Brigham Young High School History

Dignitaries Associated with the
1892 Dedication of
Brigham Young Academy

Brigham Young Academy 1900 Founders Day
1900 - Founder's Day recreates procession

The January 4, 1892 procession was led by LDS Church President Wilford W. Woodruff, riding in a carriage drawn by two white horses. No known photo of this exists, but in 1900 a Founder's Day procession recreated the occasion, paused for this photograph, then entered the building. The original dedication event was reported in the Ogden Standard.

Brigham Young
Brigham Young, Founder, 1801~1877 (Deceased)
Abraham O. Smoot
Abraham O. Smoot, Chairman, Board of Trustees

Wilford W. Woodruff
LDS Church President, Wilford W. Woodruff
George Q. Cannon
LDS Presidency Counselor, George Q. Cannon

Karl G. Maeser
Retiring Principal, Dr. Karl G. Maeser
Benjamin Cluff, Jr.
Incoming Principal, Benjamin Cluff, Jr.

Used with permission, Utah History Research Center
Architect Joseph Don Carlos Young [1855-1938]
Arthur Lloyd Thomas
Utah Governor Arthur Lloyd Thomas

Joseph F. Smith
LDS Presidency Counselor, Joseph F. Smith
Franklin D. Richards
Elder Franklin D. Richards, Council of the Twelve

Daniel H. Wells
Daniel H. Wells, 1814-1891 (Deceased)
Warren Dusenberry
Mayor/Judge Warren Dusenberry

Francis M. Lyman
Elder Francis M. Lyman, Council of the Twelve
Henry Evans Giles, only one pictured w/o whiskers
Professor of Music, Henry Evans Giles

Carriage of Wilford Woodruff, 1892
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