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Fisher, Terri
4503 E. Crystal Hill Circle
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Terri and Larry Jensen

Class of 1968. Terri Fisher. Student Body Historian, 1967. Student Body 1st Vice President, 1968. [See More Info link.]

Ford, Larry Creed, Sr.

Ford, Larry Creed, Sr.
Irvine, California US

Larry and Diane Ford

Class of 1968. Larry Ford. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Larry Creed Ford, Sr. passed away in Irvine, California on March 2, 2000. He was born in Provo, Utah on September 29, 1950, to Creed and Gladys Ford. Larry’s many years of education included Brigham Young High School, where he graduated in 1968. Two years later he married his high school sweetheart, Diane Lewis, in the Salt Lake Temple. Larry attended and graduated BYU with honors, earning a degree in Microbiology, and furthered his education at UCLA Medical Center, earning an MD degree in 1975. Larry is survived by the family he supremely loved — his wife and three children, Larry Jr., Scott, and Kerilyn, and his father Creed. Larry was an active researcher and successful physician, securing many patents and treating countless patients and friends. Larry also had a passion for family history and temple work, spending innumerable hours involved with genealogy and serving as a temple worker in the San Diego Temple. Larry has left a legacy of compassion and service and will be sorely missed by the legions of those whose life he has touched. Interment, Provo Cemetery.

Fugal, Jens P.
580 North 900 East
American Fork, Utah 84003

Jens Fugal
  • Work: (801) 756-7470

Class of 1968. Jens Fugal. BYU BA Spanish & Portuguese 1974. BYU JD Law 1977. Jens P. Fugal, Attorney, 580 North 900 East, American Fork, UT 84003-1986 - Phone: (801) 763-5051. Alternate address: 1006 W. 1100 N., Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062-9650 @2001.

Goff, Paula
2514 Snowmass Court
Grand Junction, Colorado 81503-1752 US

Paula and Gregory Trainor
  • Work: (970) 245-7613

Class of 1968. Paula Goff. BYU BA 1973. Married Gregory O. Trainor.

Golightly, Gary D.
1530 Oak Cliff Drive
Provo, Utah 84604-3722 US

Gary and Janeen Golightly
  • Work: (801) 377-3063

Class of 1968. Gary Golightly. Sports Editor of Brigadier Newspaper in 1967-68. BYU 1973. Gary Golightly, Director, Community Development Specialists (CDS) & Associates. Age: 43 [in 1994]. Born in Provo, Utah. Family: wife, Janeen R. Severson, and children Tia, Dirk, Taleese, Keely, and Aubree. Education: Brigham Young High School Class of 1968; Business and Communications major at BYU. Primary products: Economic and real estate development. Number of employees: 2. Profile: -- First ``real'' job: Worked at LDS Seminary Distribution Center (underneath BYU stadium at the time) through his high school years. -- Management style: Surround myself with the most skilled, reliable and talented people that can be found, then let them do their thing while I do mine. -- Key to success: ``When a job is once begun, never leave it until it is done. Be it labor great or small, do it well or not at all.'' -- One lesson I have learned in my work: Life in business is made up of ambiguous victories and defeats - claim them all as victories. -- What I like about my line of work: The opportunity to be innovative and visionary. To network with great people and accomplish the perceived impossible. -- My heroes: Whitey Egbert (my Little League coach). -- Leisure time and hobbies: Doing family things, most sports, golf, fishing, even yard work. -- Favorite book: Any Og Mandino book. -- Favorite movie: ``Anne of Green Gables.'' [Published in the Deseret News, Wednesday, May 4, 1994, Executive Focus series.] Alternate address: Gary D. Golightly, PO Box E, Provo, Utah 84603. Brigham Young Academy Foundation Member.

Haffner, Rosemary Poke
PO Box 71216
Fairbanks, Alaska 99707 US

R. Poke Haffner
  • Cell: 907-460-7630
  • Home: 907-479-0111

Class of 1968 and 1969, graduating Junior. Rosemary Poke Haffner. BYU BA French in 1972. Magna Cum Laude. BYU Honors Program Highest Honors. MA Philosophy, Yale University 1972-1973. M.Phil Philosophy, Yale University 1975-1977. Columbia University School of Law, NY, NY, 1977-78. Boalt Hall, Berkeley, California, 1978-1980. Traveled and lived abroad in India and Europe. Employed in Attorney General's Office, State of Alaska 1989 for several years. Freie Universitaet, Berlin, Germany 1997-1998, Veterinary Medicine, successfully completed one year and withdrew. Employed by State of Alaska Attorney General's Office January 2001.

Hanson, Kim
79 West 720 North
PO Box 40
Mayfield, Utah 84643 US

Kim and Stan Southam
  • Work: 435-528-3566

Class of 1968 and 1969, graduating Junior. Kim Hanson. Class Social Chair. News Editor of Brigadier Newspaper in 1967-68, Junior Class Party Committee. BYU BS Elementary Education & Teaching Certificate 1982. Kim married Stan Southam. @2009

Hintze, Paul F.

Hintze, Paul F.
14838 Brookhaven Place
Chesterfield, Missouri 63017-3451 US

Paul and Patti Hintze
  • Home: 636-394-8921

Class of 1968. Paul Hintze. President of the Senior Class of 1968, the last senior class president in the history of BYH. Chorus President 1968. Senior Dinner Commitee. BYU BA General Studies 1974. University of Utah Medical School M.D. 1978. Earned Dean's Award. Washington University, St. Louis Internal Medicine and Rheumatology. Currently Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of St. John's Mercy Medical Center. Married Patti Porter, BYH Class of 1970. They have eight children: Amy Hintze Bonnett; Heather Hintze Munns; Karie Lyn Hintze Ramos; Emily Jane Hintze, Amanda Hintze Wilson; Jonathan Hintze; Robert Hintze; and Matthew Hintze. Paul's brother is Wayne Hintze, BYH Class of 1969. @2006

Hintze, Scott Lund
1426 Grand Avenue
Provo, Utah 84604

Scott and Cheryl Hintze
  • Work: (801) 840-2439

Class of 1968. Scott Hintze. BYU 1973. Married Cheryl. His parents: Royal Sears Hintze and Virgina May Lund Hintze, married July 12, 1946, in Manti, Utah -- they had three sons and three daughters: Jerry Lund Hintze [BYH Class of 1965] (Janet), Kaysville, Utah; Scott Lund Hintze [BYH Class of 1968] (Cheryl), Lakeshore, Utah; JoLynn Hintze (Nelson) Carter [BYH Class of 1969], Emily Ann Hintze (Rex) Jensen, Mark (Mona) Lund Hintze, all of Provo, Utah [1998].

Howard, Glorianne
11412 N. 76th Place
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260-5502 US

Glorianne Bailey
  • Work: (480) 991-1816

Class of 1968. Glorianne Howard. Married Michael F. Bailey.

Huntington, Sharon J.

Huntington, Sharon J.
Denver, Colorado US

Sharon Huntington

Class of 1969. Sharon J. Huntington. A member of the Class of 1969 -- may have graduated with the Class of 1968. Sharon Huntington. An accomplished staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor, she was born on August 3, 1951 in Utah. Sharon J. Huntington died in Denver, Colorado on August 4, 2006. She was 55, and died of cancer. ~ ~ ~ ~ SAMPLE ARTICLES: What's in a Biblical name: A child's name used to reflect his or her character. now we give character to our names. The Christian Science Monitor | Date: May 22, 2001 | Byline: Sharon J. Huntington. Of the 10 most popular boys' names given to babies in 2000, eight are found in the Bible. Four of the top 10 girls' names are there as well. Many parents don't even think about where a name comes from when they give their children names. They just like the sound or have a friend or relative with that name. But in the days of the Bible, names were much more meaningful. How would you like to be named Hairy, or Refreshment, or The Spoil Speeds, the Prey Hastens? Your name may actually have a meaning like this, but it's not so obvious... ~ ~ ~ ~ ARTICLE: Moon mysteries: Our solitary satellite has already told us a lot about life on Earth - and it has lots more to say. The Christian Science Monitor | Date: June 18, 2002 | Byline: Sharon J. Huntington. It was the moon that helped to tell us why dinosaurs disappeared. Scientists studied how impacts might have caused the craters on the moon. Their research helped others theorize how a huge rock crashing into the Earth might have wiped out many forms of life here, including the dinosaurs... ~ ~ ~ ~ ARTICLE: Caution: Ingenious animals at work; We used to think that humans were the only tool-users. But now chimps, crows - even dolphins - have been spotted using them. The Christian Science Monitor Article date: April 19, 2005. Byline: Sharon J. Huntington. How often do you use tools? Every day? If you're thinking of a hammer or saw, you might say you don't use tools very often. But a tool can be any object you use to get something done. A fork is a tool. So is a pencil. We use tools all the time. People used to think this was one way we humans were different from animals, because animals don't use tools. Then scientists began to discover animals using tools, sometimes in very clever ways. Because animals in captivity were easier to watch than those in the wild, people first observed tool use by zoo animals. They noticed that chimpanzees would pick up a stick and wave or throw it at another... ~ ~ ~ ~ MORMON BIBLIOGRAPHY: Huntington, Sharon J., “Ears to Hear.” Leading Edge, no. 17 (Summer 1988): 60–70. ~ ~ ~ ~ [Sharon's last known residential address was: 3321 Broadway St Magna, UT 84044-2026 - (801) 252-0189. She was still using her maiden name; no knowledge if she married.]

Innes, James W.
535 East 400 South
Lehi, Utah 84043-3550 US

Jim Innes
  • Work: (801) 768-9667

Class of 1968. Jim Innes. BYU BS Family Home & Social Sciences 1976. Vice President, Administration, Utah Valley State College, Provo, Utah.

Johnson, Anita
22440 S Hawes Rd
Queen Creek, Arizona 85242 US

Anita and Jim Mason
  • Home: 480-861-4876

Class of 1968. Anita Johnson. ~ ~ After graduation from BYH, Anita attended BYU and Utah Tech, where both of her parents were teachers. Anita worked for both the Mesa Police Department (where she met Jim Mason) and the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. While at the County Attorney's Office she fulfilled her dream of earning her degree. She received a Bachelors in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Jim and Anita have four (4) children, eight (8) grandchildren and one adorable great-granddaughter. @2018

Keeler, Janice

Keeler, Janice
Sandy, Utah US

Janice and Boyd Butler

Class of 1968. Janice Keeler. Played a leading role in "Summons of Sariel" in December 1967. BYU Special Education. Married Boyd L. Butler. Her parents: Joseph Jensen Keeler and Virginia Bowles Keeler; they had five daughters and one son: Kathleen Keeler Murphy [BYH Class of 1954], Mary Anne Keeler Jolley [BYH Class of 1957], Marie Keeler Blanchard, Claudia Keeler Pickering [BYH Class of 1964], Janice Keeler Butler [BYH Class of 1968], and George Brent Keeler. ~ ~ ~ ~ OBITUARY: Janice Keeler Butler died Aug. 31, 2000, after 50 years of serving others. She was born on May 13, 1950 to Joseph Jensen and Virginia Bowles Keeler. She graduated from BY High School in 1968 and Brigham Young University in Special Education. Janice actively loved people. Her liveliness and vibrant sense of humor accompanied her in travel, play and work. Janice was dedicated to developing the potential of the challenged child, altering lives and bringing hope. She married Boyd L. Butler in the Salt Lake LDS Temple Dec. 17, 1971 continuing as an active member of the LDS faith. Survivors include husband, Boyd Butler; mother, Virginia Bowles Keeler; children, Melissa, Courtney Ann, Brian Kent, Christopher Lee, Benjamin Joseph; sisters, Kathleen Murphy, Mary Anne Jolley, Marie Blanchard, Claudia Pickering; and brother, George Brent Keeler. Her father preceded her in death. Services were held Sat. Sept. 9, 2000, at the Crescent LDS 2nd Ward. Interment, Provo City Cemetery. [Deseret News, Wednesday, September 6, 2000.]

Keith, David O.
679 East 220 North
American Fork, Utah 84003-2050 US

David Keith
  • Home: (801) 756-7786

Class of 1968. David O. Keith. BYU BS Mechanical Engineering 1978. BYU MS Mechanical Engineering 1978. @2010

Lambert, Brian Ballif

Lambert, Brian Ballif
1401 East 1200 North
Mapleton, Utah 84664-3908 US

Brian and Becky Lambert
  • Work: (801) 489-4336

Class of 1968. Brian Lambert. He married Becky Sue Redd, BYH Class of 1968. Dr. Brian Ballif Lambert, BYU BS Physical Education 1972. ~ ~ ~ ~ His parents: Carlyle Ballif "C. B." Lambert and Carol Bement Lambert. They had six children: John Carlyle Lambert [BYH Class of 1959] (Heather Paterson), Monroe Township, New Jersey; Carolann Lambert [BYH Class of 1960] (Robert) Eastmond, Las Vegas, Nevada; Melodee Lambert [BYH Class of 1965], Salt Lake City, Utah; Brian Ballif Lambert [BYH Class of 1968] (Becky), Mapleton, Utah; Janine Lambert [BYH Class of 1970] (Eric) Nelson, Stockton, California; and Lisa Lambert, Provo, Utah. @2005 Webpage

Lee, Leonard A.
1038 South 110 West
Orem, Utah 84058 US

Leonard Lee
  • Work: (801) 224-3945

Class of 1968. Leonard Lee. BYU BA University Studies 1976.

Maas, John Clayton
4479 Summerview Circle
Bountiful, Utah 84010 US

John and Shauna Maas
  • Work: (801) 397-5212

Class of 1968. John Maas. Student Body President. Married Shauna. John C. Maas, Education: BYU BA Art and Design 1975. USU Master of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning 1978. Registered Landscape Architect, States of Utah and Idaho. Past Member, Layton City Planning Commission. Professional Background: Allred Soffe Wilkinson & Nichols, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1985-Present. MGA Land Planners, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1981-1985. Edward D. Stone Jr. & Associates, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 1980-1981. Bountiful City Planning Department, Bountiful, Utah, 1978-1980. Project Experience: Willow Pond Park, Murray, Utah. Nielsen’s Grove Park, Orem, Utah. Canyon Park, Orem, Utah. Lone Peak Park, Sandy, Utah. Golden Hills Park, Salt Lake County, Utah. Jefferson Park, Ogden, Utah. Oquirrh Park Fitness Center, Kearns, Utah. Spanish Fork Sports Park, Spanish Fork, Utah. Layton City Sports Park Layton, Utah. Murray/Jordan River Parkway, Murray, Utah. Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation District, Salt Lake County, Utah. Mill Hollow Park, Salt Lake County, Utah. I-15 Reconstruction, Salt Lake County, Utah, Old Mill Valley Trail, Salt Lake City, Utah. High Point Planned Unit Community, Sandy, Utah. Park City/School Fields Master Plan, Park City, Utah. Centerville City Park, Centerville, Utah. Mount Logan Park, Logan, Utah. Veterans Administration Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah Valley State College, Orem, Utah. Children: Angie, John, Jeff.

McKinnon, Cheryl
408 4th Ave %23408
Kirkland, Washington 98033 US

Cheryl Carwin

Class of 1968. Cheryl McKinnon. Chorus. Assistant Director, The Christmas Carol by Dickens in senior year. Her parents: Max Eugene McKinnon, Sr., and Tresa Andersen McKinnon, of Mesa, Arizona. They have six children: Cathlene LaRue McKinnon [BYH Class of 1961] (Maurice) Darrington; Marilyn McKinnon [BYH Class of 1964] (Robert Stewart) Beck; Max Eugene McKinnon, Jr. [BYH Class of 1965]; Cheryl McKinnon [BYH Class of 1968], Merle McKinnon, Troy McKinnon, and Cara McKinnon [1998]. Cheryl married ____ Carwin. --@2001

Moss, Kevin J.
320 West 310 North
Orem, Utah 84057-4636 US

Kevin Moss
  • Work: (801) 224-3273

Class of 1968. Kevin Moss. BYU BS Zoology 1976.

Murdock, Chad Lewis
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83406 US

Chad and Remae Murdock
  • Work: 208-528-5700

Class of 1968. Chad Murdock. BYU BS Microbiology 1973. Chad has a medical doctor's degree from the University of Utah Medical School. He works for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare in Idaho Falls as a Psychiatrist. ~ ~ ~ ~ Chad married Remae Hadfield in 1973. Their children: Ryan Chad Murdock; and Mitchell Jon Murdock. ~ ~ ~ ~ Chad has two siblings who are BYH alumni: J. Larry Murdock, BYH Class of 1957, and Molly Murdock, BYH Class of 1974~H. @2007

Newland, Wilbur
RR No.1, Box 116
[18951 Helmer Rd]
Belle Fourche, South Dakota 57717-9761 US

Wilbur and Dawn Newland
  • Work: (605) 892-2813

Class of 1968. Wilbur Newland. He married Dawn.

Nibley, Thomas Hugh

Nibley, Thomas Hugh
Odenton, Maryland US

Tom and Debbie Nibley

Class of 1968. Tom Nibley. Student Director of "Summons of Sariel" in December 1967. BYU Children's Drama 1973. Named the best actor in Region Four, Tom had the starring role in "Harvey". His parents: Hugh Winder Nibley and Phyllis Nibley -- they had eight children: Paul S. Nibley [BYH Class of 1965], Provo, Utah; Thomas H. Nibley [BYH Class of 1968], Glendale, California; Zina Nibley Petersen, Provo; Christina Nibley Mincek, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida; Michael Nibley, Washington, D.C.; Alex Nibley, Salt Lake City, Utah; Rebecca Nibley, Eagle Mountain, Utah; and Martha Beck, Phoenix, Arizona. Tom married Deborah. ~ ~ ~ ~ NOTICE OF DEATH: Thomas Hugh Nibley, August 17, 1950 ~ March 16, 2021. Tom passed away after several years of challenging cancers. His family is planning a memorial service for Tom on June 12, 2021, in Odenton, Maryland. Source 1. Source 2

Olsen, Ralph
, Utah US

Ralph Olsen

Class of 1968. Ralph Olsen. Chorus. Is this Ralph Douglas Olsen, 633 S 800 E Orem, UT 84097-6564 ?

Orton, Brent N.
18026 Widcombe Drive
Houston, Texas 77084-3259 US

Brent and Marla Orton
  • Work: (281) 550-5176

Class of 1968. Brent Orton. Mission: Taiwan. BYU BS Accounting 1974. BYU MBA 1976. Married Marla. Parents: Bryce Bentley Orton and Thelma Morgan, married 1949, parents of three sons and two daughters, Brent (Marla) Orton [BYH Class of 1968], Pamela Orton (Garth) Christensen [BYH Class of 1969], Debbie Orton (Lee) Clegg [also attended BYH], David (Lori) Orton, and Chad (Elizabeth) Orton. [Their father, Bryce B. Orton was raised in Parowan, and he served during World War II in the Army Air Corps -- A graduate of Brigham Young University, he received advanced degrees at the universities of Oregon and Washington -- He taught at Ricks College and in the College of Business at Brigham Young University, where he served as Assistant Dean and Acting Dean -- He also served on the Provo School Board and in the Utah House of Representatives.]

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