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411, BYA Collegiate Students

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In this Alumni Directory, our focus is on the often-forgotten BY Academy secondary senior classes between 1877 and 1903, and on the BY High School senior classes from 1904 to 1968.

In 1881 Brigham Young Academy's Scientific Department broke new ground by awarding a "collegiate diploma" to James E. Talmage, the first such BYA diploma to be issued. This raised serious questions about whether a secondary school could issue a "collegiate diploma" that would be recognized by colleges. James Talmage and others were required to take extra tests at other colleges before their collegiate credential was accepted.

BYU and the BYU Alumni Association keep records of BYA collegiate-level graduates, but have not in the past kept comprehensive lists of BYA high-school-level graduates. That is why our emphasis in this Directory is on high school graduates. Nevertheless, in this Directory we will also track the relatively small number of BYA students who received BYA collegiate degrees between 1881 to 1903, simply to avoid confusing the two groups, and because there is much overlapping. [We have also added the earliest BYU graduates, 1904 to 1935, for the same reasons.]

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Evans, Eleazer

Evans, Eleazer
Lehi, Utah US

Eleazer Evans

BY Academy High School Class of 1882 (secondary) [and 1883 (collegiate)]. Eleazer Evans of Lehi, Utah. Graduated June 16, 1882 with Mercantile Bookkeeping certificate. 21 members of the Class of 1882 are mentioned. Source 1: Deseret Evening News, June 19, 1882. Source 2: Territorial Enquirer, June 21, 1882. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYA High School Class of 1883. Graduated Friday, June 15, 1883, but with a "collegiate" Normal diploma with an emphasis in Science. Source: Territorial Enquirer, Friday, June 15, 1883.