2003 Reunion of the Class of 1968

Saturday Afternoon & Evening, August 16, 2003

Brigham Young High School Reunion Class of 1968

The 35th year class reunion of the BY High Class of 1968 was held in Provo, Utah, on August 14 and 15, 2003.

On Saturday afternoon and evening we met in the Chorus room of BY High, now part of the Provo City Library. The room was decorated with BY High memorabilia and pictures. Some of us could still fit in the oak school chair. Others of us did not even try.

We visited from 3 to 5, at which time a buffet was served. After dinner we had a short program that was a lot of fun. Group photos were taken on the interior steps and on the front steps.

Then we continued to visit until 9 pm. Everyone received a start of ivy from the ivy vines that grew on the front of the building when we attended 35 years ago. We had a great time.

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BYHS-68-30 BYHS-68-31 BYHS-68-32 BYHS-68-33 BYHS-68-34 BYHS-68-35 BYHS-68-36
BYHS-68-37 BYHS-68-38 BYHS-68-39 BYHS-68-40 BYHS-68-41 BYHS-68-42 BYHS-68-43
BYHS-68-44 BYHS-68-45 BYHS-68-46 BYHS-68-47 BYHS-68-48 BYHS-68-49 BYHS-68-50
BYHS-68-51 BYHS-68-52 BYHS-68-53 BYHS-68-54 BYHS-68-55 BYHS-68-56 BYHS-68-57
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BYHS-68-72 BYHS-68-73 BYHS-68-74 BYHS-68-76 BYHS-68-77 BYHS-68-78