Alphabetical Alumni

Haase, Bill
1981 Falconhurst Circle
Sandy, Utah 84092-3923

Bill Haase

Class of 1958 - Honorary. [Students who attended BYH or BYJrH but for one reason or another graduated from other schools.]

Hacking, Lani

Hacking, Lani
Orem, Utah US

Lani Collins

Class of 1956. Lani Hacking. Pep Club, Shorthand Club, Wildcat Yearbook Layout Editor, Twirlers, Chorus, Exchange Assembly, Soph Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee. HER OBITUARY: Lani Hacking Collins, age 63, of Orem, passed away January 2, 2002. "I am writing to say "Aloha" and "thank you" to all those who have impacted my life so greatly. I was born February 8, 1938, in Provo, Utah, to wonderful parents, Mae and Wayne Hacking. Supported always by my brother Doug, sister Jayne, Robert Carter, and their loving families. I have three incredibly talented children, Chris, John, and Andrea, and a special friend Lisa. I am grateful for my three beautiful grandchildren who have made me laugh and brought me much joy. I am thankful to have lived a full life, for the opportunity to travel, a career I've loved, and the pleasure of family and many life long friends. I was diagnosed with a rare cancer and fought it to the end with dignity. Celebrate my life and plant a daisy for me. All things considered, I'd rather be in Palm Springs." @2002

Hacking, Leah

Hacking, Leah
Cedar Valley, Utah US

Leah Hacking

BYH Class of 1924. A female student in the composite photo of the BYH Class of 1924 has the surname Hacking. Surname Source: 1924 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section. ~ ~ ~ ~ Leah Hacking is listed as a 3rd Year (junior) at Brigham Young High School in 1924. Other students similarly listed were actually 4th Year (senior) students. Background sources: BYU/BYH Annual Catalogues for the School Years 1923-24, 1924-25, and 1925-26.

Hacking, Thomas W.

Hacking, Thomas W.

Thomas Hacking

Brigham Young High School, Class of 1908. Thomas W. Hacking. He received a Commercial Diploma. Source: Students Record of Class Standings B.Y. Academy, Book 2, Page 179.

Hackley, Charles Moore III
Death Valley, California US

Chuck and Joan Hackley
  • Cell: (760) 855-4562

Class of 1956. Chuck Hackley. Ski Club, Gun Club President, Chess Club, Rocks & Minerals Club, and six year, Fred Webb choir member. ~ ~ ~ ~ "Joan, the love of my life, and I live in Death Valley, California. We have five living children and one looking down on our ventures. We are thrilled to be grandparents of fourteen vibrant grandchildren living in either Alaska, Utah, Idaho or California. I served a mission among the Navajos, Apaches, Hopis and Pueblo Indians between college years at Utah State University. I graduated in Forestry and spent five years frolicking with Smokey The Bear in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Next came a stint as a stock broker, film producer, TV commercial creator, and specialized furniture manufacturer in the greater Salt Lake City arena. All that got to be too much, so I slowed down and became a manager for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in El Paso Texas. After about five years of adjusting we decided to go to Montana and live on a ranch. We did so, and also built a medical supply business. As soon as the kids all got married we sold out, hopped in a motor home and toured the country. We ended up in San Diego where we searched and located the graves of the five Mormon Battalion members who died there. I canít stand to lay around so bought a thirty-five-year-old company, Southwest Promotional Corporation, and we are taking it nationwide. We believe that: Life is for laughing, loving and living; and not for whining, working and worrying!Ē @2006 ~ ~ ~ ~ Provo Daily Herald News Article: Dedicated genealogists accomplish the impossible. Chuck Hackley and his wife Joan rumbled around San Diego for three years, collected vital genealogical burial facts and filled in history forever, for five American patriots. I met Chuck last Saturday at a BY High School reunion in the refurbished Brigham Young Academy building at 5th North and University. Chuck talks fast, cautions, "you might not be interested ... " then continues his recitation. I was interested. Chuck wondered where these five were buried. He felt belittled, hearing a skeptic, "You'll never find out! " He fired up his after-burners, responded, "Nobody tells Chuck Hackley that! " He began a search for the five grave sites. He and Joan looked, searched, researched. Part of the search was direct, empirical, another part, pure inspiration, he told me. Five patriots, all members of the U.S. armed forces, and further, members of the Mormon Battalion, died of natural causes in 1847, while in San Diego. He and Joan started looking for the burial sites of the five, Albert Dunham, David Smith, Neal Donald, Lafayette Frost and Lydia Hunter. Dunham died of a brain tumor, Smith, Donald and Frost died of unknown causes. But, most interesting to me, Lydia Hunter, wife of Captain Jesse Hunter, just 22, died April 27, 1847, at Old Town, San Diego. She died 10 days following the birth of her son, Diego James Hunter, San Diego's first-born U.S. citizen. Lydia! What a way to go! Weakened, she contracted typhoid fever, took about six days to die. From her doctor's journal, Chuck learned her high fever caused delirium. Her saliva drooled. She suffered deathlike diarrhea and dehydration. Her breasts emitted pus at the end. Compared with typhoid, death is a gift. Earlier, Lydia walked 2000 miles alongside her Captain husband, Jesse D. Hunter, from July 1846 to April 1847, pregnant throughout the trek. They had been married 14 months at the time of her death. Chuck and Joan searched letters, journals, newspapers, interviewed authors, cemetery keepers, church and military persons, national park superintendents. They wrote letters, sent e-mails, made phone calls, visited site after site. They enlisted others, raised $30,000 selling replicas of the original Mormon Battalion Blanket. They found all five grave sites, placed a plaque at four sites, with one to complete. The Battalion stepped off history's longest march, blazed new trails, discovered the site of the Donner Party disaster, witnessed gold discovery at Sutter's Mill. Norma Baldwin Ricketts, author of The Mormon Battalion, endorsed Hackley's work you can read in "A Quest For Sleeping Heroes," now available at . Chuck told me Brigham Young prophesied to the Mormon Battalioneers, "You will never be forgotten, worlds without end, but will be held in honorable remembrance." Thanks to Chuck, I hereby honor these five for their achievements in service of country and God. And, Chuck, your genealogy research task honors you! [August 25, 2001, Paul Tripp, Provo Daily Herald.] @ September 2005. ~ ~ ~ ~ Chuck's sister, Pauline Hackley Kearney, was a member of the BYH Class of 1957. ~ ~ ~ ~ NEW BOOK, Buckshot Higgins, Available at Barnes &,, or Two new books will be out by early Fall: Treasures of Life, and Leviís Stone. Also by Christmas, The Arms and Equipment of the Mormon Battalion, a must have book for all Mormon Battalion descendents. @2009 Article

Hackley, Darlene

Darlene Hackley

Class of 1947.

Hackley, Kent
436 W 325 N
Clearfield, Utah 84015-3957

Kent and JoAnn Hackley
  • Work: (801) 773-6115

Class of 1964 ~ Honorary? He married JoAnn.

Hackley, Pauline

Hackley, Pauline
Pocatello, Idaho US

Pauline and Larry Kearney

Class of 1957. Pauline Hackley. Notre Maison, Chorus, Graduation Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ She married Larry Kearney. ~ ~ ~ ~ A TRIBUTE: Pauline Hackley was born on June 15, 1939 in Provo, Utah. She died at the age of 45 in Pocatello, Idaho, on March 9, 1986, of cervical cancer. She attended Joaquin Elementary and BY Jr. High and BY High School, graduating in 1957. She attended BYU for several years, majoring in social work. Pauline married Larry Kearney on September 5, 1965. He served in the Marine Corp. and was a State of Idaho probation officer. They were blessed with two children: Kathleen and Eileen. Both were born in Provo while Larry finished his education. Pauline was very sensitive and generous to all. She was a wonderful mother, sister and daughter. She loved the Church and had a firm testimony. She served many years in the Primary in various wards. Pauline liked to knit and crochet, and loved to travel, especially to local canyons and places like Mirror Lake in the High Uintas of Utah. She loved children and worked caring for them in homes and in community activities. [Tribute given by her brother, Charles Hackley, BYH Class of 1956]

Haddock, Ray

Ray Haddock

Class of 1929. Ray Haddock. Source: 1929 BYU Banyan, High School section.

Hael, Mary E.

Hael, Mary E.

Mary Hael

Class of 1917. Mary E. Hael. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1917. Source: 1917 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section, pages 82-88.

Hafe, LeRoy

Hafe, LeRoy

LeRoy Hafen

Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1916. LeRoy Hafen. He received an AB Degree (History & Government) in 1916. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 8, page 102.

Hafen, Arthur K.

Hafen, Arthur K.
St. George, Utah US

Arthur Hafen

BYH Class of 1908. Arthur K. Hafen, a Normal graduate. BYU [& BYH] Class of 1908 Listing of BYH Normal, High School, Commercial, Music, Agriculture, and Arts & Trades graduates. Source: Brigham Young University & Normal Training School, Catalogue & Announcements, for 33rd Academic Year, 1908-1909, pp. 128-130. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1912. Arthur K. Hafen. He received a B.A. Degree in History and Government in 1912. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 3, page 451. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1925. Arthur K. Hafen. He received an MA Degree in Philosophy of Education in 1925. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 3, page 451.

Hafen, Charles

Hafen, Charles

Charles Hafen

Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1913. Charles Hafen. He received an A.B. Degree in 1913. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 6, page 242.

Hafen, Ella

Hafen, Ella
Of Santa Clara, Utah US

Ella Perkins

Classes of 1912 and 1914. Ella Hafen, of Santa Clara, Utah. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1912. Source: 1912 BYU Mizpah, BYH section, photos and names on pp. 1 - 62, 105. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1914. Ella Hafen [Perkins]. She received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1912. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 6, page 243.

Hafen, Guy

Hafen, Guy
St. George, Utah US

Guy & Althea/Nellie Hafen

Class of 1910. Guy Hafen. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1910, in the Normal Department. Source: 1910 BYU Banyan, BYH section, list on p. 83. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1916. Guy Hafen. He received an AB Degree in 1916. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 5, page 374. ~ ~ ~ ~ Guy Hafen was born November 3, 1889 in Santa Clara, Washington County, Utah. His parents were John Hafen and Lenora Knight. He married twice: First, to Althea Rebecca Gregerson on December 26, 1917 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Second, to Nellie Weiler Brown on June 5, 1972 in Caliente, Nevada. He died on April 25, 1983 [not May 20, 1971] in St. George, Utah. Interment, St. George, Utah.

Hafen, Irene
4073 N. Foothill Drive
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Irene (and Edwin) Gibbs
  • Work: (801) 281-0541

Class of 1952. Irene Hafen. Band, Chorus, Photography Club, Notre Maison, Shorthand Club, Thespians. She married Edwin G. Gibbs. HER HUSBAND'S OBITUARY: Beloved father, husband, brother and friend, Edwin Godbe Gibbs, passed away October 5, 2004 of natural causes. Edwin was born February 7, 1922 in Salt Lake City to Mary Godbe and Lauren Worthen Gibbs. He married Irene Hafen June 4, 1960 in Provo, Utah. Their marriage was later solemnized in the Logan LDS Temple. Edwin graduated from East High School and served in the Army during World War II. Following his service Edwin earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Utah and worked in municipal finance, playing a key role in the financing of Lehi's swimming pool. Edwin was well known in the community as someone who would provide legal services to those in need. Edwin was instrumental in a plan that moved surplus military buildings from Brigham City to Little Cottonwood Canyon, thus creating the Alta Peruvian Lodge, his home for over 20 years. His family continues to enjoy the stories of deep powder and steaming swimming pools that were the mainstay of those years. By gathering and photographing snowflakes on a piece of black velvet, Edwin designed the Alta Peruvian Lodge symbol that later became the famous "Alta Snowflake" logo. After selling the lodge in 1970, Edwin moved his family to Lehi, Utah. Edwin loved to play. He was well known for his "bus camper" -- the hamburgers he cooked during ward campouts -- and his soft-serve ice cream machine. Edwin supported his sons in the Boy Scouts by attending and hosting numerous scout trips. He loved skiing (snow and water), boating, bow hunting, fishing, duck hunting, and camping with his family. Edwin is survived by his wife of 44 years, Irene, and eight children, Dena (Jim) Smith of Lehi; Lauren (Ruthann) Gibbs of Murray; Edwin (Bonnie) Gibbs of Round Valley; Michael (Carol) Gibbs of Enoch; Bradley (Kristin) Gibbs of Riverton; Cortney (Lori) Gibbs of Boise, Idaho; Heather (MacKay) Jones of Salt Lake City; Preston Gibbs of Murray; 27 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Also survived by brothers William G. Gibbs and Peter G. (Mimi) Gibbs of Salt Lake City and one sister, Mary Adele Monson of Bountiful. Interment, American Fork City Cemetery with military honors by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. [Deseret News, Thursday, October 7, 2004.] @2007

Hafen, John C.

Hafen, John C.
Springville, Utah

John Hafen

Faculty and Staff. John C. Hafen, Art Teacher, 1892-1894. Born 1856, died 1910. The Art Department was organized in 1893 under the noted Utah artist John Hafen, with Christina D. Young as his assistant. He shared the art teaching duties with Edwin Evans and John B. Fairbanks, both of whom also became famous Utah painters.

Haffner, Rosemary Poke
PO Box 71216
Fairbanks, Alaska 99707 US

R. Poke Haffner
  • Cell: 907-460-7630
  • Home: 907-479-0111

Class of 1968 and 1969, graduating Junior. Rosemary Poke Haffner. BYU BA French in 1972. Magna Cum Laude. BYU Honors Program Highest Honors. MA Philosophy, Yale University 1972-1973. M.Phil Philosophy, Yale University 1975-1977. Columbia University School of Law, NY, NY, 1977-78. Boalt Hall, Berkeley, California, 1978-1980. Traveled and lived abroad in India and Europe. Employed in Attorney General's Office, State of Alaska 1989 for several years. Freie Universitaet, Berlin, Germany 1997-1998, Veterinary Medicine, successfully completed one year and withdrew. Employed by State of Alaska Attorney General's Office January 2001.

Hague, Robert A.
6207 Douglas Drive
Yakima, Washington 98908 US

Robert & Delores Hague
  • Work: 509-966-9628

Class of 1949. Robert A. Hague. He graduated from BYH on May 26, 1949. Source: 1949 BYH Graduation Exercises Program. ~ ~ ~ ~ I was raised in the small community of Picture Butte, Alberta, Canada. I completed grade 12 there (but did not matriculate under the Alberta education system then in vogue). My high school principal, Mr. Harold Wiltse, wisely counseled me to apply for a program at Brigham Young University where I could finish high school and also receive college credit at the same time, thus simulaneously obtaining a high school diploma and completing a freshman year at BYU. So it was that in September 1948 I was in Provo, fully involved in that program. I recall that there were a number of other Canadian students doing the same thing, including Duane Butler, Watson Ririe, Ardath Greene and Lois Stone. My social interaction with the BY High students was quite limited because I lived in the old army barracks on the Upper Campus, and had most of my classes up there as well. Due to a physical disability, I found the rush between classes from Upper to Lower Campus quite challenging, so I bought a bicycle and braved the campus police by scooting up and down the path rapidly, most of the time without mishap. The program between BYU and BY High School was a great blessing to me -- and likely many others -- because it made the difference in my decision to seek a higher level of education than I probably would have pursued otherwise. At BYHS I enrolled in two classes, Health and United States History. At the same time I took a fairly heavy load at BYU. My college credits were withheld until I was awarded my BYHS diploma, which I received on May 26, 1949. Now, more than 55 years later, I do not remember my BYHS teachers. However, my life was strongly influenced by taking a class from a BYU professor, Dr. Ariel Ballif, who was the father of one of my classmates, Jae Ballif. Inspired by Dr. Ballif, I made a decision to accept a mission call at the end of my freshman year, and continue my education later. I served my mission in England, and upon returning I married Delores, my high school sweetheart from Picture Butte. I then entered the University of Washington in Seattle as a sophomore -- thanks again to the joint education program in Provo. I graduated in 1954, and entered a career with Seattle First National Bank (now Bank of America) that continued for 35 years. My wife and I have seven living children, six of whom are graduates of BYU. At this writing, in the summer of 2005, my wife and I are living in Yakima, Washington. We enjoy relatively good health, and stay in touch with our friends and family, including 30 grandchildren. We have served two additional missions, in Singapore and Mongolia. @September2005

Hailes, Irene [Ricks,]

Hailes, Irene [Ricks,]
Provo, Utah US

Irene and Eldin Ricks

Faculty and Staff, Training School up through May 1968. Irene Hailes Ricks. BYU Elementary Kindergarten teacher. BYU 1946. She married Eldin Ricks. Their children included: Harold L. Ricks [BYH Class of 1968], Orem, Utah; Marjorie Ricks [BYH Class of 1970] (James C.) Swindler, Draper, Utah; Dennis Ricks; and Stanford Ricks. @2011 ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Irene Hailes Ricks - An Amazing Woman & Born Teacher. Irene Hailes Ricks, lived among us over 101 years going strong" anxiously engaged in a good cause, and [did] many things of [her] own free will" (D&C 58:27). Instead of rusting out, she wore out. She died peacefully at her home on Tuesday, October 4, 2011. Those who knew her well, knew that she was a true "Iron woman." Her life was centered around family, friends, faith, BYU, all things Blue and White, and always-a Project. The secret to her long and productive life. She "Always looked on the bright side of life" and never slowed down. She traveled the world up until just the past few years. Since she hit the ripe old age of 60, both with Eldin and friends, she traveled to North, South and Central America, the Amazon, Asia, led tours to the Middle East and most of Europe. She exercised her mind, body, and spirit every day. She was careful about what she ate and drank. She read and learned constantly, emailed regularly, learned how to "Friend" her nieces, nephews, and grandchildren and received a notice recently from Facebook that she was the oldest living person with an active Facebook account -in the world! She got up every morning with a plan in mind and the determination to see it through to the end. A BYU season ticket holder since 1949, she never left a game 1 minute early-win or lose-no matter how lopsided the score or inclement the weather, much to her not quite so loyal son's dismay! The Cougar Club has lost one of their greatest fans. Born June 10, 1910 in Portsmouth, England, she was the oldest of 7 children born to John Charles Hailes and Nellie Warwick Hailes. Her parents, enduring much opposition, joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and immigrated to Zion, Salt Lake City, in July 1911 via steamship, 1 year before the Titanic sailed, bringing their baby, Irene, with them. Her father asked to be released from the British Royal Navy, giving up a promising career, but, unable to be far from the water, he built a home on the Jordan River on California Avenue and worked at the Magna smelter. Her first memory was walking down a long hall in a white dress when she was 15 months old to be sealed to her parents in the Salt Lake Temple. She was proud to be raised amongst the "salt of the earth" in The Cannon Ward, Pioneer Stake. From her childhood she always wanted to be a teacher. She put herself through college working for 19 cents an hour and "was glad to have the job". She received her degree in Elementary Education from the University of Utah (aka "the school to the North") in 1932. She taught elementary school for ten years at the Douglas School in Salt Lake City. She then joined the Navy WAVES in 1943 as a flight trainer in the Link Department. She enthusiastically organized LDS MIA groups wherever she went. At the end of WWII she served on the LDS servicemen's committee where she met Eldin Ricks. Describing Eldin, a friend told Irene, he is "Six foot two, eyes of blue, too religious for me, but just right for you." Eldin began teaching religion at BYU in 1946. Meanwhile, Irene enrolled at BYU to pursue not one but two degrees, a master's in education and a Mrs. She fell in love with Provo, BYU, and Eldin. She received the Mrs. degree when they married three years later in 1949. They had four children: Harold, Marjorie, Dennis, and Stanford. Over the next twenty-five years she continued teaching Kindergarten at BYU Laboratory Elementary School, Cascade Elementary, and several other schools. Irene served in many church callings and positions including on the YWMIA general board from 1946 - 1963. Because of her desire to share her love for hiking, x-country skiing, and the outdoors, she helped to organize the YW Camp program. She also served on the Church Correlation Committee from 1967 - 1971 where she assisted writing Primary lessons. Irene and Eldin served a mission in London, England at the LDS Genealogical Library in 1985 - 1986. She served for many years as a volunteer in the Family History library at BYU. Irene's retirement since 1975 was spent in compiling over 10 volumes of Ricks and Hailes family history, attending BYU sporting and social events, organizing family reunions and enjoying her ever growing family consisting of twenty-three grandchildren and seventeen great-grandchildren. and counting. Funeral services will be held at 3 p.m., Saturday, October 8, 2011 at the Oak Hills 7th Ward Chapel, 1038 North 1200 East, Provo. Friends may call at the Berg Mortuary of Provo, 185 East Center Street, Friday evening from 4:30-7:00 p.m. and at the church Saturday from 1:30-2:45 p.m. prior to services. Interment, East Lawn Memorial Hills, Provo. Coincidentally, Irene's Day of Celebration will be capped off by the BYU Homecoming Football game that evening. She will there "Rise and Shout" one more time before making her way to an even more glorious Homecoming with her Heavenly Father, beloved husband, daughter, parents, brothers and sister who have preceded her Home. From all who knew her -- we love and revere you, Mom, Grandma, Teacher and Friend. Condolences may be sent to the family through [Provo Daily Herald, Thursday, October 6, 2011]

Hain, Allie

Allie Hain

Class of 1927. Allie Hain. She is pictured with the BYH Class of 1927 in the BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section.

Hair, Delmar B. [Delamar]

Hair, Delmar B. [Delamar]
American Fork, Utah

Delmar & Zelma /Inez Hair

Class of 1919. "Delamar" Hair. He graduated from BYH in College Hall on Wednesday, May 28, 1919. Source 1: 1919 Graduation Program. ~ ~ ~ ~ Second source: (Delamar Hair) 1919 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section, pages 61-74. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1919. Delamar B. Hair. He received a BYH Academic Diploma in 1919. Source: Annual Report, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 154. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1925. Delamar B. Hair. He received a BS Degree in Agronomy in 1925. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 154. ~ ~ ~ ~ Delmar B. Hair, son of Ann Eliza Van Wagoner and Benjamin Hair, was born 30 January 1897 in Midway, Utah. His grade schools were Midway, Heber and Provo. He attended B.Y. High School where he graduated in 1919, and then graduated from Brigham Young University. He played trumpet in the band. He made the Cross Country Run. He graduated with a B.S. degree in science [Agronomy]. Delmar married Zelma Dagmar Johnson 19 August 1925 in the Salt Lake Temple. They reared six sons and one daughter. They lived in Provo, Hiawatha, Mapleton, Lindon, Panquitch, Salem and American Fork, Utah. He was City Recorder in Salem. His occupations have been teacher, farmer, salesman and custodian. His relaxation has been bicycle and horseback riding, reading, landscaping, fishing and music especially choir and conducting. He was baptized into the LDS Church on January 30, 1907. He filled three Stake missions, served in the Quorum and auxiliary organizations, and his wife Zelma was president of Relief Society for five years. Eldon, their youngest son, completed a church mission in the Gulf States. Zelma passed away 20 February 1965. Delmar married Inez Trevort Brough on September 3, 1966.

Hair, Isabelle

Hair, Isabelle
Duchesne, Utah US

Isabelle Hair

Class of 1924. Isabelle Hair. Surname source: 1924 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section. ~ ~ ~ ~ Because only the surname Hair is listed, the female student pictured might be Mamie Hair instead. ~ ~ ~ ~ Isabelle Hair is listed as a 3rd Year (junior) student at Brigham Young High School in the Class of 1924. However, in 1925 she is listed as a BYU Freshman student, indicating that she graduated from high school the previous year. Background sources: BYU/BYH Annual Catalogues for the School Years 1923-24, 1924-25, and 1925-26.

Hair, Mamie

Hair, Mamie
Provo, Utah US

Mamie Hair

Class of 1924. Mamie Hair. Surname source: 1924 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section. Because only the surname Hair is listed, the female student pictured might be Isabelle Hair instead. ~ ~ ~ ~ Mamie Hair of Provo, Utah, is listed as a 4th Year (senior) student at Brigham Young High School in the Class of 1924. She was also a 3rd Year (junior) student at BYH in 1923. Background sources: BYU/BYH Annual Catalogues for the School Years 1923-24, 1924-25, and 1925-26.

Hair, Marguerite [Hansen,]

Hair, Marguerite [Hansen,]

Marguerite Hansen

Class of 1924. Marguerite Hair [Hansen], Normal Diploma, Class of 1924. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, Page 154. [Research by Scott Cowley.] She married ______ Hansen.

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