Poetry by Christie Lund Coles

For Anna B. Hart
(Upon Seeing Her Portrait at B.Y. High School)
With Much Love and Appreciation

Had I not looked up
I would not have seen
Your portrait hanging there
Catching the gracious poise,
The hands,
The well-groomed hair;

The Mona Lisa smile
Benevolent for all,
The lips prepared to speak
In wisdom and in love,
For every listening child,
The strong, the sure, the weak;

Immortalized upon this wall
In lasting oil, in loveliness,
A gift from those who loved you,
To those who yet shall come,
All that you are, have done,
and do.

Anna B. Hart, portrait, Laine Raty, artist
Anna B. Hart & artist Laine T. Raty, May 1965

Christie Leona Lund Coles was born August 19, 1906 in Salina, Utah to Christian N. and Cecelia Peterson Lund, Jr. She married Edgar Elroy Coles November 10, 1933 in Tooele, Utah. Christie was an outstanding author, poet and composer. Her poetry was published in many national magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home Journal, Saturday Review of Literature, Relief Society and Improvement Era. She published three volumes of poetry. She won many state and national contests, including the Eliza R. Snow Poetry contest. Christie Lund Coles died September 9, 1991 in Orem, at the age of 85.

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