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Faux, Robert C.
675 North 1130 East
Provo, Utah 84606-4923 US

Bob Faux
  • Home: 801-373-7742

Class of 1965. Bob Faux. Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Forensics, Wildcat Yearbook Staff, Seminary 4 years. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU BS Social Work 1979. Alternate address: 867 East Center, Provo, Utah 84606-4923. Parents: Eugene J. Faux, M.D., and Georgia Cullimore Faux [BYH Class of 1940], married in Salt Lake City in 1942. They had five sons: Robert C. “Bob” Faux [BYH Class of 1965]; Greg Faux; Chris Faux, all of Provo; Mark Faux (Cheryl) of West Jordan; and Eugene L. “Gene” Faux [BYH Class of 1962] (Carolyn Terry) of Springville [@1997]. Memories: English's Nancy Johnson putting the football team in its place by "penalizing" it with 24 "F"s. Once she had my ear, she told me my writing abilities were splendid. I wonder where she is presently? I regret that fervor seems to have leaked out of this day. I chose not to be part of the Viet Nam protest. But I'm not going to completely miss out. I'm thus going to grow long hair that'll make sense to few -- except me. I'll fertilize it with Iraq frustration. That's the source of many of my poems. They are published by the Empire State Building's "Noble House". @2010

Frischknecht, Neil Jones
283 South 500 East
Midway, Utah 84049-6712 US

Neil and Judy Frischknecht
  • Cell: 801-915-4613
  • Home: 435-654-6351

Class of 1965. Neil J. Frischknecht. Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Y Club, Band, Seminary 4 years. Married Judy L. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU BA General Studies 1972. ~ ~ ~ ~ His parents: Neil C. Frischknecht and Barbara Kay Jones Frischknecht. Neil and Barbara had nine children, including: Cynthia Frischknecht; Kurt Frischknecht (Cheryl); Carol Ann Frischknecht [BYH Class of 1964] (Lee) Bahr, Bountiful, Neil Jones Frischknecht [BYH Class of 1965] (Judy L.), Midway, Utah; Joan Frischknecht (LaMar) Sayer, West Jordan Utah; Jill Frischknecht [BYH Class of 1969] (Don) Andrews, Spanish Fork, Utah; Bobby Jo Frischknecht [Barbara, BYH Class of 1971~Honorary] (Kerm) Jackson, Orem, Utah; Mark Frischknecht, Provo, Utah; Cheryl Jones Frischknecht, Las Vegas, Nevada; Jennifer Frischknecht, West Jordan, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ [Neil J. Frischknecht, Doctor of Optometry. Office: 3754 West 5400 South, Kearns, Utah, 84118 - 801-964-9911 - Retired?] ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate email: @2010

Gardiner, Lora Jean
748 East Center Street
Provo, Utah 84606-4922 US

Jeanie Campbell
  • Cell: 801-361-7002
  • Home: 801-375-5637

Class of 1965. Jeanie Gardiner [Lora Jean). Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Hi-Steppers Drill Mistress, Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Seminary 4 years, Junior Class Secretary, Girls State, National Merit Semi-Finalist. ~ ~ ~ ~ Owner, 1966 Cessna Fixed Wing Single Engine Aircraft. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU BS Nursing 1969. University of Utah MS 1972. Assistant Teaching Professor in Nursing, BYU. Candidate for School Board of Provo District 1, November 1994. ~ ~ ~ ~ Her parents: J. Max Gardiner and Mildred Jean (Monie) Bonnett. Max and Monie Gardiner's children include three daughters: Lora Jean (Jeanie) Gardiner [BYH Class of 1965] Campbell, Provo; Julie Dean Gardiner [BYH Class of 1970], Layton; and Shari C. Gardiner [BYH Class of 1972] Holweg (Timothy). @2010

Gibbons, Bruce
292 Galena Park Blvd
Draper, Utah 84020 US

Bruce and Kriss Gibbons
  • Work: 801-816-1113
  • Cell: 801-556-2840
  • Home: 801-553-2708

Class of 1965. Bruce Gibbons. Football, Wrestling, Track, Baseball, Y Club, Spanish Club, Drama, Band. ~ ~ ~ ~ His parents: Carlos Hamblin Gibbons and Emma Lou Milner (later divorced). In 1980 Carlos married Belva Joyce Howes Halladay. Carlos and Emma Lou had the following six children: David (Lori) Gibbons; Lorene Gibbons (Jack) Rasmussen; Carla Gibbons [BYH Class of 1964_H] (Gus) Udell; Bruce Gibbons [BYH Class of 1965] (Kriss); Barbara Gibbons (Karl Leavitt, ______) Pasket; and Paul (Bonnie) Gibbons. ~ ~ ~ ~ 2004: Bruce Gibbons, transportation director at Park City Utah School District. ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate email: @2010

Hansen, Karen
780 South 600 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102 US

Karen and Donald Hogan
  • Cell: 801-450-9950
  • Home: 801-328-8154

Class of 1965. Karen Hansen. French Club, Pep Club, Honor Society, Drama, Band, All State Band, Wildcat Yearbook Staff, Seminary 4 years, Mr. Willy Mascot, Trans. BYU 1969. Married Donald Hogan. Household: Karen Hansen Hogan, Donald Hogan, Sherrie A Hogan. ~ ~ ~ ~ Email sent to bounced back. @2010

Harston, Merrily
2217 Timpview Dr
Provo, Utah 84604-1710 US

Merrily and Gregory Stringham
  • Home: (801) 377-1883

Class of 1965. Merrily Harston. Pep Club, Hi-Steppers, F.H.A., Chorus, Band. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU Continuing Education 1991. She served an LDS mission to the Central California Mission from 1968 to 1970. Merrily married Gregory M. Stringham and they resided in Lowville New York. They have 3 children: Two daughters and one son. Merrily served as a seminary teacher in the Lowville Branch. They are now residing in Provo, Utah. Household: Merrily H. Stringham, Gregory M. Stringham, Mark W. Stringham, Ruth R. Stringham. ~ ~ ~ ~ Email sent to bounced back. @2010

Hatch, Jon [John A.]
3065 East Harmony Avenue
Mesa, Arizona 85204-6307 US

John and Renee Hatch
  • Home: 480-832-1542

Class of 1965. Jon Hatch [John A.] Basketball, Basketball All Region, Senator, Preferred Man, Trans. Married Renee. @2009

Hayes, Margaret Ann
1472 Thistle Downs Drive
Sandy, Utah 84092-4635

Meg and Rich Allen
  • Work: 801-571-6834
  • Cell: 801-808-7608
  • Home: 801-571-6834

Class of 1965. Meg Hayes (Margaret Ann). Senior Class Social Chair. Spanish Club, French Club, Pep Club, Ski Club President, Forensics, Newspaper Staff, Wildcat Yearbook Art Editor, Seminary 4 years, Twirler. BYU BA Art and Teaching Certificate 1970. First married: Dean C. Guinn. Second married: Rich Allen. Her parents: John Keith Hayes and Lillian Young Hayes, married 1946. They had seven children: Margaret Ann "Meg" Guinn Allen [BYH Class of 1965] (Rich Allen) Sandy, Utah; Geraldine Hayes Lasater (Houston Lasater), Bayfield, Colorado; John Keith Hayes, Jr., M.D. (Carol Ann Clark), Salt Lake City, Utah; Frederick Samson Hayes, (Danny Rill McCombs), moving to Box Elder County, Utah; Bonnie Jean Hayes Callis, (Charles Callis), Provo, Utah; Richard Young Hayes, Provo, Utah; and James Peter Hayes (dec.)[2004]. "I was a BYU graduate in 1970 in Art Education and French. Dean C. Guinn of Denver, Colorado and I married in 1972 after his graduation from BYU in German and English Education and a stint in the Army in Munich, Germany. We had six children: Sarah Jane, Peter, Hanni, Jenny, Alison and Patrick. We lived in Provo and Edgemont for 19 years in Cameron's and Frischknecht's neighborhood. Dean was a business partner at Provo Village Sports Den and The Post Horn. In 1991 we moved to Sandy, Utah. Dean taught at the Waterford School for 15 years. He passed away suddenly January 12, 2002. He was a great teacher, coach, husband and friend. My neighbor Rich Allen and I married in 2003. His wife Phyllis (Cutler) had Alzheimer's disease, passing away at the early age of 62. They also had six children. Rich was in business management and is mostly retired now in 2005. I taught art to children at Waterford School for seven years and am a substitute teacher there. A!mazingly, life goes on and is good." @2010

Hickenlooper, Ann

Hickenlooper, Ann
1317 E. 1500 S.
Mapleton, Utah 84664-5308 US

Ann and Dennis Tolley
  • Work: (801) 491-9385

Class of 1965. Ann Hickenlooper. Student Body Historian. Pep Club, Sweetheart Queen, Miss Autumn, Hi-Steppers, F.H.A., Drama, Band, Band Librarian, Newspaper Staff, Track, Soph Class Social Chair. BYU BA Political Science 1969. BYU MA Recreation Management & Youth Leadership 1994. Married H. Dennis Tolley, BYH Class of 1964. Alternate email: -- As of summer, 2005 - I just finished my second year of law school at BYU - one more year to go! I was elected president of the law school for next year - I ran as a dry run for future political elections I hope to be involved in. Dennis is still teaching at BYU and involved in lots of great projects. We are amazed at the great adult children we have, who have blessed us with 16 grandchildren. @2005 ~ ~ ~ ~ Nov 9, 2008: WORKSHOP: Ann Tolley, BYU Law School graduate, tae-kwon-do black belt and grandmother of 20 teaches women self-defense techniques that she developed during the eight years she ran a martial arts studio. Techniques covered will be simple. Women of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. @2008 ~ ~ ~ ~ Ann Hickenlooper Tolley is the Chair of the Class of 1965's 45th Year Reunion in 2010.

Hintze, Jerry Lund
329 North 1000 East
Kaysville, Utah 84037-1731

Jerry and Janet Hintze
  • Work: (801) 546-4094
  • Home: 801-546-0445

Class of 1965. Jerry Hintze. Chorus, Seminary 4 years. BYU BS Statistics 1971. BYU MS Statistics 1973. His parents: Royal Sears Hintze and Virgina May Lund Hintze, married July 12, 1946, in Manti, Utah -- they had three sons and three daughters: Jerry Lund Hintze [BYH Class of 1965] (Janet), Kaysville, Utah; Scott Lund Hintze [BYH Class of 1968] (Cheryl), Lakeshore, Utah; JoLynn Hintze (Nelson) Carter [BYH Class of 1969], Emily Ann Hintze (Rex) Jensen, and Mark (Mona) Lund Hintze, all of Provo, Utah [1998]. ~ ~ ~ ~ Number Cruncher Statistical System (NCSS), developed by Dr. Jerry L. Hintze, Kaysville, Utah, is used to facilitate standard statistical methods more efficiently.

Jacobson, Kathy A.
197 B 2nd Ave
Lyons, Colorado 80540 US

Kathy Jacobson
  • Cell: 303-927-9572
  • Home: 303-823-6026

Class of 1965. Kathy A. Jacobson. Spanish Club, Thespians, Drama, Band, Trans. Married ___ Lloyd, div. So far my 50s have been the most eventful decade of my life. Before the last class reunion I ended my married, moved cross country twice (to Wisconsin and back), returned to school and earned my B.A. degree, then moved back in with my parents to help take care of my Dad who had Alzheimer's disease. Since then I've worked as a corporate trainer, suffered a major bicycling accident (which took me one and a half years to recover from physically and to pay off financially), my ex-husband died, my Mother experienced a stroke, my Dad died, and then my son-in-law died. I moved to Ohio to live with my daughter. In Ohio I dedicated myself to writing full time and discovered I no longer had a passion for fiction. I realized I'd stayed with writing mostly because I loved teaching, and what I loved most about teaching was helping my students achieve their dreams. So now I've become a life coach and am certifying with the International Coaching Academy. And my daughter and I just moved to Seattle. Through all these events, I come to understand that my life isn't about the events; my life is about how I handle events and what I learn from them. I have a good life. My son and daughter-in-law live in Seattle. After eight moves in ten years, I'm ready to put down roots. We'll see. @2005 ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate email: ~ Updated address @2009.

Author of the following books:

Blue Skies and Promises, 1989
Home Ties, 1994
The Sheriff With The Wyoming Size Heart, 1998
Choosing Happiness, 2008
The Miracle Factor, 2008

Johnson, Cathryn

Johnson, Cathryn
West Jordan, Utah US

Cathy Oman

Class of 1965. Cathy Johnson. Spanish Club, Pep Club, Hi-Steppers, F.H.A., Seminary 4 years, Miss Autumn Attendant, Band, All State Band, All Conference Band. ~ ~ ~ ~ Married ____ Lloyd. Married ____ Oman. Children: Marlo Lloyd (Ty) Holmes, Marcus L. Lloyd, Jason R. [Lloyd] Oman. ~ ~ ~ ~ Her parents: Ralph Johnson and Donna LeeMaster Johnson. Cathryn is their only child. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Cathryn "Cathy" Johnson Oman. May 24, 1947 ~ October 12, 2012. Cathryn "Cathy" Johnson Oman, age 65, passed away on October 12, 2012 at her home in West Jordan, after a long battle with breast cancer. She was born on May 24, 1947 in Provo, Utah, to J. Ralph Johnson, and Donna Leemaster Johnson. Cathy attended B.Y. High School in Provo, graduating in May of 1965. Cathy had a long career in the construction industry, most recently with Kilgore Paving. She loved being in the sun, and cruising with the windows down. She found a new hobby later in life when she became a "Stampin' Up" demonstrator in February of 2007. She loved to craft, and cheer everyone up with her smile and greeting cards. She is survived by her three children, Marlo (Ty) Holmes, Lehi, Utah; Marcus L. Lloyd, West Jordan, Utah; Jason R. Lloyd, West Jordan, Utah; three grandchildren, Brittany (Barak) Rowett, American Fork, Utah; Wyatt S. Holmes, Jaden T. Holmes, Lehi, Utah; one great grandchild, Carson D. Rowett, American Fork, Utah. She was preceded in death by her parents Ralph and Donna Johnson. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made at any Goldenwest Credit Union in Cathy Oman's name. All contributions will be donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research in honor of Cathy. All family and friends are invited to join us in a celebration of Cathy's life. There will be a luncheon held on October 19, 2012 from 12-2 p.m. at 500 W 500 S, Lehi, Utah. [Provo Daily Herald, Monday, October 15, 2012.] Memorial Web Page

Johnson, Kristen Joy (1965)

Johnson, Kristen Joy (1965)

Shelley, Idaho US

Kristen Brooks

Class of 1965. Kristen Joy Johnson. Spanish Club, F.H.A., Thespians, Forensics, Chorus. Attended Church College of Hawaii 1967 (BYUH); BYU BS Business Education/Administrative Management 1970; BYU Idaho CE 1990. ~ ~ ~ ~ BIOGRAPHICAL INFO: Kristen Joy Johnson was born on September 12, 1947 in Blackfoot, Idaho. Her parents: William Cluff Johnson and Mary Barbara Hyde Johnson. ~ ~ Kristen married Robert Clyde Foster on March 28, 1969 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Robert was born on February 10, 1947 in Provo, Utah. He died on November 15, 1984 in Bingham Canyon, Utah. His interment, Orem, Utah. ~ ~ Kristen also married Ken Rollin McDougall on August 13, 1986. Ken was born on March 9, 1944 in Provo, Utah. He died on April 23, 1998. ~ ~ Kristen also married Terry Brooks. Kristen died on December 30, 2010 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Her interment, Shelley, Idaho. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Kristen Joy Foster Brooks was born in Blackfoot, Idaho, on September 12, 1947, to Cluff and Barbara Johnson. She spent much of her childhood in Great Falls, Montana. She graduated from Brigham Young High School in the Class of 1965. Later, she attended BYU, where she received a bachelor's degree in Business in 1970. In 1969, she married Robert "Clyde" Foster in the Salt Lake Temple. Clyde was a member of the U.S. Army, so Kristen spent many years traveling around the country and lived for several years in Germany. During these years, Kristen and Clyde were blessed with two daughters and six sons, who each brought much joy and adventure to Kristen's life. In 1984, tragedy struck when Clyde was killed in an accident, and Kristen was left to raise her eight young children alone. She courageously faced this challenge and eventually moved her family to Rexburg, Idaho, where she obtained a position working at Ricks College. While working full time and raising her children, she went back to school, and in 1995, she earned a master's degree in Education from Idaho State University. Education was always an important part of Kristen's life, in her career, as well as her private life. She spent over 14 years working for Ricks College/BYU-Idaho in the Continuing Education Department. Education was something she unfailingly encouraged in her children and everyone around her. In 1995, Kristen moved to Shelley, Idaho, and in late 2000, she met Terry Brooks at a singles dance. They soon fell in love, and in July 2004 they were married. Unfortunately, their happiness was tainted by illness; a few months before their marriage Kristen was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Although they knew their "happily ever after" would not happen in this life, Terry exhibited true love by his willingness to support Kristen throughout her illness. He loved and cared for her for the rest of her life, and Kristen was blessed to have her "Sweetie" by her side till the end. During her life, Kristen was a friend and "mother" to many people she came in contact with. She was a good listener who saw the good in everyone. She enjoyed traveling, the beach, music, dancing, playing with grandkids and she was one of Neil Diamond's biggest fans. She was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout her life and was a pillar of faith in her family. She lived up to her name and brought "Joy" through her love and selfless service to all those she came in contact with. Kristen passed away on December 30, 2010. Her family would like to thank all those who gave time to serve and help Kristen during her illness; many small acts of love and kindness helped to ease the hardships of her illness. Kristen is survived by her husband, Terry Brooks; her three brothers, Laron, Verlin and Maclom Johnson; her sister, Melissa Anderson; her children, Dawn (Pete) Erickson, Mark (Meg) Foster, Daniel (Sally) Foster, Christopher (Fay) Foster, John (Shanna) Foster, Matthew (Monica) Foster, David (Lalove) Foster and Becca (AJ) Foster; four stepchildren, Kristin (Marcus) Brooks, Paul Brooks, Jeremy Brooks and Eric Brooks; 15 grandchildren; and many others who considered Kristen a mother, sister and friend. Funeral services for Kristen were held in the Taylor LDS church building in Shelley, Idaho, 1101 E. 1250 North, on Friday, January 7, 2011. Interment, Taylor Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requested that donations be made in Kristen's name to the Idaho Falls Habitat for Humanity, P.O. Box 51055, Idaho Falls, ID, 83405. [Idaho Falls Post Register, January 2, 2011] Source.

Johnson, Kristine (1965)

Johnson, Kristine (1965)
8766 South 6200 West
West Mountain [Payson], Utah 84651 US

Kris and Ted Lee
  • Work: 801-465-5704
  • Home: 801-465-2900

Class of 1965. Kris Johnson [Kristine]. Varsity Cheerleader. Pep Club, Hi-Steppers, Ski Club, Chorus, Wildcat Yearbook Staff, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Junior Class Social Chair, Homecoming Queen Attendant. ~ ~ ~ ~ Born Oct. 1947. BYU BS Business Education/Administration Management 1970. Husband: Edward Rex (Ted) Lee, BYH Class of 1963. ~ ~ ~ ~ Kris: I'm still a member of the world's oldest profession -- sheepherding -- and still loving it. I've been extremely fortunate though my life both personally and professionally. Got a great husband, wonderful family, and fun work. We finally moved from Salt Lake and now live west of Payson. It's a great place. Work is play. Memories: I loved the catwalk. Every time we crossed it I wondered if it would hold us up. And I can't forget the victory dances in the main hall. Who can forget the carrells? It's hard to try to explain that concept to anyone. It often surprise me that my spelling and grammar are good and that I can add! @2005. I wasn't sure that going to BY High was a good move for Sheila and me, but it turned out to be the coolest move we made. Kristine Lee Profile Friends List Photos Groups Blogs Class Notes My Profile Report Help Member Information Preferred Full Name: Kristine J. Lee First Name: Kristine Last Name: Lee Maiden Name: Johnson Mailing Address Mailing Address City: Payson Mailing Address 1: 8766 South 6200 West Mailing Address State: UT Mailing Address Zip: 84651 Mailing Address Country: USA Phone Numbers Home Phone Number: 8014652900 Education Information 1 University: BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Major: BUSINESS ED/ADMIN MNGMENT Degree Type: Bachelor of Science Department/Colleges: Business Degree Year: 1970 Degree Status: Degree

Kimball, Colleen [Mary Colleen]
437 North 835 East
Lindon, Utah 84042-1529 US

Colleen and Gary Worthington
  • Work: 801-764-9451
  • Cell: 801-372-3041
  • Home: 801-221-7064

Class of 1965. Colleen Kimball [Mary Colleen Kimball]. Varsity Cheerleader 64. Senior Class Secretary. Pep Club President, Thespians, Drama, Chorus, Hi-Steppers, Ski Club, Wildcat Yearbook Staff, Soph Class Vice President, Student Council, Girls State, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Junior Varsity Cheerleader. ~ ~ ~ ~ Parents: Edwin Roberts Kimball and Althea Ashby Kimball, married in August of 1927 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had five children: two sons and three daughters. They are: Edwin Norman Kimball [BYH Class of 1950], of Sandy, Utah; Elaine Kimball [BYH Class of 1951] Busath, of Pleasanton, California; Dr. David Ashby Kimball [BYH Class of 1953], of Salt Lake City, Utah; Linda Kimball [BYH Class of 1961] Runyan, of Evergreen, Colorado; and Colleen Kimball [BYH Class of 1965] Worthington, Lindon, Utah. @1990 ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU Child Development & Family Relations 1971. ~ ~ ~ ~ Colleen married Gary H. Worthington. Her job: Kneaders Bakery - 1 LC, Member. 1990 North State, Orem, Utah 84057 - 801-764-9451. His job: Kneaders Bakery, Partner. Household: Colleen C. Worthington, Gary H. Worthington, James G. Worthington. ~ ~ ~ ~ Kneaders Bakery & Café. Gary Worthington grew up inhaling freshly baked bread in the kitchen of his childhood home in Grantsville, Utah, a small farming community 40 miles west of Salt Lake City. Decades later, Worthington still enjoys the comforting aroma, though now it comes from his own business. Worthington and his family operate Kneaders Bakery & Café, a chain known for European-style crusty breads and pastries. “We didn’t model Kneaders after any other bakery,” Worthington says. “It has evolved over the years.” He and his wife, Colleen Kimball Worthington, opened their first bakery café in Orem, Utah, about 45 miles south of the state capital, in 1997. Though they weren’t bakers, the Worthingtons got an education in restaurant management from Subway. They worked as franchisees for 12 years, operating nine Subway shops in Utah and Colorado. Wanting to strike out on their own, they sold the franchises and learned everything they could about bread at the American Institute of Baking in Manhattan, Kansas. In classes, they were introduced to crusty European-style breads, and the experience made an impression. “We fell in love with European breads,” Colleen says. That love drove the Worthingtons to Italy to visit a foodservice equipment manufacturer. They took lots of photos of Italian bakeries and other businesses to capture the look of a European operation. Since the first Kneaders opened, subsequent stores have been built with stone and stucco exteriors mimicking that style. Currently half the stores have Italian hearth ovens. Eventually all stores will be equipped with one, Colleen says. Breakfast offerings include: sandwiches served on freshly baked croissants, featuring eggs, cheese, and a choice of meat; freshly made, chunky cinnamon French toast served with a caramel sauce; sourdough pancakes; fruit smoothies; cinnamon rolls; and raspberry and chocolate filled croissants. Other pastries are also available. Soon Kneaders will add fruit parfaits for customers looking for something light and healthy, Colleen says. Soups, sandwiches, and deli salads are on the lunch and dinner menus. In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Kneaders sells breads, rolls, and other baked goods for customers to take home. The average check is $12.61. Freestanding stores, which average 3,000 square feet, have busy drive-thru windows that account for 30 percent of sales, Gary says. To speed up service, employees routinely leave the stores and use handheld POS devices to take orders from customers waiting in line in their cars. New restaurants under development will be built with seating for 90, twice the number of seats found in older stores. Each restaurant has its own kitchen, staffed with bakers and pastry chefs. The arrangement offers restaurants the ability to respond quickly to same-day requests for birthday cakes and other special orders, Colleen says. Customers get friendly, personal attention at Kneaders. The Orem store manager knows the first names of 70 percent of the regular diners. Colleen does too. She clears the dining room tables and takes orders at the drive-thru since she’s in the store every day. “I enjoy that,” she says. “We want to reach out and have a relationship with our customers. We have a huge percentage of return customers. It amazes me. Some days, we see the same people three times.” The Worthingtons learned a lot about managing employees and satisfying customers while operating their Subway units, and they continue to learn. While they take pride in the authenticity of the house special—crusty bread—the features that make it unique also cause challenges. All the loaves are baked without preservatives, so the breads have a short shelf life. Calculating how much bread to bake every day is the trickiest part of Gary’s job. “Probably the biggest challenge is we do everything fresh,” he says. “The challenging part is to make sure we have enough and don’t have too much left over. We don’t sell day-old breads.” Kneaders is having a growth spurt. In the coming months, franchise operators will open five more stores in Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. Franchisees can expect to spend $25,000 for the initial franchise fee, and a minimum of $200,000 for the bakery café, leasehold costs, and equipment purchases. ~ ~ ~ ~ Kneaders Bakery & Café President: Gary Worthington. HQ: Orem, Utah. Year Started: 1997. Annual Sales: $8 million. Total Units: 6. Franchise Units: 5. @2010 Note: January 30, 2010: "Thanks so much. This is the best way to reach me. I will be in Italy for 3 weeks in May so I will not be able to attend the reunion. Please tell everyone hello for me. I would love updates on everyone. Thanks for all of your hard work." Colleen @2010

Koralewski, Darlene
357 North 400 West
(Temporarily in Alaska)
Hyrum, Utah 84139 US

Darlene and Bill Brown
  • Home: 435-245-4184

Class of 1965. Darlene Koralewski. Darlene's brother, Dan Koralewsky, was an honorary member of the BYH Class of 1966. ~ ~ ~ ~ "When trying to share high school memories with my children, I tried to explain how the carrell system worked. I could never tell them without laughing. I always had to pull a BYH yearbook from the shelf so they could see and better understand. All the silly antics sure made learning fun. I remember Jerry Hintze sitting in the carrell next to me. I was slowly working my way through algebra and geometry, but I could hear him just whipping through the pages. How discouraging for me but great for him. Over the years when I have reflected back on my growing up years, I have attributed my strength and testimony of the gospel to the years I attended BY High. Finishing my last two years in a public high school in California helped me realize how much BY High has done for me. Thanks for remembering me! I also remember how much fun it was to stop our way across the catwalk making as much noise as possible. A sad memory was when they turned our beehive fountain into a potted plant. My home is now an empty nest, with our youngest child serving a mission in Brazil. But our home is always filled with family. We have lived in Hyrum for 25 years. We thoroughly enjoy living in Cache Valley even with the cold winters. Bill is retired from LDS Family Services. He has worked for the Church for almost 40 years. I worked for a company called SEI, which is designs scrapbook papers. My husband and I are leaving May 5, 2009 for a mission to Alaska, but we can still receive emails." @2009 ~ ~ ~ ~ Re: 2010 All Classes Reunion: It sounds like a delightfully fun and memorable event and if we were at our home in Cache Valley, we would attend. However, I and my husband will still be in Alaska serving our mission. Thanks for the invite and information. Sister Darlene Brown. @July2010

Lambert, Melodee
4627 South Quiet Circle
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-3900

Melodee Lambert
  • Work: 801-957-4381
  • Home: 801-268-8830

Class of 1965. Melodee Lambert. Student Body Second Vice President. Spanish Club, Pep Club President, F.H.A., Thespians, Honor Society, Drama Superior State, Chorus, Americanism Oratory Winner, Delegate to Youth Senate, Model U.N. Associate Professor, Salt Lake Community College, Business Communication and Philosophy. "I graduated from BYU in 1970, taught English and Sociology at Orem High from 1971-80, did administrative work at Stanford University in the Cardiology Division from 1981-85, and I am now in my 21st year as a writing teacher in the School of Business at Salt Lake Community College." ~ ~ ~ ~ Her parents: Carlyle Ballif "C. B." Lambert and Carol Bement Lambert. They had six children: John Carlyle Lambert [BYH Class of 1959] (Heather Paterson), Monroe Township, New Jersey; Carolann Lambert [BYH Class of 1960] (Robert) Eastmond, Las Vegas, Nevada; Melodee Lambert [BYH Class of 1965], Salt Lake City, Utah; Brian Ballif Lambert [BYH Class of 1968] (Becky), Mapleton, Utah; Janine Lambert [BYH Class of 1970] (Eric) Nelson, Stockton, California; and Lisa Lambert, Provo, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate email: @2005

Larsen, Sandy [Sanrolane]
16003 Algrave Lane
Spring, Texas 77379

Sandy and Malcolm Richards
  • Home: 832-482-0667

Class of 1965. Sanrolane "Sandy" Larsen. She graduated from BYU. She earned a Ph.D. at Texas A&M University. She married R. Malcolm Richards of Farmington, Utah. They have five children: York Richards; Greg Richards; Ryan Richards; Rochelle Richards; and Stephanie Richards (dec.) In the past they lived in College Station, Texas where her husband has been a Business professor. Sandy and Malcolm then moved to Dubai, United Arab Emerates. Her parents are Richard Lewis Larsen and Lois Larsen. Richard and Lois had five children: Sanrolane "Sandy" Larsen [BYH Class of 1965~H) Richards; Annette Larsen [BYH Class of 1970]; Richard Joseph Larsen [BYH Class of 1971]; Shauna Larsen [BYH Class of 1973] VanWagoner; Lewis Franklin Larsen [BYH Class of 1974]; and Gregory Knowlton Larsen [BYH Class of 1976]. @2006

Lewis, Linda Jean
939 South Donner Way Apt 213
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108-2148 US

Linda Jean Lewis
  • Home: 801-581-1775

Class of 1965. Linda Jean Lewis. F.H.A., Thespians, Drama, Seminary 4 years. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU BS Microbiology 1972. @2010

McKinnon, Max Eugene, Jr.
1914 Gregory Way
Bremerton, Washington 98337-5701 US

Max and Jill McKinnon
  • Home: (360) 782-2277

Class of 1965. Max McKinnon. Football, Basketball, Track, Y Club, French Club, Ski Club, Drama, Wildcat Yearbook Staff, Seminary 4 years. His parents: Max Eugene McKinnon, Sr., and Tresa Andersen McKinnon, of Mesa, Arizona. They have six children: Cathlene LaRue McKinnon [BYH Class of 1961] (Maurice) Darrington; Marilyn McKinnon [BYH Class of 1964] (Robert Stewart) Beck; Max Eugene McKinnon, Jr. [BYH Class of 1965]; Cheryl McKinnon [BYH Class of 1968], Merle McKinnon, Troy McKinnon, and Cara McKinnon [1998]. ~ ~ ~ ~ Household: Max E McKinnon Jr, Scott A. Engelker, Jill S. Mckinnon, @ Tresa A. Mckinnon. @2009 ~ ~ ~ ~ Email sent to bounced back. @2010

McNamara, Marilyn
877 North 750 East
Orem, Utah 84097-4271 US

Marilyn and Bruce Gurney
  • Home: 801-224-1071

Class of 1965. Marilyn McNamara. French Club President, Pep Club, Hi-Steppers, F.H.A., Ski Club, Chorus, Seminary 4 years, Miss Autumn Attendant. BYU BS Elementary Education 1971. Married Bruce B. Gurney. Household: Bruce B. Gurney, Marilyn M. McNamara, Kenneth B. Gurney, & Tiffany F. Gurney. @2009

Miller, William E. Jr.
1521 Concord Way, Unit A
Chula Vista, California 91911-7602 US

Bill Miller
  • Home: 619-397-5630

Class of 1965. Bill Miller. Student Body 1st Vice President. Football All State, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Y Club, Spanish Club, Chorus, Band, Seminary 4 years, Boys State. Bill Miller is a Dentist in Chula Vista, California. News: Still single in San Diego. Three terrific sons, none married yet. Two will graduate from Arizona State University this year [2005]. I fish for salmon and halibut in Alaska each year -- watch out for the bears. Memories: Winning the State Basketball Championship when we were sophomores; getting trapped by a train while searching for rocks for Kris for Junior Prom -- honest! @2005 Household: William E. Miller Jr. and Juliann N Miller. @2009 Dr. William E. Miller Jr. DDS, General Dentistry, 480 4th Ave, Suite 310, Chula Vista CA, 91910 - 619-425-8060 ALSO: William E Miller Jr Dentistry, 180 Otay Lakes Rd No. 206, Bonita, CA 91902 - (619) 470-7095 @2010

Morgan, Elaine
1248 North1400 West
Provo, Utah 84604-6039 US

Elaine and Ellis Austill
  • Work: 801-377-0429

Class of 1965. Elaine Morgan. Spanish Club, Pep Club, Hi-Steppers, F.H.A., Ski Club, Thespians, Drama, Chorus, Newspaper Staff. She married Ellis Earl Austill. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER HUSBAND'S OBITUARY: Ellis Earl Austill passed away on December 8, 2008 in Provo, Utah. He was born to Marjorie Colledge and Lester Earl Austill in Garden City, Kansas on February 14, 1944. Ellis met his beloved wife, Elaine Morgan, while attending BYU. They have lived most of their married life in Provo. Ellis had worked at a variety of different occupations during his life. At the time of his passing he was a Clinical Engineer at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. He did whatever he needed to do to support his family. He was a member of the LDS Church Grandview 16th Ward. He served an LDS mission in the Southern Germany Mission. He loved teaching in his church positions. He worked in scouting for 18 years. He was a faithful member of the church. Ellis loved his family, especially his grandchildren. He was a friend to everyone. Ellis is survived by his wife, Elaine; children: Tayna (Scott) Kahn, Jeffrey (Barbara) Austill, Darren (Dianna) Austill, Tiffany (Nathan) Burt and Allison (Chris) Chambers; siblings: Sue Wilde, Jeffry (Linda) Austill, Lyle (Teressa) Austill, Marie Adamson, Kevin (Kathy) Austill, Tracy (Colleen) Austill and Cary Austill; and 18 1/2 grandchildren. Funeral services were held on Saturday, December 13, 2008 at the Grandview 16th Ward Chapel, 1260 West 1150 North, Provo. Interment, Provo City Cemetery. [Deseret News, December 11, 2008.]

Nibley, Paul S.
495 East 3400 North
Provo, Utah 84604-4664 US

Paul Nibley
  • Work: (801) 377-4818

Class of 1965. Paul Nibley. Wrestling, Drama, Forensics, Band, Wildcat Yearbook Staff, Seminary 4 years, Industrial Arts Service Award. BYU BA Designer Technician - Fine Arts & Communications 1972. His parents: Hugh Winder Nibley and Phyllis Nibley -- they had eight children: Paul S. Nibley [BYH Class of 1965], Provo, Utah; Thomas H. Nibley [BYH Class of 1968], Glendale, California; Zina Nibley Petersen, Provo; Christina Nibley Mincek, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida; Michael Nibley, Washington, D.C.; Alex Nibley, Salt Lake City, Utah; Rebecca Nibley, Eagle Mountain, Utah; and Martha Beck, Phoenix, Arizona. Memories: I remember the days when all of the boys had to run up to the old BYU stadium for gym class with Coach Jed Gibson. Our lockers and showers were located in an old wooden building, and the coach had an office there. One day Gibson was interviewing us one at a time about grades or something, and when my turn came I left the field where we were doing track stuff, and went in to his office. As I went inside I passed an old door that was nailed shut. It divided the locker room hall from another locker room on the other side. I could hear talking and laughter on the other side of the door. The voices were female. I moved down the hall to the office. After the business in the office, I came back out into the hall. I was all alone and couldn't help but notice that the door had a small hole drilled in one panel. I could still hear the girls talking. I went toward the door with every hope of enjoying the scene on the other side. Just as I put my eye to the hole, Coach Gibson's voice came roaring out of his office: "Get away from that door!" The timing was perfect. I jumped away from the door and ran outside to send the next victim in. @2005 ~ ~ ~ ~ Job: Paul Nibley Productions, President. @2009

Peterson, Randall [C. Randall] [1965]
28714 SE Moreland School Road
Blue Springs, Missouri 64014-6005 US

Randy and Sheralyn Peterson
  • Home: 816-229-7367

Class of 1965. Randy Peterson [Cornelius Randall Peterson]. Wrestling, Tennis, Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Debate President, Forensics, Senior Senator, Homeroom Rep, Boys State, State Industrial Arts 2nd Place, Model U.N. I have had a variety of business experiences, including living in Hawaii for nearly six years. For the past 25 years I have lived in Blue Springs, Missouri. A friend and I started a company named Continental Tax Corporation in 1988. For ten years we confirmed and reconciled fixed asset registers with actual assets for companies like United Technologies, Chrysler & Rubbermaid all over the United States and in Canada. Currently marketing with a natural juice from the mangosteen fruit. It was found in Thailand where it is the national fruit, called the "Queen of Fruits" both for its delicious flavor, and for the traditional health benefits associated with its use. Many beneficial effects result from a new category of compounds named Xanthones, more than 40 of which are found in the rind or pericarp which is included in the juice. One of these xanthones apparently kills cancer cells. Many people have seen results with diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure and other challenges. @2005 ~ ~ ~ ~ I am teaching math at Central High School, an inner-city school in Kansas City, Missouri. Knowing how I was in high school has made me much more patient. Maybe in some way I can erase those black marks in heaven I got for sleeping every day in Mrs. Caine's class (right after lunch), and putting my head down in Mr. Bennion's physics class. Next time I go to high school, I will try to be better. :-) @2007 ~ ~ ~ ~ Household: Cornelius R. Peterson, S. Peterson, Sheralyn Peterson. @2009

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