High School, graduating in the Class of 1956, and then attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Later she married James (Jim) W. Webster, Jr. on July 2, 1959 in the Salt Lake Temple while he was attending medical school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His training would take them to other cities such as Seattle, Washington and Houston, Texas where he completed his cardiothoracic surgical training. After which, they settled in Salt Lake City, Utah, as Dr. Webster began his medical practice, and Gwen continued to raise their six children. Following Jim's untimely death in 1982, Gwen married Joseph F. Cowley September 12, 1997 in St. George, Utah. They were able to enjoy 18 wonderful years together as they spent time with their 30 grandchildren, traveling, and serving as mission presidents for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Virginia Charleston Mission from 2005 to 2008. She is preceded in death by her first husband, James W. Webster, Jr. M.D., her parents, and 6 older siblings. She is survived by her husband, Joseph F. Cowley, Jr., and six children: Chari (Bill) Moreton, Robb (Michelle) Webster, Chris (Jeff) Christensen, Richard C. (Heather) Webster, Gary S. (Shawna) Webster, Bryan J. (Holly) Webster, and 17 grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted on Saturday, January 23rd at 11 a.m. at the L.D.S. Cottonwood 12th Ward building, 1750 E. Spring Lane (5240 S.) Holladay, Utah. A viewing will be held Friday, January 22nd from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Spring Lane chapel, and also one hour prior to the funeral services. Interment, Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park (3401 E. Highland Dr. SLC, Utah) immediately following the services. [Salt Lake Tribune, January 21, 2016] Source

Ahnee, Edna Leilani
7880 Palm Aire Lane A-105
Sarasota, Florida 34243-3764 US

Edna and Leonard Gheldof
  • Work: (941) 355-9741

Class of 1956. Edna Leilani Ahnee. Notre Maison, Senior Hop Committee. She married Leonard C. Gheldof. ~ ~ ~ ~ "I was the student from Honolulu, Hawaii who was so privileged to be accepted to BY High Academy for my senior year. The friends I made, experiences I encountered, and the love of the Gospel has truly helped me in the decisions I have made throughout my life. I was then a first-year student at the new BYU Hawaii Campus, then known as The LDS Church College of Hawaii in 1956/1957. The classrooms were made from 'military bungalows' and today its one of the most beautiful colleges in Hawaii. My husband, Leonard C. Gheldof, and I moved to his home town in Michigan, shortly after we were married in 1957, in Honolulu, Hawaii. We have two daughters, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. In 1982 we were sealed in the Washington D.C. Temple. In the fall of 1989, my husband retired from the U.S. Postal Service in Michigan, and we relocated to Sarasota, Florida, where he is employed with the Sarasota Herald Tribune. We will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary in September of 2007. After my daughters were raised, I found employment with several different companies as a receptionist, word processor for a profit sharing company, and then as an executive secretary for Basile and Hanlon, P.C., before retiring and moving to Florida. I am now employed with Walmart, Inc. In May, 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have been going through the procedures of chemo and radiation. Now at this point, I am glad to say I am a 'cancer free' patient. The rest of my cancer treatment I am now having until September of this year will only help me to continue as 'cancer free'. Life has been so good!" @2006

Allen, Robert Eugene, II (1956)
329 East Center Street
Salem, Utah 84653 US

Bob and Lucette Allen
  • Work: (801) 423-2306

Class of 1956. Robert Eugene (Bob) Allen II. [His grandfather was Robert Eugene Allen I.] BYU A 1960. Married Lucette. His grandparents: R. Eugene Allen [R. for Robert - BY Academy Commerce teacher 1900-1902] and A. Inez Knight [A. for Amanda - daughter of Jesse Knight - she was Matron of BY Academy 1900-1902.] The children of Eugene and Inez were: William Eugene Allen [BYH Class of 1919], Jesse Knight Allen [BYH Class of 1921], Robert Knight Allen [BYH Class of 1926~H], Joseph Knight Allen [BYH Class of 1928?], and Mark Knight Allen. His parents: Robert Knight Allen [BYH Class of 1926~H] and Elizabeth Taylor Allen. Bob Allen '56 is a member of the Class of 1956 50th Year Reunion committee, and in 2006 he prepared an amazing slide show (PowerPoint) of all of the class members. This slide show is available on a C.D.

"I was born on August 8, 1938 in Provo. In 1940 our family moved to Long Island, New York. When I was a little kid I was very interested in living creatures: frogs, tadpoles, caterpillars, elvers (baby eels) and such. Near where we lived in Manhasset, Long Island, there was a very small pool called Dencher’s Pond. It was my favorite place, lots of neat stuff there, frogs, pollywogs, dragonflies and turtles. My father, bless his heart, wanted to encourage me. My mother was more skeptical. He made me some books by looking through old National Geographic magazines at a used book store, and buying the ones with biology-type subjects. He removed the articles and put them in little folders with titles. My favorite one, from the March 1931 issue, was an article about tropical fish written by a woman named Ida Mellen. It was my treasure. I still have it. Sort of. When we moved to Utah in 1946 I switched to more dry land biology. I was intrigued by lizards and snakes because they seemed so exotic after New York. (This was to later have a negative impact on my social standing.) My cousin, Gunner Knight, lived right across the street, and we had many choice adventures in the mountains to the east. How many little kids have lived close enough to a mountain wilderness paradise that they could go from home on foot and in a few minutes be among all kinds of wildlife, and hugely rugged mountain terrain right out of a western movie? It was the best of times. I was substantially traumatized by the educational system. I rarely ever got good reviews for my efforts. I did have one good day in the second grade at Plandome Road School, Manhasset. Miss Marquardt got a bucket of water and passed out a lump of modeling clay to each student and asked us to make a boat that would float. Fortunately, I was always a little slow at getting things done so most of the kids got their boats done first. It was 1944, so the kids made battleships and cruisers. And the battleships and cruisers made like submarines, and sank like a stone. I could see that something else was needed. I made a boat like a bowl and mirabile dictu, my boat floated! I was for one day the valedictorian. It is unfortunate when your academic career peaks before the end of the year, especially in the second grade. I was recently reading some old letters between my parents from that year, and they were discussing my school work. It seems that by the end of the year Miss Marquardt had forgotten about the boat. In Provo, I started in the Third Grade with Alice Jones (a truly kind-hearted woman) and in Fourth Grade was taught by Ida Liechty. In the Fifth Grade there were several teachers, one of them named Vera (I have forgotten her last name, Nielsen, maybe?) and Harold Devello Whatcott in the Sixth. One day in the 1980s, Vera visited the Provo Rotary Club to talk about something to do with the educational system. I recognized her and spoke to her and she confirmed that she had indeed been my teacher. It had been her first year teaching and I guess somehow having me for a student had made her question her career choice. She became visibly angry during our conversation. In the summer between my junior and senior year at BYH, I turned seventeen and joined the Utah National Guard. I’m not quite sure why. This was very educational. The influences that I had been protected from at BYH were present in abundance in the 145th Field Artillery. There were some good soldiers there but plenty of shady characters as well. I got enmeshed in some pretty bad behavior and there were some misadventures that I cannot quite describe, even now. I eventually realized something needed to change. Maybe I started to remember my life with the good people at BYH. In the summer of 1959, I was dating a woman who was a sort of an angel of mercy. Her example persuaded me to read the Book of Mormon. I had a copy, the fifty-cent missionary kind, that I had to buy for a class at BYU. (True to form, I had gotten a "D" in the class.) I read the book in a few days. I tried the promise in Moroni 10:4. This was August 1959. In February, 1960, I was on a plane going to France. Life was never the same after this. Near the end of my mission my companion was Gary Henderson, BYH class of 1960. At this time I became acquainted with Lucette Robin, who was already a member of the church. I arranged to meet her after my mission and we were married in the Cardston Temple five months after I got home, February 16, 1963. While we were living in New York my father never did any fishing. As soon as we arrived in Utah, he got back to the fishing he used to enjoy so much. In the summer of 1946 we went up Manti Canyon, to Pole Haven Creek, a truly tiny little stream. In a place where the water came out of a culvert under the road there was a small pool. My dad coached me with a fly rod and I pulled out a trout, one about eight inches long. The fish wasn’t the only one that got hooked. I have been a fisherman ever since. One of my favorite places to fish was a small lake in Manti Canyon called Yearn’s Reservoir. At different times I have fished there with Kaye Johnson-Ivie, Russell and Earl Jackson, and Rod Despain, all from BY High. Some years later, the fishing adventures shifted to Mexico. I started taking a boat to the Sea of Cortez, hauling the boat all the way from Utah to Guaymas, Mexico, and then later we started going to places on the other side, on Baja California. The Sea of Cortez is much more protected than the rest of the Pacific Coast. It is easy to explore in a small boat, sea life is everywhere, and the weather is usually calm. One time we were out in a small boat and we experienced a chubasco, gale force winds that lasted 22 hours. We spent the night sleeping on a beach in a semi-protected cove, and the next morning the wind was still blowing. Another time we encountered Fin Whales, among the largest of whales, seventy-five-feet long, about the same size and weight as a semi-truck. We boated to within just a few feet of them -- what a sight. I continued to be traumatized by the formal education process, even in high school. I was happy and relieved when grace prevailed and they let me graduate from BY High in 1956. Even though I didn’t like school, I always thought well of most of the teachers, better than they generally thought of me. When Preston Bissell stopped by our store to remind me about the ten-year reunion, I told him there was no way in ---- that I would go! Some years later, our daughter Colleen was in a junior high in Orem that was under the control of a very bad teen-age sub-culture. At that point I began to realize that good ’ole BY High had actually been a good place for me, and that I had taken away a lot more good than I ever contributed. There are times when I wish I could do it again. I really do now feel great affection for my fellow BY High students. I spent much of my life working at Allen’s Camera, having the good fortune to be the SOB (son of the boss), and now my sons are running the operation. In more recent years, I have returned to my childhood. I am now operating a small tropical fish hatchery in Salem, Utah. Lucette and I have six children and thirteen grandchildren, the latest being Colleen’s two sensational twin girls born on January 6th of this year [2006]." @2006

Allen, Stanley Berry

Allen, Stanley Berry
Richfield, Utah US

Stan and LoAnna Allen

Class of 1956. Stanley B. Allen. Senior Class Social Chair. Football, Basketball, Lettermen, Spanish Club Vice President, Library Staff, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee, Exchange Assembly, Senior Sluff Committee. BYU BA Animal Husbandry 1962. He married LoAnna. ~ ~ ~ ~ Stan attended BYH, BYU, Dixie College, and California State Fullerton. He played varsity Basketball at Dixie College and California State Fullerton. He was a student body officer at Dixie College. His graduating college degrees: Bachelors of Science; Double Masters in Science and in Educational Administration; and Doctorate of Science. In college he met and married LoAnna Ramsay from Fullerton, California, via St. George, Utah. They were married in 1959 in the St. George Temple. They have six children; four boys, two girls and eighteen grandchildren (nine boys and nine girls). He worked in public education for twenty-five years; teacher, junior and high school guidance counselor, varsity basketball coach at two schools, elementary and secondary principal, superintendent in two districts, student director in a vocational college. Stan taught outreach college courses for Utah State University and Pepperdine University. He developed and authored National Horse Training School. He taught students from the U.S. and six foreign countries in the art of horse training and whispering. This Horsemastership series brought hundreds to the Allen ranch in Southern Utah, as well as allowed him to travel nationally as a clinician to market personal books and materials. He was featured on national and local television (CBS, Fox, and the Discovery Channel) and in several national publications in the U.S., France, Italy, Germany and Great Britain. He was featured exclusively on two nationally published horse videos by a New York based company. He authored and published four books; two are sold through bookstores in the U.S. and abroad. He was a monthly featured writer for four national publications. He was founder, developer, and instructor of Questing for Peace and Productivity. It is a personal development, health and wellness course, for corporate, education and private groups. He conducted retreats at the Allen's Southern Utah ranch as well as traveled to schools and businesses throughout the country. He owned and partnered with his son in a construction, development and consulting company. They built sub-divisions, commercial and agricultural projects in Uintah, Davis and Utah counties. They completed a 5,000-cow state-of-the-art dairy for the LDS Church. Stan served in various community and church positions to include; bishoprics, bishop, high counselor, and regional area positions. He was elected and served as a county commissioner." @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Stanley Berry Allen, 80, formerly from Richfield, Utah, was a devoted husband, loving father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He peacefully slipped away November 18, 2018, in his home in Gillette, Wyoming, surrounded by his loving family. Stanley was born January 29, 1938, in Salt Lake City, Utah, a son of Joseph Berry Allen and Wanda Hancock Allen. He married Lo Anna Ramsay, July 16, 1959, in the St. George LDS Temple. They were blessed with seven children. Stanley graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1956. He accepted a scholarship to play basketball at Dixie College, where he met Lo Anna. After they were married, he then went on to further his education at Brigham Young University and received his PhD. Stanley was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He served in many callings including first counselor in the bishopric, bishop and high councilman. He served a full-time mission in the Illinois Nauvoo Mission with his wife from 2014 to 2015. Stanley spent his career in the education field as a teacher, counselor, coach and superintendent, where he touched many lives over the years. Stanley was always busy and loved to learn new things. He had many hobbies including his love of horses. He spent many years training and sharing knowledge with others through his clinics and books. He built several homes and was a self-taught master of wood working, saddler and leatherwork. He was deeply devoted to his family and his Heavenly Father. He served them with the greatest of loyalty and love. He was a wonderful example of strength and faith to all who knew him. He was preceded in death by his wife, Lo Anna; son, Jeffery Sterling; parents and siblings, S. Carvel and Shirley Rae Allen. Stanley is survived by David (Lois) Allen, North Dakota; Doug Allen, Farmington; Daniel (Nanette) Allen and Jana (Jeremiah) Jackson, both Gillette, Wyoming; Darin (Leta) Allen, Wellsville; Julie (Shane) Dyches, Tooele; 23 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren with two more soon to join us. Funeral services were held Saturday, November 24, 2018 at the Richfield East Stake Center, 800 North 500 East. Interment, Richfield City Cemetery. Obituary, Magleby Mortuary, Richfield, Utah.

Andrus, J. Gregory [James Gregory]

Andrus, J. Gregory [James Gregory]
1028 East 2680 North
Provo, Utah 84604-4130 US

Greg and Joan Andrus
  • Work: (801) 370-9071

Class of 1956. J. Gregory Andrus. Football, Childrens Theater, Chorus, Gun Club, Thespians. BYU BA Geography Teaching 1962. Major General James Gregory Andrus married Joan Morrison, also BYH Class of 1956. They have five children. His parents: James Roman Andrus (Dr. J. Roman Andrus, artist and BYU professor) and Irva Rose Pratt, married July 3, 1933. They had the following children: Roman Raphael (Ray) Andrus [BYH Class of 1952] and MaryAnn Olson Andrus; James Gregory Andrus [BYH Class of 1956] and Joan Morrison Andrus; Alec Veigh Andrus [BYH Class of 1961] and Linda McDonald Andrus; Aniene Andrus [BYH Class of 1957] (twin) Porter; and Aniece Andrus (twin, born on 24 Sep 1939, died on 6 Oct 1939.) ~ ~ ~ ~ Greg earned a BA Geography, BYU 1962. MA Latin American Area Studies, University of Utah 1971. Pilot Training, Williams AFB, Arizona 1963. Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Ft. McNair, Washington D.C. 1982. The Executive Managers Program, University of Virginia 1985. The National Security Program, Harvard University 1989. Greg's parents are Dr. J. Roman Andrus (artist and chairman BYU Art Department) and Irva Rose Pratt Andrus (homemaker and elementary school teacher). Greg and Joan (both BY High Class of 1956) married January 27, 1961. They have five children: Cynthia Lynn (Norr), Colorado Springs, Colorado; Linda Michele Andrus, Orem, Utah; Lezlie Marie (Fairbanks), Draper, Utah; Matthew Gregory Andrus, Provo, Utah; and Rachael Summer (Evans), Altus AFB, Oklahoma. Greg and Joan have 10+ grandchildren. Greg was a fighter pilot, USAF (F-4, A-10, F-15, 4000 hours flight time - two years combat Viet Nam. Instructor - Special Operations School, Florida. Chief Americas, Australia-policy and management division, international programs directorate Pentagon. Squadron Commander, Luke AFB, Arizona, Wing Commander, Fairbanks, Alaska. Command Director, North American Air Defense Command - NORAD - Colorado Springs, Colorado. Director of Plans, NORAD – Colorado. Air Division Commander, McChord AFB, Tacoma, Washington. Chief of Staff, Headquarters Allied Air Forces Southern Europe, Naples, Italy. Commander Third Air Force, Mildenhall, England. Greg was a missionary, Central American Mission. Elder's quorum president, Florida. Seventies’ Group leader, Virginia. High Priest Group Leader, Utah. Branch President, Latin America and England. District President, Alaska. Bishop, Virginia. Stake Presidency, Virginia and Alaska. Mission Presidency, England. Mission President, Caracas, Venezuela. MTC Presidency, Provo, Utah. Fishing, Hunting, Scouting, Home Repairs (far too many). We have lived in many places in the US and also in Italy and England. We moved twenty-two times in thirty-three years and loved nearly all of it. We visited Israel in 1994 with our youngest daughter for her senior class trip – just before Greg retired in 1995. Since finishing up at the MTC, we are knee-deep in house and property renovations. @2006

Andrus, Rose Mary
3006 East Fairfield St.
Mesa, Arizona 85213-5449 US

Rose Mary & Dennis Blackhurst
  • Home: (480) 654-0244

Class of 1956. Rose Mary Andrus. Varsity Cheerleader. Wildcat Yearbook Editor & Copy Editor, Junior Class Secretary, Debate State Champs, Childrens Theater, Quill & Scroll, Pep Club, Y'ld Cat Newspaper Reporter, Chorus, Girls State, Twirlers, Exchange Assembly, Junior Prom Committee, Graduation Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU BS Elementary Instruction 1960. She married Dennis P. Blackhurst in July 1960 and went from coed to schoolmarm in a hurry, replacing my own Fourth Grad Teacher, Ida Leichty, at Joaquin Elementary, where many of us first became friends. Law School took us to Tucson, Arizona, where I was secretary to the Pima County Attorney, the first year. (Pregnant women were not allowed in public schools, and I was expecting the first of our five daughters.) Teaching junior high English the next two years got us to graduation, thus ending the first round of my brilliant career. After a move to Phoenix, with Denny in the Maricopa County Attorney’s office as a criminal prosecutor, we moved to Mesa where Denny was a founding partner in the law firm Udall, Shumway, Blackhurst, etc. We hunkered down there for the next four decades, raising our gaggle of girls. That’s – count ‘em – twenty-five years of dance recitals! When our baby went to junior high, I went too. Well, not to her school, but to junior high as an English teacher. I eventually found my niche herding the gifted and talented of Patterson Elementary in Gilbert, Arizona. My community service centered around two women’s organizations which provided funding for Mesa’s Child Crisis Center, Prehab (drugs), Tri-City Mental Health, and lots of scholarships to local community colleges. I also served a decade as publicity director for Mesa Musical Theatre and produced a couple of shows for Mesa Little Theatre. My church service included the usual rotation of auxiliary callings, but I seemed to specialize in Young Women. I directed two stake musicals and wrote and directed far too many road shows. I also did my time, three times, as choir director, or -- dictator, as Denny liked to call me. The highlight of church service was our mission to BYU-Hawaii, 2001-2003, where Denny taught Business Law and Ethics, and I worked for the Vice President in charge of public relations. I enjoyed interviewing international students and editing their conversion stories for use in various films and publications. We are the grandparents of 15 grandchildren. We have served in the New York, New York North Mission. @2010

Barlow, Carolyn

Barlow, Carolyn
3616 Hillside Lane
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109-4011

Carolyn and Kent Dunford
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  • Home: (801) 518-9783

Class of 1956. Carolyn Barlow. Varsity Cheerleader. Debate State Champs, Interpretive Speech, Childrens Theater, Pep Club, Ski Club, Thespians, Wildcat Yearbook Advertising Manager, Chorus, Model U.N., Twirlers, Exchange Assembly, Seminary Play, Shorthand Club, Senior Hop Committee. BYU BS Business Education & Administrative Management 1963. Carolyn Barlow Dunford, Faculty, Joseph Smith Academy — 2002-2003. Carolyn. Life began for me on an early Christmas morning in Cedar City, Utah. The first of four children born to Frances Parrish Barlow and Joel Call Barlow, descendants of Israel Barlow, Anson Call, Charles C. Rich and Samuel Parrish all land owners in Nauvoo during the 1840s. Therefore as you can see as my grandmother Parrish used to say that I came from “good stock.” We moved to Provo, Utah in 1947 where I grew up surrounded by good friends, schools, church and family. B.Y. High School and college merged together and I participated in the activities of both during those years. During that time I was involved in dramatics, dancing, cheerleading, baton twirling (first for the new Cougar Marching Band), songleading, debate, skiing, tennis and oh yes, school. Life was wonderful during the 50s and I enjoyed every minute of it. Kent [BYH Class of 1952] and I married after having met playing tennis with mutual friends two years earlier. It was quite a change for me to go from BYU coed to “Sister Dunford,” wife of the new seminary teacher in Copperton, Utah. After two years and the birth of our first boy, we found ourselves pursuing further degrees, Kent a master’s degree and myself a bachelor’s. Kent accomplished his goal at the University of Colorado where he opened a new Institute building and program along with getting a Master’s degree in American History. During this time we were back and forth to Provo and I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education just before our fourth child was born. During the next few years we moved to San Diego, Provo and then to Salt Lake pursuing degrees and teaching. We settled in Salt Lake in 1967 where the last of our six children were born. They are Garth Barlow Dunford, Charles Isaac Dunford, Julie Dunford Pond, Gregory Joel Dunford, Shelley Hardy Dunford and Paul Harold Dunford. All married now with 24 children to their credit. While raising our children I have served in most leadership and teaching positions in the Primary, Young Women and Relief Society. It would be very hard to choose my favorite since my love is people. Occupationally, after our children were in school, I substituted in the public schools and taught adult education. Finding this was not my love I went back to school and obtained a real estate license and sold for over 20 years. This turned out to be a great experience, teaching me so much about life, business and people. After experiencing a trip to Israel in 1971, we fell in love with travel and led several tours to Europe and back to Israel during the next few years. The highlight came when we were asked to return to Israel and teach for the winter and spring term in 1981. This we did with our children and had a marvelous experience together. Since that time we have been able to return to Israel and teach the spring and summer terms for four years. During the last ten years I followed my husband to Chicago, Boston and Honolulu where he served in the Church Education System. I was employed by CES, a real estate office and Cambridge College. At the end of our teaching career we spent a year as missionaries serving at the Institute in Honolulu and the Church College in Hawaii. During this time I also served in the Family History Library, Social Services as an ESL tutor and as a tour guide at the Church College. Hopefully our retirement years will continue to be filled with more missions, family, friends and young students. @2005 ~ ~ ~ ~ Email sent to bounced back. @2010

Berrett, Richard Heber
130 West 540 South
Providence, Utah 84332-9727 US

Richard and JoAn Berrett
  • Work: (435) 753-6088

Class of 1956. Richard H. Berrett. Wildcat Yearbook Photographer, Y'ld Cat Newspaper Photographer, Childrens Theater, Drama Service Award, Radio Club President, Ski Club, Thespians, Band, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee. [Although name was spelled Barrett in yearbook, his name is correctly spelled Berrett.] His parents: William Edwin (Ed) Berrett and Eleanor Louise Callister Berrett, married in Salt Lake City in 1926. They had three sons and one daughter, Verne R. Berrett and wife, Grace, West Valley City, Utah; Sharon Berrett [BYH Class of 1951] Starks and husband, Eugene, Santa Ana, California; Richard H. Berrett [BYH Class of 1956] and wife, JoAn, Providence, Utah; and William Brian (Bill) Berrett [BYH Class of 1960-Honorary] and wife, Karena, Blacksburg, Virginia. @1993 ~ ~ ~ ~ I was born and raised in Utah, first in Salt Lake City and then in Provo, with a two-year period in Fairbanks, Alaska. My father was a lawyer and teacher, and when I was eleven years old, brought our family to Provo where he was on the religion faculty at Brigham Young University. He later was made a vice-president of BYU and Administrator of Seminaries and Institutes for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I attended public schools in Provo and BY High from 1953-56. I attended BYU for two years, then served a two-year mission for the Church in the North Central States, which included Minnesota, the eastern half of the Dakotas and Manitoba, Canada. Returning to BYU, I met JoAn at a church meeting -- she was a cousin of one of my best friends and had come from Mexico to live with their family while attending BYU. We dated for a year and a half, got engaged at Christmas and married in June, 1962. I graduated from BYU that August and signed a contract to teach in the Church Education System (I didn't intend to be a teacher, but was pressed into service and told them I would do it for "one year" - and I am still doing it forty-four years later.) My first assignment was at the Orem High School Seminary. In my third year, I was assigned to teach the first Church Education class at Utah State Penitentiary at the Point of the Mountain. So, every day after teaching at Orem, I would drive to the Point of the Mountain twenty-two miles north, go through the clanking doors and teach about thirty inmates in a room adjacent to the prison chapel. I continued to work with church programs at the Prison for the next five years, in the meantime moving to Salt Lake City to teach at the Institute adjacent to the University of Utah and working on a doctorate, then returning to Provo to teach at BYU and complete the doctorate. I received an Ed.D. in Education Administration in 1972. We accepted a position in Phoenix, Arizona at that time and I served as the Director of the Glendale Institute for the next several years. In 1982, we moved to Cache Valley, Utah, to teach at the Institute at Utah State University. We lived in Hyrum, Utah for twelve years and then moved to Providence (immediately south of Logan) where our home is presently. We were blessed with five children: Jolynne, Janine, Becki, Scott and Kristen. Today, all are married and we have been blessed with twelve grandchildren. Two foster sons are also married, one having five children and the other seven. As they both call us "Mom" and "Dad," and the children also call us "Grandma" and "Grandpa," we also claim them as children and grandchildren. While in Arizona, we began to take students and adults on tours to Mexico, even teaching one summer in Mexico City to LDS students as an extension of Eastern Arizona College. In 1975, along with teachers and spouses of the Seminaries and Institutes, we made our first trip to Israel, Italy, Egypt and Jordan. The head of BYU Travel Study was with us and asked if I would conduct tours to Israel for BYU Travel Study. We did that for three years and then I broke off and began to conduct tours on my own. On June 8, 2006, we will be leaving to conduct a tour to Israel, Greece and an Aegean cruise to the Greek Islands and Turkey. This will be the twenty-fifth tour I have conducted to the Holy Land. We have also taken groups to Europe, China, Mexico and many other places. In fact, we will take a group to China in October, a Book of Mormon cruise in January and then another tour to Israel and Egypt in March, 2007. After that we are planning on filling a church mission. In 1975, I was loaned from the Institute to BYU to serve on the administration of the BYU Jerusalem Center. My position was Assistant Administrator and Academic Coordinator. This assignment had me serving on the administrative council, planning and coordinating the curriculum, in-servicing the teachers on the various archaeological and historical sites, taking VIP's around the country, and many other assignments. JoAn served as the Coordinator for BYU Travel Studies and also assisted with many of the responsibilities of the Center and student activities. We had a wonderful experience for three years, returning to the Logan Institute in the fall of 1998. Retirement came four years ago, and today I fill my time with finishing basements and other projects for our children and their families, a few projects around the home, organizing, promoting and conducting tours, and as an ordinance worker in the Logan Temple. I also have continued to teach a class at the Institute in the evenings and also a BYU Extension class in one of the stakes. So we continue to keep busy - in feet, it seems like we are busier than ever. It's been a good life. @2006

Biddulph, Stuart

Biddulph, Stuart
Provo, Utah US

Stuart and Betty Biddulph

Class of 1956. Stuart Biddulph. Childrens Theatre, Drama Service Award, Radio Club, Ski Club, Thespians, Y'ld Cat Staff, Yearbook Photographer, Band, Junior Prom Committee, and Senior Prom Committee. BYU BS Physics and Astronomy 1970. He married Elizabeth "Betty" Hancey, BYH Class of 1959. They raised three boys and three girls. They have ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Stuart worked for 50 years as an electrical engineer in communications. @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Stuart Biddulph ~ 1938 ~ 2015. Stuart Biddulph peacefully passed away at home at the age of 76 in Salt Lake City, Utah, on April 7, 2015. Stuart was born on October 25, 1938 Orlin Biddulph and Elizabeth Reeder Biddulph in Potlatch, Idaho. He graduated from Brigham Young High School in Provo, Utah, in the Class of 1956 and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force specializing in radar repair. He traveled extensively throughout South Pacific and Asia. Stuart graduated from Brigham Young University in Physics and worked as an electrical engineer on wireless communication systems for the military and international telecommunication companies and pioneered spread-spectrum wireless communications. He was married to Elizabeth Rose Hancey for 54 years. Stuart was a devoted husband and father and was a quiet and loving influence on everyone around him. Also an avid outdoorsman, he enjoyed camping, fishing, and hiking, especially in the Uinta Mountains. He was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and served as Bishop's Counselor, Gospel Doctrine Teacher, Ward Clerk, Temple Worker and his favorite calling, Scoutmaster. Stuart was preceded in death by his daughter Tamara (Steven) Gardner and is survived by his five children: Brian; Elaine (Peter) Urmston; Jay (Emily); Heather; and Trevan; and by 13 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 11 a.m., Saturday, April 11, 2015 at the Winder LDS meetinghouse, 4551 South 1200 East, Salt Lake City, Utah, with a visitation prior to the service at 10 a.m. ~ 10:45 a.m. Interment with military rites will be at Elysian Burial Gardens. Online condolences at [Provo Daily Herald, April 9, 2015]

Bissell, H. Preston

Bissell, H. Preston
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701-5618 US

Preston and Mary Bissell

Class of 1956. Full name: Harold Preston Bissell. Chorus, Seminary Play, Rocks & Minerals Club, Senior Sluff Day Committee, Senior Hop Committee. Preston Bissell is the older brother of Anita Bissell Long, BYH Class of 1963. BYU BS Geography 1963. ~ ~ ~ ~ Following my graduation from BYU in 1963, I attended the University of Hawaii on an East-West Center scholarship. I received my MA in Geography in 1965. I taught for three years at Bemidji State College, where I met and married my wife, Mary Kay Brummer. I then attended the University of Oklahoma, receiving my PhD in 1971. I taught at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for two years, and later became Director of the Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire for four years. From 1978 to 2000 I taught at McDonell Central Catholic High School in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, retiring in 2000. I then taught part-time at Regis High School in Eau Claire for three years, then one more semester at McDonell High School before retiring for good. I waste as much time as possible, carving wood, growing perennials, and writing curmudgeonly letters to the editor. My wife and I have been fortunate to be able to travel over the years. Since graduating from BY High I have been able to visit 45 foreign countries. In 2004, my brother and I drove from Eau Claire to the Panama Canal, via Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama. We were on the road for five weeks. I also have taken some trips with other BY High alumni. In August, 1995, several of us went on a week-long fishing trip to Alaska. The others were Rod Despain [BYH Class of 1956], Gerald Hayward [also BYH Class of 1956], and Bob Redd [BYH Class of 1957]. In July 1997, the four of us went to Peru. We flew into Iquitos, and took a river boat up the Amazon and into one of the tributaries, to the Pacaya Samaria Game Reserve. In 1999, we went to the Four Corners area for a week. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: H. Preston Bissell died on Monday, October 22, 2007, of a brain tumor, at home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with hospice. He was born October 4, 1938, in Provo, Utah, the oldest child of Dr. Harold J. and Ilene Affleck Bissell. Preston grew up in Provo, attending the Joaquin Elementary School, and graduating from BYU High School in l956. He graduated from Brigham Young University in l963 with a major in geography. He subsequently earned an MA degree in geography from the University of Hawaii in l965, where he attended on an East-West Center scholarship. Following that he taught at Bemidji State College in Minnesota for three years. There he met and married his life's companion, Mary Kay Brummer in l967. He then attended the University of Oklahoma, receiving a PhD in geography in 1971. He taught at the U of W - Eau Claire for two years and then was the first director of the Chippewa Valley Museum. He resigned from that position in l978 to teach at McDonell High School in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. He taught a variety of subjects there for the next 22 years, retiring in 2000. Then he taught part-time for three more years at Regis High School in Eau Claire. He was able to travel the world over during his lifetime and visited almost 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America and the South Pacific. During retirement he took up woodcarving and growing perennials. He is survived by his wife Mary Kay, his brother Steven (Denver, Colorado), his sister Anita (New Hampshire) and their families. He is further survived by a foster daughter Mollie Bailey and her sons Connor and Riley (Heathrow, Florida). A memorial service was held at St. Bede's Monastery on Saturday, October 27, 2007. The family suggested memorials to the McDonell High School Scholarship Fund. [Provo Daily Herald, October 25, 2007.]

Briggs, Kenneth George
51 Columbia
Alisa Viejo, California 92656 US

Ken Briggs
  • Work: (949) 362-5800

Class of 1956. Kenneth George Briggs. BYU 1960. [Unable to contact Ken -- his son, Ty Briggs, lives at 490 Pine Canyon Road, Midway, Utah 84040 435-654-7547.] @2006

Brown, Larry

Larry Brown

Class of 1956. Larry Brown. IS THIS? Larry Delmer Brown, born April 18, 1937 in Woodruff, Utah. His parents were Delmer Charles Brown and Bessie Putnam. Larry Delmer Brown died March 16, 2001.

Bullock, Hart [Karl Hart]
1436 N. Suncrest Circle
Centerville, Utah 84014 US

Hart and Jan Bullock
  • Work: 801-299-0398

Class of 1956. K. Hart Bullock. Student Body Business Manager, Football, Basketball, Lettermen President, Band, All State Band 1st Trombone, Solo & Ensemble Contest Region, Exchange Assembly, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ Karl Hart Bullock received bachelor's degree from BYU. He was born in Provo, Utah, to Benjamin Vern Bullock and Clara Peterson Bullock. Hart married Janice Mae Sill, and they have six children. She attended BYU; born in Las Vegas, Nevada, to James Medar and Thelma Louise Crow Sill. Hart's brother is Neil Bullock [BYH Class of 1953](Sharen), Provo. ~ ~ ~ ~ Hart Bullock is a native of Provo. He and his wife, Janice, are parents of six children, twenty-three grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. As a young man he was called to serve for three years as a missionary to Japan. Hart is a professional Scouter -- beginning at Camp Maple Dell in Spanish Fork, Utah. K. Hart Bullock, a professional Scouter with more than thirty-eight years of full-time experience in the field, was appointed director of relationships between the Boy Scouts of America and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A former area Scouting director in Southern California and former Scout Executive of the Great Salt Lake Council and of the Teton Peaks Council in Idaho, Bullock also served as director of BSA Area 4, covering Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada and director for BSA Area 2, which encompasses Utah, Idaho and Western Wyoming. The LDS Church is one of the largest sponsors of Scouting in the nation. But even more important is that the church and Scouting are philosophically linked. “We espouse the same purposes, goals and ideals. That's why we should work together. We're trying to make the same positive things happen in the lives of young men.'' Hart has been a branch president of a young single adult branch in Southern California, a bishop, bishop's counselor, high councilor, and stake young men presidency in the LDS Church and has held several Scouting-oriented positions. Called in 2002 to be mission president of the Tokyo Japan South Mission. Returned July 2005. K. Hart Bullock, retired director of LDS Scouting relationships of the Boy Scouts of America. @2005

Calder, Colleen
PO Box 731
Lyman, Wyoming 82937 US

Colleen and Jim Marshall
  • Work: 307-782-8617

Class of 1956. Coleen Calder. Pep Club, Notre Maison, Ski Club, Thespians, Wildcat Yearbook Layout Editor, Sweetheart Queen Attendant, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee. BYU MS Child Development & Family Relations 1972. Married Jim Marshall. Faculty & Staff Early 1960s, including 1962-63 - Home Economics Teacher. [Alternate address: PO Box 732, Lyman, Wyoming 82937] ~ ~ ~ ~ Her parents: David Hamilton Calder and Kathleen Ellen Parry. Their children: David Parry Calder, of LaVerkin, Utah; John Richard Calder, of SLC, Utah; Milo David Calder, of SLC, Utah; Colleen Calder [BYH Class of 1956] (Jim) Marshall of Lyman, Wyoming; Suzanne Calder [BYH Class of 1957] (Jay) Liechty of Provo, Utah; and Sally Joyce Calder [BYH Class of 1963] (Michael) Bradshaw of Manhattan, Kansas. @2003 ~ ~ ~ ~ "After high school, I went to BYU and graduated in 1960 with a degree in Home Economics, Clothing and Textiles. I taught Home Economics at BY High for about two years and then taught high school in the Los Angeles, California Unified School District for many years. I received an MS graduate degree from BYU in 1972 in Human Development and Family Relations and then returned to teaching in Los Angeles for a short time. In 1975, I married a cowboy from Idaho and we had four wonderful boys. Raising a family is when my real education began. We spent several years living in Salt Lake City, Utah with our young family. My husband, Jim Marshall, worked for my father whose business was gas stations: ‘Gas N Go’ in Utah. Jim helped my dad run his gas stations in the Salt Lake City area. My father had a small truck stop with a cafe in Lyman, Wyoming. When he died in 1989 we moved to Lyman to run the truck stop and have lived in Wyoming for the last seventeen years. Wyoming has been good to us and we have raised our boys here. I have learned to be flexible and how to be a dish washer or a cook or almost anything depending on the need at the truck stop. I am happy to have experienced all the variety I have had in my life since high school days and look forward to seeing my former classmates. ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate address 1: 3475 East 1425 North, Ashton, ID 84320-5100 email: Alternate address 2: Colleen C Marshall, 397 Magpie Rd, Lyman, WY 82937-9096 @2011

Campbell, Paul L.
1202 W Hummingbird Drive
St. George, Utah 84770 US

Paul and Donna Campbell
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  • Cell: 435-632-6830

Class of 1956. Paul L. Campbell. "I enjoyed my association with classmates for the brief year and a half I attended BYH. After becoming eligible in my senior year, I played center on the football team. Known for slowness of foot. Following service in the Navy, I attended BYU, then the University of Utah for several years. I graduated from Pacific Coast School of Banking, University of Washington, with honors. Also graduated from National Commercial Lending School, University of Oklahoma, and Bank Marketing School, University of Colorado. My parents are deceased. My three younger brothers were all raised in Provo; all married with children. I was previously married to Marie, deceased in 1998. My wife Donna was raised in Nebraska and lived in Yakima for thirty-six years prior to our marriage. I served as President and CEO of Pioneer National Bank, Yakima, Washington for twenty years prior to retirement. Past President of the Washington Banker’s Association. Unretired for a year and a half to become President and CEO of Cowlitz Bank, a regional bank in Western Washington, in a turnaround. In St. George, Donna and I have been active students in the Institute of Continued Education at Dixie State College. Hiking and walking are a regular part of our daily regimen. @2006

Chamberlain, C. Kent [Charles Kent]
316 Call Avenue
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402 US

Kent and Nancy Chamberlain
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  • Cell: 208-521-8975
  • Home: 208-542-6562
  • Fax: 530-660-5901

Class of 1956. C. Kent Chamberlain [Charles Kent]. Football, Wrestling 1st Place State of Utah & 1st Place AAU, Childrens Theater, French Club, Radio Physics Club, Rocks & Minerals Club President. ~ ~ ~ ~ Married Nancy Kay Chapple of Spanish Fork, Utah in 1958. US Army in Colorado, Texas, California, and Alaska 1960-62. BYU Wrestling 2nd Mountain States Conference. Graduated BYU in Geology (no surprise), BS and MS. Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD Geology 1970. Son, Jason Loy Chamberlain, San Jose, California, testing and design engineer for Specialized Bike, 2 children. Daughter, Susan Kaye Chamberlain Nielsen, Iona, Idaho, 5 children. Worked in research and exploration geology for Texaco, Cities Service, Carbonit, Valero, Anschutz, and KCS. Worked as environmentalist for Federal Occupational Health. Taught geology at University of Ohio, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, BYU-Idaho (fall 2006). Lived in Provo Utah; Madison Wisconsin; Denver Colorado; Houston Texas; Athens Ohio; Las Vegas Nevada; Denver, Colorado; Worland, Wyoming; Idaho Falls, Idaho. Numerous LDS Church positions, currently Financial Clerk. Member several professional societies; Certified Professional Petroleum Geologist (since 1982), Certified Professional Geologist; Leader of geologic field trips for professional societies and industry clients; taught several geologic short courses to oil industry clients. EPA Certified Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner. My grandfather, John Taylor Woodbury Jr., attended BY Academy “MTC” 1904-1905. He was a student at Brigham Young in 1913, 1914, 1915-1916, and 1931. My sister, Jeanette Chamberlain Rawlings, graduated from BYH in the Class of 1954. @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ Email sent to bounced back. @2010

Chaplin, Dora
44 N. Garden Park Drive %238
Orem, Utah 84057 US

Dora Schoenfeld
  • Work: 801-225-4164

Class of 1956. Dora Chaplin. ~ ~ ~ ~ Father: William E. Chaplin, Jr., [two wives, Elsie and Claudia]. Children: Dora Chaplin Schoenfeld [BYH Class of 1956], Lois E. Chaplin Andelin, William E. Chaplin, III (Renee), James T. Chaplin [BYH Class of 1961] (Hiltrude), Ashley E. Chaplin (Laura), and Tillman O. Chaplin (Ruth). ~ ~ ~ ~ My dream of attending BY High became reality when in the summer of 1955 my parents moved our family from Charleston, South Carolina to Provo, Utah. I well remember some of my first days at BYH – My southern accent brought some attention as I adjusted to the BYH culture. Leiloni Jeffery took me under her wing of fellowship. We became dearest friends and remained so during the years after graduation. I do miss her presence here on earth. I remember having lunch with Leiloni, Joan Morrison and Edna Leilani Ahnee under the trees on the BYH campus. And Rodney Despain – he was my date for, I dare say, all of the dances and social functions at BYH. I remember cheering him on at the wrestling matches. And - Gerald Hayward, Lois Anderson, Preston Bissell, Russell Jackson – I am sure there were others who contributed to making my senior year a memorable one. My activities at BYH included the concert choir under Fred Webb, a member of the Spanish Club, played the part of Rebecca in the production of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, was presented an award at the Senior Assembly (I can not remember the name of the award) and I was invited to give the closing prayer at our high school graduation. Church service has included YW President, Ward and Stake Music Chair, Ward Music Director, Stake Music Director and Choir Director for Ward and Stake Choirs. The years since graduation have been busy filled with education, family, work and life’s experiences. My husband, Wayne A. Schoenfeld, and I had five children. We have twelve grandchildren. Wayne was a successful car dealer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our home was an eighty acre farm three miles west of Payson, Utah. In the late 1980’s we moved to the Provo-Orem area. Since my husband’s death in 1996, I have made my home in Orem, Utah. My education has been in the field of Real Estate and related fields. I hold a real estate license and am a licensed escrow officer. For a number of years I worked as a loan processor then as a loan officer. Currently I am the Marketing Director for a local title company. It has been my pleasure to see Gwen Moon Taylor often here in the real estate community. Currently I represent the Esther Foundation as a Director of Community Building for the states of Utah and Idaho. Life has not been without challenges, as I am sure many of you have experienced your share. I have learned that a cheerful, positive attitude is important to maintaining a happy life. [She does not use middle name Mae.] @2006

Corless, Merlene
6121 W. Valley View Drive
Highland, Utah 84003 US

Merlene and Ron Reeder
  • Work: 801-763-7111

Class of 1956. Merlene Corless. Varsity Cheerleader. Pep Club, Chorus, Library Staff, Soph Cheerleader, Junior Prom Committee. Married J. Rondel (Ron) Reeder. Her parents: Arthur Raymond Corless [1911 to 1958] and Alberta Pickup Corless [1912 to 1974]. Their children: Clifford Corless [BYH Class of 1950], Lajean Corless Stark (dec.), Merlene Corless [BYH Class of 1956], Francis Lee Corless Kieffer, and Clark Mills Corless. @2001. ~ ~ ~ ~ "I was born in Vernal, Utah and raised in Provo. I graduated from Brigham Young University High School (like the rest of you) in 1956, and attended Brigham Young University. It was there that I met my husband, James Rondell "Ron" Reeder. After his graduation, we moved to San Jose, California where both of our children were born. We have two children: Diane Renee' Reeder Ridge, and David Rondell Reeder. We also have seven grandchildren which are our joy and delight, and take up a great deal of our time. We never dreamed that being grandparents would be so much fun! Through the years I have been a "stay at home mom", a transcriber doing criminal statements and typing crime reports, a matron for the Sheriff's department, a Realtor, and have even played for Stockton, California's women's slow pitch baseball team. Ron retired from Orem High School after 34 years of teaching. He taught Earth Science, Biology, Geology and mostly Chemistry. I retired as the MBA Program Administrator after 21 years at Brigham Young University. We recently moved to Highland, Utah, and are fortunate to be next door to our daughter, Diane. Even though everyone teases us about being an "Everybody Loves Raymond" family, we have enjoyed being next to them and four of our grandchildren. Our son, David, lives in Valley Springs, California and works for the Stockton City Police Department. He told us that when he was young we told him to avoid trouble, not to stay out late, and keep away from guns. Now, he says he gets paid for doing just that. Just goes to show that your kids never do as they are told. Like all of you, we have had our trials and challenges; however, the blessings and enjoyment of life has far outweighed the problems we have had. We look back on our life with fond memories of our friends, and are looking forward to even more happiness than we have already been blessed with." @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ Email sent to bounced back. @2010

Davidson, Deon

Davidson, Deon
Lander, Wyoming US

Deon and Jack Banner

Class of 1956. Deon Davidson. She married Jack Banner. Deon was born September 1, 1938, and died December 29, 2004. Her parents were Peter Edward Davidson, born October 3, 1893 in Fairview, Utah; and Agnes Graham Davidson, born December 6, 1898 in Payson, Utah. They married on December 5, 1917 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had twelve children: 1. Edward Davidson. 2. Alfred "C" Davidson, born 1919 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died 1989 in Lyman, Wyoming. 3. James Amasa (Mary) Davidson, born 1920 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died 1996 in West Valley City, Utah. 4. Ruth Agnes Davidson, born 1923 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died in 1984 in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho. 5. LaMar Marion Davidson, born 1926 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died 1926 in Evanston, Wyoming. 6. Marlow Graham Davidson, born 1929 in Mountain View, Wyoming - died 1989 in Provo, Utah. 7. Douglas D. (Hattie) Davidson. 8. LeRoy Davidson [BYH Class of 1949]. 9. Melvin Davidson (Kaye) [BYH Class of 1951]. 10. Shirley Jean Davidson (David R. "Dick") Goodman [BYH Class of 1954?]. 11. Deon Davidson (Jack) Banner [BYH Class of 1956], born September 1, 1938 - died December 29, 2004. 12. ?? ~ ~ ~ ~ Although Deon's name and photo did not appear with senior class in 1956 Wildcat yearbook, Deon was indeed a member of the BYH 1956 graduating class!

Davies, Grant William
15704 SW 87th Ave.
Tigard, Oregon 97224-5682 US

Grant and Diana Kay Davies
  • Work: 503-684-0842

Class of 1956. Grant W. Davies. Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Lettermen, Interpretive Speech, French Club, Gun Club, Band, Chorus. He married Diana Kay Kirby. ~ ~ ~ ~ Grant grew up in Helper, Utah and attended school there through the tenth grade. While in Helper he lettered in football, basketball, track, and baseball. He was also sports editor of the school newspaper. Upon moving to Provo, he followed the recommendation of his football coach and enrolled at BY High. At BY High he also lettered in football, basketball, track and baseball. He most fondly remembers his senior year’s track team experiences. He participated in the "medley relay", an event in which the first runner ran 100 yards, the second ran 220 yards, the third ran 440 yards, and the final runner ran 880 yards. Grant ran the final leg, the 880 yards. He says that the team ran in five invitational meets that year and set meet records in four of those meets. Immediately upon graduation from BYH, Grant attended BYU for his freshman year. The next October (1957 through 1959) he was called on a mission to the Southern California Mission. Today there are nine missions serving the areas he labored in. After his mission, he returned to BYU. He worked in the BYU Bookstore where he became the "student assistant to the controller" his junior and senior years. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Math in 1964. He continued his schooling and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and School Administration in 1965. That year he signed a contract to teach physical education and be the intramural director at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon. Grant taught at PCC for thirty years, retiring from full-time teaching in 1995. During his years at PCC, Grant was an interim department chairman, coached various school teams (softball for 24 years, men’s and women’s bowling for 22 years, men’s and women’s volleyball for 15 years.) His teams won many conference and regional championships over those years. He is currently teaching Adult Fitness on a part-time basis. Grant married Diana Kay Kirby in 1968. She was a graduate of Utah State University, which has proved interesting talk in their home whenever BYU - USU played each other. They adopted five children, three born in Portland and two born in Thailand. They feel the Lord had a hand in bringing each child into their home. In one son’s patriarchal blessing he was told that he chose this family but that he had to come to them in a different way (this was one born in Thailand). Grant and Kay now have eleven grandchildren. Six are boys under the age of three years old. They see them often, and fortunately not all at once. Grant has held various positions in the Church. He is currently the High Priest Group Leader in his ward in Tigard, Oregon. @2006

Day, Thell Edward [Ted]
1333 W Gentile Street
Layton, Utah 84041-7203 US

Ted and Karen Day
  • Work: (801) 544-9676

Class of 1956. Ted Day. Football, Wrestling, Lettermen, Band, Seminary Play. He married Karen Peterson. His parents were Simpson Day and Myrl Rowley Day. Their children: Three sons: Simpson (Tunney) Day (Evelyn), Clearfield; Thell (Ted) Day [BYH Class of 1956] (Karen), Layton; Arthur C. Day (Joan Hurst-dec.) (dec.); and two daughters: Divina Day Snow, Clearfield; and Shirley (John) Butler, Clearfield. ~ ~ ~ ~ "After graduation from high school, I moved to Layton, Utah near Hill Field AFB. I met my wife, Karen Peterson, in the spring of 1960, and we were married in November of that year. We have five children and fourteen grandchildren, with two more on the way. We lived in Casper, Wyoming for about two years where our second child was born. We moved back to Layton, Utah and have lived there most of our married life. In 1981, I was in a serious car accident and spent two months in the hospital and nearly a year in a body cast. After several years and a lot of hard work I have recovered well. Through that experience I have learned how fragile life can be, and Karen and I try to treat each day as special. We have been more places than we ever dreamed possible. We have been to Jerusalem, Gaza, Egypt, Turkey, Japan, Germany, Austria, Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, and through the Panama Canal and the surrounding countries as well as most of the mainland United States. We had the privilege of being volunteers for the 2002 Olympics at the Olympic Park in Park City, Utah. Note: As an independent insurance agent, one of the companies I represented in 2003 asked for my education history. Of course, I listed my graduation from BY High and, when they tried to verify the information, the administrative employees at Brigham Young University were not aware that BYU ever had a high school. I had to send them a copy of my diploma for verification. Apparently, BYU does not even remember us. @2006

DeFriez, Philip Mac
279 E 400 N
Brigham City, Utah 84302-1836 US

Phil and Jenny DeFriez
  • Home: 435-723-8806

Class of 1956. Philip M. DeFriez. Wrestling, Childrens Theater, Thespians, Band, Soph Ball Committee. Married Jenny Nielsen. [Name is DeFriez not DeFries.] ~ ~ ~ ~ Philip Mac DeFriez graduated from Brigham Young High School in the Class of 1956. He then attended Utah Technical Institute – completed an accelerated program. Weber State College – night classes – no degree. Phil married Jenny Nielsen in May 1958 (a blessing from God). Blessed with five terrific children. Nineteen grandchildren (9 girls, 10 boys). Four great grandchildren (2 of each). Thirty-eight strong with spouses. Employment has included: Veterans Hospital, Fort Douglas – Nurses Aide, 1957-1958. Litton Industries – Machinist/Toolmaker Trainee, 1958-1961. Thiokol Chemical Corporation – Tooling Machinist Trainee Sr., 1961. Promotions/Positions at Thiokol: Journeyman, Leadman, Foreman, Machine Shop Training Instructor. MFG Planning Engineer – several years. Maintenance Sr. Planning Engineer – many years. Supervisor of Maintenance Control – the last 14 years, retiring early at age 59 after 37 years of service. Hobbies and activities are hunting, fishing and camping trips with family and friends. Snow skiing, motorcycle mountain and desert riding. Square dancing, western and ballroom dancing. Motorcycle touring and golfing – in later years. Enjoy and keep plenty busy maintaining yard, home, autos, and helping family, friends and elderly neighbors with maintenance tasks. Enjoy grandchildren’s sports and talent activities. Golf frequently and travel when we desire. @Jan2016

Denys, Sylvia
11 Waterside Lane
West Hartford, Connecticut 06107 US

Sylvia and Paul Wenger
  • Work: 860-521-4095

Class of 1956. Sylvia Denys. Legislative Forum State, Notre Maison President, Childrens Theater, French Club, Pep Club Co-Director of Marching, Ski Club, Thespians, Soph Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee. Married Paul Wenger. ~ ~ ~ ~ USU – Psychology. BYU – Anthropology. UCLA – Abnormal Psychology, Para Psychology, ESP, etc. Corcoran School of Art – BYU - and Harvard University. Anthropology and Ethnography Film – Jean Rouch from the Musee d’Homme – Paris. Married Paul N. Wenger, 1964, in Los Angeles, California. Paul was a Foreign Service Officer with the Agency for International Development as an attorney and economist. He served in thirty-eight countries with family postings in Paraguay, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Jamaica, and Senegal. Wife of Foreign Service Officer and film studies to record events and activities. Duties as wife of FSO included serving canapés and cookies to Third World Pooh-Baahs!!! (Otherwise known as Banana Republic Best Friends!). Favored activities include working with village potters in each country and filming women and children. My most beloved memory is my son, Lance Cole Wenger, born in Indonesia and now an attorney-at-law. Also my beloved Margays in Paraguay and Indonesia, and my work with wildlife conservation. Presently retired on Woodridge Lake in West Hartford, Connecticut, tending my garden and feeding squirrels and birds. @2006

Despain, Rodney Hans

Despain, Rodney Hans
Orem, Utah US

Rodney and Dee Despain

Class of 1956. Rodney H. Despain. Football, Baseball, Wrestling, Gun Club President, Rocks & Minerals Club, Camera Club, Chorus, Industrial Arts Award, Industrial Arts State Award, Seminary Play, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ His parents were Irvin Dale Despain and Margaret Domgaard Despain. I. Dale and Margaret had five children, K. Dale Despain [BYH Class of 1955] (Sonja) Provo; Rodney H. Despain [BYH Class of 1956] (Dolores) Orem; Kathryn Despain Bush (Robert) Ogden; D. Kim Despain (Michelle) Provo; and Diane Despain Worthington, Cedar Hills. ~ ~ ~ ~ Rodney married Delores (Dee or Jeannie) Sanders. BYU BS Geography 1963. The next few years following graduation included two years of school (Utah State and BYU), a two-year mission tour (Southern States), a short time with the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve (Gerald Hayward and I joined together because our deferments had expired, Mabel at the draft board had sent our induction notice, and we didn't want to be drafted). In 1962, I married Dolores (Dee or Jeannie) Sanders from Oregon, completed studies at BYU and went off to western Kentucky to earn my fortune as a City Planner. A couple years of on-the-job training, more school (Michigan State University) and three children later, we moved back to Provo, Utah for what was thought to be a temporary tour as a city planning consultant. Forty years later, I'm that much older, but not much else has changed. Dolores and I still live in Orem, Utah and I'm still working as city planner (Planning Director for the City of American Fork). We have four children; Matt (teaches at the University of Oklahoma); Lisa (writes, teaches and performs music in New York); Kirsten (teaches school in Mesa, Arizona), and Robin (an assistant curator at UVSC's Woodbury Gallery at the University Mall), but only two grandchildren. Our current interests include: spoiling the grandchildren; I still do woodwork (I never recovered from being the BY High shop bum); occasionally catch a fish or run a river; and Dee is an avid quilter. @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Rodney Hans Despain, born July 18, 1938 and died January 7, 2012. Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Dad knew he was an honest, caring, loving, and awesome man. So we think we get to brag on him just a bit. Our wonderful father and grandfather, Rodney Hans Despain, passed quietly the morning of January 7, 2013 surrounded by his family. Rodney was born July 18, 1938, in St. George, Utah, to Irvin Dale Despain and Margaret Domgaard Despain, the second of five children. In 1956 he graduated from Brigham Young High in Provo, Utah, did a stint in the U.S. Coast Guard, started his college education at Utah State University, and served an LDS mission in the Southern States. Dad then attended BYU and while there met his sweetheart Dolores Jean Sanders, and married her in the Manti Temple on September 20, 1962. After graduating from BYU Dad did his graduate work in urban planning at Michigan State. He returned to Utah to partner with his father in their firm Despain and Despain Consulting. During his career as a city planner, Dad worked for many cities throughout Utah, but spent the last thirty- five years primarily as the City Planner for American Fork. Rodney was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He served faithfully in many church callings and was a passionate genealogist. Dad liked to fish, hunt, and canoe, but his favorite pasttime was river running, especially on the Salmon River. What made the outdoors so special to him was sharing those moments with his kids, grandkids, and good friends. Dad loved working in his woodshop and always had some “project” in the works. He also loved good music, especially that by his kids and grandkids. He lived a rich life full of fond memories, great friendships, and a family that loves him deeply. Rodney is survived by his sweetheart Dolores and their four children: S. Matthew Despain (Tuzie), Norman, Oklahoma; Lisa DeSpain, New York, New York; Kirsten Despain-Silver (David), Parker, Colorado; and Robin DeSpain Carson (Richard), Provo. He is also survived by three grandchildren, Kalin Despain, Camryn “Rocky” Despain, and Kathryn Shiori “Boo” Carson, and by his siblings K. Dale Despain, Kathryn Bush, Kim Despain, and Diane Worthington. He is preceded in death by his parents. Funeral services will be held Friday, January 11, 2013, at 11 a.m., at the Orem Lakeview 8th Ward chapel, 165 West 1600 South, Orem, Utah. A viewing will be held the night prior, Thursday, January 10, 6 - 8 p.m., at Walker Sanderson Mortuary, 646 East 800 North, Orem, Utah. Interment, East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery, 4800 North 650 East, Provo, Utah. Condolences may be sent to the family at [Provo Daily Herald, January 8, 2013]

Eastmond, Elbert J., Jr. (1956)
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Bert and Bonnie Eastmond
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Class of 1956. Bert Eastmond. Football, Track, Wrestling, Camera Club, Rocks & Minerals Club, Soph Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee. BYU Masters in Art 1963. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ September 1980 Conference presentation: "A Management Information System Involving Personnel and Resources" (H. Bruce Higley and Elbert J. Eastmond, Jr.) examines the collection and use of faculty load information at Brigham Young University over the last 18 years. Forms, charts, and tables are included. ~ ~ ~ ~ Recipient of BYH President's Appreciation Award in April 1985. ~ ~ ~ ~ Though I was born in Provo, I was raised in Berkeley and El Cerrito, California. My parents, E. John (Jack) and Helen Swenson Eastmond, were living in Berkeley where my father was working for his PhD in Physics. I was born in May 1938 while they were visiting my mother's parents in Provo. Before school began again in the fall, my father came back and picked us both up and drove us to our home in Berkeley in our Model “T” Ford we named "Skippy". My earliest memories include the many picnic lunches with Dad on the Berkeley campus, and riding the ferry across the Bay to San Francisco and the Golden Gate Park to visit the zoo, the seals at the beach, and riding over the new Golden Gate Bridge. Christmas of 1950 found our family moving to Provo, where my father had accepted a professorship at BYU. I still vividly remember sledding from our BYU owned house, where the Marriott Center now stands, down the hill with two feet of fresh snow into the field where the Helaman Halls now stand. Less than two weeks later, I started attending BY High in the middle of my seventh grade. My experiences with friends and teachers during the next six years are among my cherished memories. During my senior year at BY High, I learned why I had never enjoyed playing tennis, golf, baseball, or even ping pong: I had an eye condition known as Retinitis Pigmentosa. Besides not being able to see well at night, I was developing tunnel vision. I had aspired to become an architect, and had worked for a local architect all three years in high school. In fact, I had witnessed the drawing up of the new Provo High School as well as the David O. McKay, Joseph F. Smith, and Ernest L. Wilkinson buildings on the BYU campus. I took the news pretty hard, especially the fact that I could soon be totally blind. After taking two years of classes at BYU, my bishop told me that the Lord wanted me to serve an LDS mission. After much prayer, I accepted a call to the British Mission, and witnessed many wonderful events take place immediately after the dedication of the London Temple including the great expansion of the church during the next two years from a single mission to four. Upon returning home and receiving a blessing telling me to be patient, that my future vocation was soon to be known, I decided to continue taking classes in Mathematics and Accounting, and for the first time, in Interior Design, so I could continue working for my former employer as a consultant, however brief it might be. I soon discovered that I had an artistic talent, and later, as promised, during accounting classes, was exposed to a brand new field, programming computers. Since no degrees were yet offered in computers, I obtained a BA in 1963 and an MS in 1965, both at BYU in Art and Design, and I have never regretted it. The day after graduation, I began full time work at BYU programming for the Payroll Department. Six months later, I accepted an offer at BYU to program for Institutional Research and Planning, an office responsible for accessing data from all other university systems on campus for analysis and reports. During the next thirty years, I witnessed both the marvelous growth at BYU, and the fantastic and rapid development of computer technology. Now that I am retired and blind, I still enjoy my own personal computer with its speech output, and more memory than those large computers BYU once had. When I started working for BYU, I met my wife, Bonnie, who was the control clerk in the Data Processing Center on campus. We were married in September 1966, and lived in Orem, Utah, where we raised our five children: Mark, Scott, Steven, Loriann, and Brian. With the exception of Brian, they have all married and we now have fourteen grandchildren. After retiring in 1994, we moved to American Fork and have lived there since. In 2001, Bonnie and I served in the Oregon Eugene Mission. (We were in the MTC during 9-11.) Last July (2005), we had a glorious time on a Church history tour in New York and Ohio, learning many new things about the church. Since then, I have been very busy on the internet, researching and doing temple work for our kindred dead. @2011

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